Sales Pipeline Report With True Insight

Have you thought about where the areas of improvement are in your sales team? Monitor your team’s progress and drive sales by using a sales CRM with built-in sales pipeline reports.

Do you have a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a systematic approach to sales, where you have a sales funnel that is divided into different sales stages. A sales pipeline involves four key metrics:

  • Number of deals in the pipeline
  • Average deal-size in the pipeline
  • Lead-to-customer conversion ratio - or the average number of deals that make through the pipeline successfully
  • Sales velocity - or the average time it takes for a deal to go through the pipeline

A visual sales pipeline report

In the sales game of targets, you need the right information at the right time. In order to zoom in on areas of improvement in your sales pipeline, you need insight into how your team are doing. And that’s why your sales CRM software needs to produce an excellent sales pipeline report - one that gives clarity and a visual overview of your performance. Your sales data should be presented by different categories, for example split by products, services and people, as well as give you the pipeline metrics statistics.

Pipedrive Sales Pipeline Metrics Report

Pipedrive’s sales dashboard gets you informed

Pipedrive sales CRM gives you the perfect sales dashboard to monitor progress and collect sales intel to improve future performance. Follow your sales data alongside activity metrics like the amount and value of deals added and number of completed sales activities. Have it broken down into different categories or see your sales statistics split into products - by sales volume and value, by average discount, and by average time in pipeline.

Measure progress with activity tracking

Activity goal tracking can give you insight about how much you need to be doing - day in, day out. A key addition to any sales pipeline report is the ability to set and track activity goals, which will help you boost your performance and achieve your goals through focusing on the activities that matter the most to you.

Looking for a simple sales pipeline manager?

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Love this program. It is the only CRM that I actually want to use. Having a CRM that you don't want to use leads to your team not using it. What's the point of that. Pipedrive is built by sales people, for sales people.
Rick Feineis,
Managing Partner & Senior Trainer, CAD Training Online

Pipedrive is a sales tool for small teams with big ambitions

We’ve built a CRM tool that’s great not only for salespeople, but also anyone wanting to get super organized and close deals in less time.

About half of our customers liked us so much they switched from their existing CRM; the other half didn’t even know they needed Pipedrive until they tried it.

Sales Pipeline Report with True Insight Built into CRM | Pipedrive
Sales Pipeline Report with True Insight Built into CRM
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