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How video production agency Interesting Content quadrupled its sales

UK-based video production agency Interesting Content produces high-quality video content to target specific stages in their clients’ sale pipelines, maximizing engagement and conversion.

Interesting Content specializes in video production for B2B, fintech and traditional business services. The agency has worked with Google, Dotdigital, Tide, Colgate, Moroccan Oil and Space NK to produce animations, product videos, customer testimonials and more.

  • Industry: Media agency
  • Location: UK
  • Key feature: Pipeline
Interesting Content and Pipedrive


More deals in the pipeline with Pipedrive


More deals won using the CRM


Increase in business revenue

The problem the company faced

At the start, managing director and founder Suds Singh relied on a pen-and-paper system to track Interesting Content’s sales and lead interactions.

However, he soon realized the limitations of a paper-based system. Every time a lead progressed through the sales funnel, each individual paper document would need to be updated manually, which took a lot of time.

Suds knew he would have to make changes to how he managed leads, so he moved his sales funnel process to Google Sheets – but the tool still wasn’t the solution Interesting Content needed.

Without having dedicated, customizable fields, Suds soon found spreadsheets didn’t have the flexibility to easily track which proposals had been sent out and which had been accepted. In order to track opportunities, Suds was having to create dozens of tabs on the same spreadsheet, making it difficult to find the information he needed.

Before the CRM, before the spreadsheet, we would literally have a piece of paper that would say, ‘contact this guy’, and if you spilled coffee on it or dropped it somewhere it would be gone forever and you’d have to rely on memory.
So it went from the back of an envelope to a piece of paper to a notebook to Google Sheets, and now we have Pipedrive, which actually completely encompasses everything.

Suds SinghFounder and MD, Interesting Content

How Pipedrive provides a solution

After speaking with another business agency owner (Adam from Gray Matters) who recommended Pipedrive, Suds decided to adopt the CRM.

By converting the existing spreadsheet into a CSV file with basic data fields, Suds was able to quickly and easily migrate 2,000 customers’ data over to Pipedrive. Thanks to custom fields in Pipedrive for social media profiles, Interesting Content is now set up with everything needed to begin engaging leads.

With Pipedrive, logging lead interactions is a clearer, easier process. After every communication with a lead, Suds can input it into the CRM, creating a permanent, centralized record of every interaction.

Pipedrive gives Suds the ability to add more leads to the pipeline without it becoming cluttered, which means opportunities are no longer being missed, boosting revenue.

Every now and again I go to the open won deals or open lost deals, and all I have to do is engage with, say, 10% of the lost deals in the last six months and one will convert.
Pipedrive has enabled me to have instant access to that data, so it’s not just quadrupling our revenue, but ensuring that we have predictable revenue.

Suds SinghFounder and MD, Interesting Content

Interesting Content Behind the Scenes.
With Pipedrive I can honestly tell you every lead or contact or conversation I have, I log it in straight away, because I know if I follow up with it it could lead to something, so versus the old system, we have quadrupled our pipeline, as well as our sales and our turnover, just from the simple act of following every lead or contact that comes in and nurturing them through to fruition.
Either way, if that’s a yes or a no, at least we have them in our system.
What Pipedrive does is it gives me the time back that I can invest in other parts of my business, and for that, it’s been invaluable. Even if Pipedrive were to double or triple their price, we’d probably still pay, because it’s good value for the money.

Suds SinghFounder and MD, Interesting Content

Interesting Content’s unique way of using Pipedrive

Thanks to Pipedrive’s easy-to-understand interface, Suds is able to drill down into exactly what Interesting Content’s customers need.

It’s simple to see the numbers of deals won versus deals lost and how leads are progressing from each stage of the pipeline to the next. Suds can also log the reasons deals are won or lost and find patterns that help him improve his process.

Suds keeps those contacts in the system that don’t immediately convert, enabling him to go back to businesses with a new pitch.

Interesting Content’s CRM is integrated with the other tools Suds and his team use through Zapier integrations, centralizing all his contact and task information in Pipedrive.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s Insights and reporting features, Suds can quickly generate reports to share with the team about progress.

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