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Best ActiveCampaign alternative

Supercharge your email marketing with Pipedrive

Campaigns by Pipedrive is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you easily capture and nurture high-value leads. With segmentation and email design functionality, you can reach the right people with the right content to improve customer engagement.

14-day trial. Zero cost. Full access. No credit card required.

Pipedrive vs. ActiveCampaign comparison

Pipedrive’s simplicity, affordability and customization features make it one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign for small businesses.

Despite costing more, ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan is missing email marketing and sales management features that benefit Campaigns users.

Campaigns by Pipedrive
ActiveCampaign Lite plan

Email marketing automation tool

Combined email marketing and CRM

Unlimited audience segmentation filters

Custom analytics reports


$42/mo based on 5,000 contacts

$99/mo based on 5,000 contacts

How combining email marketing and CRM platforms increases revenue

Without a complete view of the buyer journey and email campaign insights, sales reps and marketers can’t make informed decisions.

Everyone benefits from an intuitive email marketing and CRM tool. Informed by real-time customer data and marketing automation software, teams can work smarter toward the common goal of growing revenue.

Generate high-value leads and create seamless marketing and sales workflows with Campaigns by Pipedrive.

Automate repetitive marketing processes

Repetitive admin can distract marketers from their most valuable and attention-demanding work.

Automation software takes care of menial jobs compiling performance reports so team members can spend more time strategizing.

Pipedrive’s Automations feature makes your team more productive by handling tasks like capturing data from landing page sign-up forms, triggering autoresponders for transactional emails and more.

Must-have features in your ActiveCampaign alternative

Anyone researching ActiveCampaign competitors will find plenty of CRM tools and marketing automation platforms to choose from, such as HubSpot and Mailchimp. Navigating the busy software market can be tough if you don’t know which features to prioritize.

Here are six CRM and email marketing software features that will help your business generate and nurture leads more effectively:

  • 1. Email integration

    Your ActiveCampaign alternative should sync with any email services so that marketers and sales reps can work where they feel most comfortable: the platform or their inbox.

    Full email integration allows data to flow between locations. Wherever you access your emails, whether in your email provider or your CRM’s mobile app, you’ll get a full and clear picture of past interactions.

  • 2. Data import and export

    If you’re switching from ActiveCampaign to a new email marketing platform, or ditching spreadsheets in favor of an intuitive contact management tool, you’ll need to transfer your customer data.

    Simple data import and export capabilities minimize disruption during your transition. Pipedrive checks for duplicates and incomplete entries while synchronizing, allowing you to address issues quickly and progress with clean data.

  • 3. Sales pipeline management

    With access to a visual representation of your sales pipeline, you can spot refinement opportunities and learn when your customers need attention most.

    Pipedrive’s sales pipeline view is customizable so you can map your company’s unique processes accurately. Create the stages of your own customer acquisition funnel from scratch or use a template to save time.

  • 4. Automation features

    Marketing and sales automation tools handle mundane processes to speed up workflows, giving teams more time to strategize and build strong customer relationships.

    Pipedrive’s built-in automation features can help you handle many sales and marketing tasks, like sending personalized emails, scoring leads and triggering push notifications. Download integrations from the Pipedrive Marketplace for even more efficiency or dive deeper with the Pipedrive CRM API.

  • 5. Reliability and safety

    Your CRM and email marketing tools are troves of sensitive customer information and even the smallest security breach could significantly damage your business.

    Choose a service provider with robust privacy and security credentials to keep your contacts safe. Pipedrive uses multiple security certificates, world-class infrastructure and two-factor authentication to protect your data and reputation.

  • 6. Support options

    Software issues and challenges can hinder productivity and sometimes negatively impact customer experiences.

    Your ActiveCampaign alternative should have a comprehensive range of customer support options so you can get the help you need quickly. Pipedrive offers live chat, email and phone support around the clock and in multiple languages.

Build an audience through email and nurture leads with ease

Without a steady flow of high-quality leads, your sales team will struggle to close deals and hit your revenue targets.

Email is a simple yet effective demand generation tactic that nurtures an audience of engaged followers.

Campaigns by Pipedrive takes the hard work out of email marketing by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining content creation with an easy-to-use email builder.

How Trainify saves two hours every week with Campaigns by Pipedrive

Trainify’s founders were looking for tools to streamline email marketing processes and manage campaign data.

As an integrated CRM and email marketing solution, Pipedrive met both requirements. Its core CRM functionality was easy to pick up and the Campaigns add-on meant that email and contact data could flow seamlessly between sales, marketing and customer support.

Using a single tool allowed Trainify to save money and increase efficiency. Campaigns’ email editor and automation workflows save the small business critical time.

“Having CRM and email marketing in one tool has accelerated the preparation of campaigns, as there is no extra data import or export necessary.”

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Get the support you need, when you need it

Waiting for responses to support queries can be incredibly frustrating. It causes bottlenecks that increase running costs and stop you from delivering products and services on time.

The best software providers offer a broad range of contact options. Phone, social media and email are helpful basics, while live chat, community forums and help articles provide additional flexibility.

Many Pipedrive users have 24/7 access to support from a multilingual team of Customer Solutions Experts, with plenty of contact channels on offer. Pipedrive was awarded an Excellence in Customer Service Award.

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

Nurture leads and close more deals with Campaigns by Pipedrive