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Insightful sales pipeline reports

Monitor your team’s progress and drive sales by using a CRM with built-in sales pipeline reports.

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Why you need sales pipeline reports

A sales pipeline is a systematic approach to sales that splits the sales funnel into different sales stages. Sales success can be measured using a sales pipeline with these four key metrics:

The number of deals in your pipeline

Average size and value of the deals in your pipeline

The close ratio, or percentage of deals won

Sales velocity, the average time it takes to win a deal

Visual sales pipeline reports

In a world of ambitious sales targets, you need access to the right information at the right time. In order to spot problem areas in your sales pipeline, you need a clear and visual overview of how your team members are performing.

Your sales CRM software tracks your sales process and activities. That’s why CRM-produced pipeline reports are not only more convenient, but also more precise.

Monitor your pipeline

As well as enabling you to produce sales pipeline reports, Pipedrive includes a customizable dashboard, so you can monitor progress and collect sales intel in real time.

Follow, filter and compare data from your team, alongside metrics from your sales activities, then use these reports to optimize your pipeline.

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How to use sales pipeline reports to boost sales performance

Visualize your pipeline and power your sales cycle with real-time insights. The best sales pipeline reports make it easier than ever to get a 360-degree view of all your sales pipeline stages, sales activities and opportunities.

  • 1. Monitor activity with daily sales reports

    Know how many calls and emails your team is sending each day, so you can monitor sales team performance and identify any vulnerabilities.

  • 2. Correct course with weekly sales reports

    Stand further back and catch any issues with your sales KPIs in weekly reports. Encourage healthy competition and give reps insights in team meetings.

  • 3. Learn how it’s going with monthly sales reports

    Reveal the long-term trends and have data-led conversations with teams and sales leaders. Learn the state of your funnel, conversion rate and overall team performance.

  • 4. Visualize your deals

    Monitor the number of deals in your pipeline, how many you’re closing and how long it usually takes. With visual reports, you’ll know which sales activities are working for you and which aren’t.

  • 5. Keep an eye on your close rate

    Get a quick measure of your close rate to understand which activities, reps and teams are enjoying the most success. Tailor your approach for other opportunities.

6 sales pipeline reports and dashboards you can use today

Sales performance

See how well your team is performing, how much revenue they’ve generated and where each deal is in your pipeline.

Daily insights

Motivate your sales reps with snapshots showing how their daily actions bring the team closer to their goals.

Sales productivity

Monitor your reps’ personal progress, including overall performance, win rate, average deal size and distance to quotas.

Top-level summary

Create a complete view of the sales organization, setting monthly and quarterly performance against forecasting predictions.

Predicted sales forecasts

Discover predicted sales revenue, gaps in your sales process and when your pipeline needs refreshing with new leads.

Team-wide accountability

Fuel transparency and hold reps accountable for meeting targets from anywhere – ideal for remote teams!

Find sticking points at each pipeline stage

Transform new leads into paying customers. Easily identify where each prospect is in the sales cycle and how you can best nurture them towards the next stage of the pipeline.


Analyze reports to gauge what types of deals convert the most and create a list of qualifying attributes.


Set up a meeting through Pipedrive’s Scheduler and present newly-qualified leads with the best solution.


Send detailed quotes outlining the deliverables, cost and more about the project.


Create contracts with Pipedrive Smart Docs and automate onboarding emails after the deal’s closed.

How Social Burro Inc. tripled its revenue with Pipedrive

North Carolina-based social media consulting company Social Burro Inc. needed to organize and simplify its sales process.

Using Pipedrive’s easy pipeline customization options, Social Burro Inc. created a sales pipeline with an intuitive, real-time view into the state of its deals.

“We’re set to triple our revenue and truthfully I could not manage that without Pipedrive.”

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What should you look for in your sales pipeline reporting?

Multiple report types

Analyze the health of your pipeline, from a broad team overview to granular sales rep insights.

Drag-and-drop customization

Enjoy drag-and-drop features and create a reporting dashboard to suit your unique business processes.

Advanced filtering

Filter your CRM data, so you and your team can pinpoint the right information at the right time.

Goal setting

Set detailed targets and assign them to reps, then track their progress in your dashboard.

Activity analysis

Gather insights from calls, emails, events and more to identify the winning strategies.

Easily shareable

Create, edit and share beautiful reports quickly – without the hassle of spreadsheets.

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