How Trainify saves 2 hours per week with Campaigns by Pipedrive

Corporate Education Company Trainify offers a unique service in Latvia: organizing training events and providing the content for them. By combining an events agency and a business training organization, they can provide a seamless experience for their clients.

  • Industry: Events/Education
  • Location: Latvia
  • Key add-on: Campaigns


Tool to manage both email marketing and sales


Individual campaigns created to engage prospects


Hours a week saved thanks to Campaigns

The situation before Pipedrive

CEO Viktors Pedčenko was used to using bulky CRMs, but when he founded Trainify one year ago with partner Artis Skuja, he knew they’d need a lighter CRM that was easier to use and grow with.

He also wanted tools that would help streamline and provide data on his email marketing campaigns, as well as having an email marketing tool and CRM that would integrate with each other.

Like many companies, Viktors knew that Trainify would benefit from a tool that aligned sales and marketing processes – something an integrated CRM and email tool would support.

It’s the best and most cost-effective way to reach your audience with a targeted message. I segment the audience to send them news, sales, reminder or value messages. Since we were a new company, we needed a lightweight tool for sales management.

Viktors PedčenkoCEO

Why Trainify choose Pipedrive

Firstly, Pipedrive provided the easy-to-pick-up and lightweight CRM software Viktors was looking for when setting up Trainify, making onboarding and expanding how the organization used their CRM a breeze.

But there were other benefits too: Thanks to Pipedrive’s new Campaigns add-on, Trainify was able to combine both its CRM and its email marketing into one solution, saving money, but also allowing automated data flow between the two parts of the software.

How Pipedrive provided the perfect solution

By combining their email marketing and CRM into one affordable package, the Trainify team not only saved themselves time and money, but also reduced the risk of human error. Thanks to the automatic contact data sharing within the program, they were also able to accelerate the preparation of email campaigns.

Moreover, the number of other sales and marketing management tools at their disposal grew significantly, giving them an array of powerful ways to grow their customer base.

I used another email marketing tool in the past but now I’m drowning in list of tools I use, so it is important for me to have a better functionality; more tools in one toolbox. Having CRM and email marketing in one tool has accelerated the preparation of campaigns, as there is no extra data export/import necessary.

Viktors PedčenkoCEO

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