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CRM for event management

Build relationships and engage leads with Pipedrive’s event CRM

An event management platform is integral to any organizer’s software stack. It helps you manage contacts, track customer activities and maintain engagement with leads.

With a CRM for event management, you can leverage event marketing automation to create tailored experiences, connect with attendees and save time.

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What to look for in an event CRM

The best CRM should facilitate every step in event task management, from event registration to check-in to follow-up.

Powerful event CRM software centralizes your customer database and gives detailed insights on clients and attendees. This enables you to access a customer’s previous attendance history, orders, contact information and more.

The best event CRM should let you easily add new customers and nurture event attendees, so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Leverage automation to create time-saving workflows

It’s tough to hone in on sales opportunities when you’re bogged down in manual data entry and contact management.

Pipedrive’s automated workflows help you work more efficiently throughout the entire event cycle.

With Pipedrive, you can:

Streamline event marketing and communications

Leads can easily slip through the cracks when data is scattered across apps, social media and spreadsheets.

Capitalize on the connections you make in person by communicating before and after your event.

With Pipedrive’s event CRM solution, you can keep track of where each lead stands, manage your sales pipeline from a single dashboard and automatically create a new deal when you input a lead’s details.

Maintain a 360-degree view of the event cycle

To know if your event efforts pay off, you need a clear picture of the entire process.

Get a full-funnel view into the success of your event and sales pipeline. Pipedrive enables your sales team to nurture leads, identify potential customers and track key metrics from one intuitive platform.

Integrate your event CRM with key tools

When it comes to event management tools, flexibility is key. Pipedrive integrates with hundreds of apps, adding extra functionality to your event CRM when it’s needed.


Eventilla helps event organizers convert registrants into leads. Create branded landing pages, registration forms and reports with the Eventilla integration.


Connect your Trello account to keep all your task and attendee management in one place. Ensure events run smoothly with the Trello integration.


Integrate chat, polls and Q&A with your webinar or online event. Host engaging virtual events with the Livestorm integration.


Eliminate duplicate contacts without the risk of human error. Optimize your contact management with the Dedupely integration.

Deals+ for Slack

Easily track event and sales tasks without switching between communication tools. Share information when deals move forward with Deals+ for Slack.


Align all of your tools with your CRM for a complete event solution. Attach information to deals and tasks from your favorite apps with the Zapier integration.

LeadBooster by Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on has four integral features to give you more control over lead management:

  • Chatbot: Automate attendee engagement and answer common questions with Pipedrive’s customizable Chatbot.

  • Live Chat: Forward chats from the Chatbot to human agents on the web or through the mobile app.

  • Web Forms: Help attendees share their contact information with you by adding attractive forms to your website.

  • Prospector: Access a huge database of over 400 million profiles and 10 million companies and get results tailored to your ideal customer profile.

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Pipedrive event management CRM helps manage massive projects like World Cleanup Day by automating repetitive project tasks, optimizing workflows and centralizing the database.

Pipedrive is a tremendous help in organizing such a large movement as Let’s Do It World. We have the information in one place and there’s no confusion.”

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