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Sales pipeline reporting

Get clarity on your sales process with sales pipeline reporting

Sales pipeline reports reflect your team’s progress so you can analyze performance and improve.

With Pipedrive’s intuitive sales pipeline reporting features, you can prioritize tasks to maximize your time.

Monitor performance, ramp up productivity and get accountability with Pipedrive so you can close more deals faster.

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What to look for in a sales pipeline reporting tool

Sales pipeline reporting provides clarity about your sales activity. It helps you track deals, analyze key sales metrics and measure success. Key features to elevate your pipeline reporting include:

Manage a complex sales pipeline and take action

As you grow, keeping track of your leads, their goals, their needs and your communication history gets more challenging.

An organized, visual sales pipeline can help your team prioritize high-value leads, prevent bottlenecks and stop deals from falling through the cracks.

Pipedrive’s customizable sales pipelines help you manage your sales process from prospecting to closing and beyond. Get a clear view of your pipeline and take action to push your sales forward.

Save time and make better business decisions with deeper insights

Sales managers need to visualize and understand data to gain value from the numbers, but normally don’t have time to create graphs from spreadsheets.

Intuitive, automatic sales reports bring you insights without the number crunching, from individual rep dashboards to actionable deal reports and revenue forecasting.

Pipedrive’s insightful sales reporting gives you the sales stats you need when you need them in a digestible, intuitive format.

Maintain granular and high-level visibility

Sales leaders need to get a bird’s-eye view of how things are going on the ground and how activities fit into the overall picture.

A sales dashboard can paint a broad overview of performance at a glance to help reps meet sales targets and the sales organization meet its goals.

Get 360-degree activity visibility in one place with Pipedrive’s customizable sales CRM dashboard.

Integrate Pipedrive with your favorite tools

Improve your sales pipeline reporting, streamline your sales process, simplify sales activities and customize your analytics experience by integrating Pipedrive with your favorite tools


LeadBooster is Pipedrive’s powerful lead-generation tool, helping you capture leads so they can be nurtured through your sales pipeline.

The LeadBooster add-on includes:

  • Chatbot: Use AI to answer top questions and route leads to the best-matched sales reps.

  • Live Chat: Help leads solve problems quickly and engage in real time.

  • Prospector: Source high-quality leads from a database of over 400 million profiles.

  • Web Forms: Capture and store visitor contact data using custom web forms.

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Popular Pipedrive sales pipeline reporting features

Multiple report types

Use various reports to analyze the health of your pipeline, from a broad team overview to granular sales rep insights.

Drag-and-drop customization

Customize your pipeline reports with drag-and-drop features. Create a reporting dashboard to suit your unique business processes.

Advanced filtering

Filter your CRM data so you and your team can pinpoint the right information at the right time.

Goal setting

Set detailed goals and assign them to the relevant salespeople. Track their performance in your dashboard and keep up to date with progress in real-time.

Activity analysis

Gather insights from customer calls, email campaigns, events and more to analyze the results and identify the winning strategies.

Easily shareable

Create, edit and share beautiful reports with team members working anywhere in the world and without cumbersome spreadsheets.

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Measure success with sales pipeline metrics

Monitoring key metrics informs your sales activity, measures success and conversion rates and identifies areas of opportunity and improvement. Here are some common metrics you can use to judge your sales pipeline:

The number of deals in your pipeline

Average size and value of the deals in your pipeline

The close ratio, or percentage of deals won

Sales velocity, the average time it takes to win a deal

How to use sales pipeline reports to boost sales performance

The best sales pipeline reports make it easy to get a complete view of deal stage progress, activities and sales opportunities. With this information, you can power your sales cycle and drive revenue.

Take a look at how your business can utilize sales pipeline reports to increase sales.

  • 1. Monitor activity with daily sales reports
  • 2. Correct course with weekly sales reports
  • 3. Learn how it’s going with monthly sales reports
  • 4. Visualize your deals
  • 5. Keep an eye on your close rate

Find key touch points at each sales pipeline stage

Transform new leads into paying customers. Easily identify where each prospect is in the sales cycle and how you can best nurture them toward the next stage of the pipeline.


Analyze reports to gauge what types of deals convert the most and create a list of qualifying attributes


Set up a meeting through Pipedrive’s Scheduler and present newly-qualified leads with the best solution


Send detailed quotes outlining the deliverables, cost and more about the project


Create documents with Pipedrive’s Smart Docs add-on templates and automate onboarding emails after the deal’s closed

How Social Burro Inc. tripled its revenue with Pipedrive

North Carolina-based social media consulting company Social Burro Inc. needed to organize and simplify its sales process.

Using Pipedrive’s easy pipeline customization options, Social Burro Inc. created a sales pipeline with an intuitive, real-time view into the state of its deals.

“We’re set to triple our revenue and truthfully I could not manage that without Pipedrive.”

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Sales pipeline reporting FAQs

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