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Evaluating and picking the sales CRM tool with the best possible fit for your business requires considerable time and effort, as testing every option in your shortlist takes up a lot of your personal resources. These considerations are exactly why we’ve created this short overview of the principal aspects to consider when choosing between the different tools such as Salesforce vs Insightly.

Considering many CRMs is worth the effort

Regardless of whether you’re researching CRMs to use them for the very first time, or are looking to switch from one system to another, you’ll need to weigh up the advantages of each tool separately as there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in the world of software. A lot of the times, however, managers and business owners only consider Salesforce vs Insightly without considering the CRMs which might be a far better fit for them. So again, take time to evaluate the different CRMs against your user and business needs.

Good process-visualization makes a difference in tool-use

When looking at the different tools you should put high priority to the way in which information is presented. Good design on its own won’t help you grow your business, but an intuitive user interface with good information structure that helps the user gather and focus on only the important information quicker makes one big difference. Such a tool will also help you create a habit of using the product in your team, as they’ll want to use it day in, day out, as opposed to feeling constrained by the system.

A tip from Pipedrive’s founders:

(with 15+ years of sales experience): You should make sure that the CRM you decide to use won’t only help you examine and analyze your team’s sales after they’ve occurred, but also help you and them do their jobs better on a daily basis. As such, no modern system should be designed for the purpose of deal logging - it should instead help you and your team identify the most important deals to focus and work on, supplying you with notifications to make a call, follow up or present a proposal.

Straightforward implementation and ease of use

To keep cost under control, it’s important that the tool you choose for your team is easy to implement. If learning how to use the tool takes up a significant amount of time, you should probably look elsewhere. Another factor that drives up the cost of CRM is ease of use (or rather the lack thereof) - if a tool is cumbersome to use, then you’re eating away valuable time, during which your sales reps could actually be doing something that will help them generate revenue. Finally, take into account whether team collaboration is encouraged by the software or not - avoiding any duplication of work improves efficiency and productivity.

The value of a good support team

If you’re faced with a question, then the time during which your tickets get answered and the quality of the response can make a difference between winning or losing a time-critical deal. That is why you should test and evaluate the support team of a specific CRM. Whether you need help in resolving an issue, advice on setting up your account, or simply want some good tips on how to get the most out of the application, the support team is the go-to destination and thus of critical importance.

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Mobile CRM applications

If you’re often visiting clients or your sales work requires you to be on-the-go, then having native mobile CRM applications is necessary for you getting your work done. To compare the different applications, simply take a look at how they are rated in the iOS and Android app stores, and what’s written as feedback by the current users.

Here’s why Pipedrive is loved by former Salesforce and Insightly customers

  • Easy-to-use and visual application
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Helpful and quick support team
  • Setting Pipedrive up and implementing it in your team is simple and straightforward
  • Native mobile applications that are highly rated

Salesforce vs Insightly vs Pipedrive

What are your specific business needs? There aren’t any right tools that suit everyone - only tools that fit your needs. So when you’re comparing CRMs, such as Salesforce vs Insightly, we recommend that you add Pipedrive into your list of candidates.

Pipedrive has an intuitive and visual sales pipeline view, which helps you to drive your deals from to idea till close. With great sales reporting, native mobile apps, a first-class customer support team, and activity reminder notifications, Pipedrive gets you to focus on the right deals and makes sure you never drop the ball again.

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Salesforce vs Insightly vs Pipedrive CRM Comparison
Salesforce vs Insightly vs Pipedrive CRM Comparison