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Streamline your pipeline with simple CRM software

Save time with an easy-to-use CRM

The last thing you want is a CRM that creates more work for you. Your customer relationship management should be intuitive, visual and customizable.

Create better workflows, manage relationships and close more deals with a simple CRM solution.

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What to look for in a simple CRM solution

Finding and implementing the right CRM tool doesn’t have to take up valuable staff time and resources.

Here’s what to look for in a simple tool:

Ease of use

Pipedrive is rated “easiest sales tool to implement” by the leading software review site, G2Crowd, and “easiest to use” by The Motley Fool.

Customer experience

We believe in selling. It’s in our DNA, and we’ve lived and breathed it for decades. We built a product that makes selling beautiful, visual and intuitive. Our 100,000+ users agree, with 93% user satisfaction.

Integrations with apps you use

From proposals to eSignatures to automatic lead scoring, Pipedrive has 400+ integrations with your favorite apps.

Once you know what to look for, make your research simple with our CRM comparison hub.

Save time for your small business

Your small business needs an easy CRM solution that everyone from your founder to your sales manager to your interns can use. Manage leads, email marketing and projects all from one central platform with our features, integrations and add-ons – wherever you are.

The less time you spend on admin, the more time you’ll spend growing and running your business.

Revamp your workflow and sales process

It’s hard to know where your pipeline and forecasted sales stand in real time if your team’s still managing projects in spreadsheets.

Keep your team working in sync with integration across devices and pipeline insights and reports. Pipedrive adapts to your working style with custom workflows and integrations with project management tools like Asana and Trello.

Never miss a lead with contact management

When you manage thousands of leads, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Relying on individual outreach will leave you with missed leads, duplicate communications or incomplete information.

With a CRM, you can manage your key relationships from one central hub. Store customer information, send automated emails and follow up with leads to create an amazing customer experience. The best simple CRM tools allow you to:

  • Import leads and deals in bulk

  • Autofill customer data from public sources and LinkedIn

  • Segment audiences to help you send customized communications

  • Save time with email templates

  • Respond to leads from your simplified Leads Inbox

Simple yet versatile CRM functionality

An easy-to-use CRM software doesn’t mean a basic CRM. A robust CRM packs a powerful punch of value: saved time, actionable insights and more closed deals.

The hidden costs of a so-called free CRM can be steep and leave you wanting more functionality. An investment in a good CRM is an investment in your business.

Three ways Pipedrive keeps it simple

1. Intuitive interface

Customize your sales pipeline the way you want, then drag and drop deals to won. Find leads at a glance and oversee potential revenue at each phase.

2. Email sync

Connect your Gmail, Outlook or other email provider to Pipedrive to eliminate manual data entry for lead management. See your email history in Pipedrive and respond directly from the CRM tool.

3. Workflow automation templates

While you can customize any workflow, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Since Pipedrive is designed for sales teams by sales teams, you’ll find time-saving automation templates in our library.

How Trainify saved time and money with Pipedrive

As a startup, Trainify team members knew they’d need a light and simple CRM system to grow with the company. They also wanted a CRM solution that would align sales and marketing campaigns.

Pipedrive’s user-friendly interface and Campaigns add-on, which allowed automated data flow between the two parts of the software, were the perfect fit. By combining its CRM and email marketing into one simple solution, Trainify was able to replace two software tools with one and save two hours a week.

“It’s the best and most cost-effective way to reach your audience with a targeted message.”

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Get maximum output with less input with a simple CRM