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Asana CRM integration

Give all teams the deal details they need

One of the most successful project management tools, Asana, is widely used by teams ranging from logistics to customer support. With the Pipedrive-Asana integration, your sales team will be able to smoothly cooperate with other teams in your organization that are using Asana and benefit from some great time-saving features.

The Pipedrive-Asana integration allows you to:

Create new Asana tasks or projects in Pipedrive with just a few clicks

Create Asana tasks automatically when changes are made to Pipedrive deals

Enhance communications between sales and internal teams

Customize which deal details are sent to Asana tasks

Create tasks and projects directly from within Pipedrive

Set up new Asana tasks and projects directly from the Pipedrive deal view. You can choose to create a task or a project and select which details to add to it from the deal.

Automatically create Asana tasks

Effortlessly connect the Asana teams in your organization to your Pipedrive sales team by automating the Asana task creation process. With the Pipedrive-Asana integration, you can select default assignees and adjust the details to be included in the tasks.

Track rep productivity

Link Pipedrive’s CRM software with Asana’s project management app to measure how effectively your reps complete tasks to close deals.

Save time by creating automations that organize each deal’s “to dos” in Asana, set task due dates and assign dependencies to team members.

5 ways Pipedrive’s Asana CRM integration makes you more productive

Pipedrive streamlines sales. Asana simplifies project management. Put them together, and you’ve got a formula for success.

Automatically create Asana tasks when you make changes to Pipedrive deals. Assign subtasks to sales reps to keep things moving while you focus on more important things.

  • 1. Automate to-do lists easily
  • 2. Communicate more effectively
  • 3. Assign follow-ups effortlessly
  • 4. Identify your most productive reps (and who needs support)
  • 5. Track team performance and activity metrics

Foster collaboration across your organization

Break down information silos in your organization and create a collaborative environment.

Exchange information between Asana and Pipedrive and sync data between departments. Generate tasks when a deal is won or lost and keep communication flowing with mentions and file sharing.

Track team communication and never miss a thing

With a lot of moving parts (calls with new leads, follow-ups, email marketing), it’s easy to miss action items. Pipedrive stores contact history against deals and Asana keeps a list of “to do” items for each new project, so everything gets done and recorded.

Create flexible automations with our integrations

You can connect Asana and Pipedrive to hundreds of other tools in your tech stack – no code required. Here are a few tools to demonstrate how Asana and Pipedrive are the ultimate combination for any sales team.


Connect your customer relationship and project management tools to create a communications market leader


Schedule meetings or register a new webinar attendee and tick off tasks to be done before the day


Send emails from templates when deals move to a stage in Pipedrive, then create a task in Asana to follow up

How Big Dog Solar improved communication and sales processes to increase revenue by 40%

Big Dog Solar wanted better sales data so they could improve their process.

Using Pipedrive’s CRM, they spotted sales bottlenecks and flaws in their internal communication. The changes they made saw a 40% increase in revenue.

“It’s proven the concept that even a little bit of work and oversight in Pipedrive can exponentially help you manage your business and grow your sales numbers.”

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