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Intuitive sales app

Build relationships and close deals from anywhere with an intuitive sales app

The right sales app helps your team maximize selling time in the office, in the field, at sales meetings and everywhere in between.

Help sales reps make better business decisions by equipping them with centralized data they can access from anywhere.

Learn how Pipedrive’s sales app keeps your team productive, pipeline full and customers happy.

  • Call tracking and caller ID
  • Easy search for fast follow-ups
  • User-friendly day organizer
  • Quick notes for meeting prep
  • Push notifications
  • Sales data at your fingertips
Pipedrive intuitive sales app







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What to look for in a sales app

What to look for in a sales app

When choosing a sales app to grow your productivity and revenue, ensure it has these key features:

  • User-friendliness. Get straight to work with a simple CRM that’s easy to use from day one.

  • Reliable support. Find expert tips, answers and solutions anytime from a comprehensive knowledge base.

  • Flexible pricing. Find the perfect plan and scale up or down as your business evolves.

  • Offline functionality. Access your data while offline and make updates that are reflected in your CRM once you’re online again.

Plan sales meetings on the move

When you don’t fully prepare for field sales meetings, you risk disappointing leads or even losing deals – and being on the move shouldn’t stop you.

A mobile sales app gives you travel-friendly access to contact and deal insights so you can impress buyers with personalized insights and tailored solutions.

Pipedrive’s Android and iPhone apps put a single source of customer truth in your pocket. Easily find lead, deal and contact data when you need it and stay up to date with push notifications.

Learn more about Pipedrive’s mobile CRM.

Plan meetings on the move

Tailor your sales app with easy customization

Using a rigid, one-size-fits-all CRM forces you to change the trusted sales process you’ve worked hard to refine.

A customizable sales app adapts to your workflows, not the other way around. It complements your unique sales strategy perfectly so you can work to your team’s strengths.

Pipedrive offers custom sales pipelines, fields and reports so you can build a CRM for your salespeople to use in the best sales app for their needs.

Learn more about Pipedrive’s custom CRM.

Record contact data and notes from anywhere

Unless you record regular updates on contacts and deals, great ideas could go to waste and you’ll lose sight of follow-up opportunities.

A sales app that lets you log information on the move helps you stay organized, build detailed customer profiles and collaborate effectively with your team.

Using Pipedrive, you can store notes and attachments as soon as you think of them. Type in or add voice-to-text updates using your microphone. Android users can even turn handwritten notes into CRM-friendly text.

Learn more about Pipedrive’s audio notes.

Record contact data and notes from anywhere

Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales apps

The best sales apps have a desktop version, which you can connect to marketing, productivity and project management solutions, ensuring information accuracy among your team members. Pipedrive’s marketplace can help expand your CRM’s functionality and add features as your business needs change.

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

How Planet42 uses Pipedrive to manage its sales and equity pipelines

As Planet42 grew, having sales and equity leads in a single pipeline became too confusing for company founder Eerik Oja and his sales force.

Setting up separate Pipedrive pipelines helped the company prioritize its lead-gen efforts. Thanks to extra support from email templates and the call tracking app, Planet42 gained over 700 equity leads and over 1,500 sales leads.

“The setup for Pipedrive is great! It’s simple and customizable. It allows us to see the information we need to see and the sales flow at any given moment.”

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Sales app FAQs

Used by over 100,000 companies in 179 countries

In the forecast view, we look at what deals are due to close this month, next month just to make sure everyone is really honest about what they should be working on.

Carolyn PearsonFounder, Maiden Voyage

One of the favorite features within Pipedrive is the email integration. It pulls all of the clients details in, so that we don’t have to think about it.

Erin and DrewFounders, Pro Arts

As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.

Lisa CoyleCEO, 360 Payments

Sell smarter with a customizable, user-friendly sales app