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23 confirmation email templates and examples

Confirmation email templates
What are confirmation emails?
Confirmation email templates and examples
1Order confirmation emails
2Booking confirmation emails
3Registration confirmation emails
4Subscription confirmation emails
5Feedback confirmation email
Final thoughts

Confirmation email templates are a great way to improve the customer experience and buying journey.

Whenever you contact a business online, you are accustomed to getting feedback almost immediately. Imagine making a purchase or booking a hotel room and not getting an email in return. That could make you wonder if there was a problem with your purchase, reservation or event registration.

Responding right away helps you stay ahead of potential friction points and confusion. From the moment a customer contacts you or makes an online purchase, it’s important to give immediate feedback on the next steps of their journey.

Confirmation emails make this practice easy, seamless and help you (and your customers) stay organized.

In this article, we’ll look at what is a confirmation email and how they can help you maintain trust and engagement with your user base. We’ll also analyze several examples of confirmation emails and share template ideas that you can adjust to your needs.

What are confirmation emails?

A confirmation email is an automatic response email that is triggered by customer actions. Their primary use is to reassure people that whatever action they took was successful. This is important in various situations, for example welcoming people when they register for an event, confirming a booking or reassuring customers that a completed purchase was in fact successful.

Other than simply ‘confirming‘ something as its name suggests, an email of this type can also convey essential information such as the order details and payment confirmation. Confirmation messages can also give activation details when you purchase services, give directions for the next steps or offer additional buying opportunities.

Here are three good reasons to keep sending confirmation emails:

  1. They tend to land in the recipient‘s primary inbox

  2. They are a reliable marketing opportunity

  3. They help create a sense of trust

Confirmation emails have high open and click-through rates, so upselling and cross-selling additional related offers is certainly a smart move on your side. They help you strengthen the bond between you and your customers, showing them you genuinely care about them. Email confirmation messages are especially great for improving a new customer’s experience, creating a great first impression and laying the groundwork for your future email marketing efforts.

Confirmation email templates and examples

Here are a few confirmation email templates that you can use in different types of email confirmation scenarios.

1. Order confirmation emails

Order confirmation emails are used to confirm an order a customer has made through your website, application or other ecommerce platform. As they are usually sent following a money transaction with a credit card or another form of payment, they reassure your clients that their order was completed successfully.

Purchase confirmation emails have high open rates as most customers want reassurance that you have received their order and are working towards fulfilling it.Email confirmations, therefore, create a sense of security and trust in the way you conduct your business.

Eye-catching copy and great design goes a long way, so check out these examples we selected and why we think they are a great way to convey your message.

Order confirmation email examples

Here are a few examples to illustrate what great order confirmation emails look like.

Example 1: Polaroid Originals

Polaroid order confirmation email

In this example, Polaroid uses a slick design to convey important information with the customer:

  • The short introduction allows them to show a bit of their personality while reassuring the customer that their purchase is on its way

  • They share a complete order summary with relevant information, including when to expect the shipping confirmation email, company contact information in case of any queries and the order ID so the user can easily refer to it if needed

  • They keep their product descriptions concise and accompany them with photographs and pricing to give the customer a clear overview of their purchase

Example 2: Teespring

Teespring order confirmation email

Modern and fresh, this email presents a customer’s latest purchase in a unique way.

In addition to the relevant information, like order number and price summary, it is a great example of how order confirmation emails can be used to create more engagement. Pay attention to the social media button on the button and the opportunity to contact both the business and the seller with the touch of a button.

Example 3: Chewy

This email presents a clean and somewhat formal design that emphasizes the brand and adds interactivity with an animated gif on the top.

While this example is less personal, it still contains all the pertinent information related to the purchase. Notice the blue button placed above each order for tracking, which is a great way to offer additional value with your email.

Chewy order confirmation email

Order confirmation email templates

Here are a couple of order confirmation templates you can use for your email messages when you are confirming your customers’ orders or purchases.

Beyond the body copy, you can also choose any of these email subject lines for your email confirmations:

  • Thank you for your order

  • Thanks for your purchase

  • Your [Company Name] order is being processed

  • Hey [Customer Name], here are your order details

[Customer name],

Thank you for your purchase! Your [order ID] will be shipped within [length of shipping] days. We will send you an email as soon as your parcel is on its way.

Thank you for your purchase,

Best Regards,

[Company name] or [owner name]

Version 2

Thank you for your purchase [customer name]!

Your order is being processed and should arrive at your destination within [days for delivery]. Thank you again for your purchase. We would love to hear from you once you receive your items.

Kind Regards,

The [company name] sales team

Version 3

Here's a slightly longer order acknowledgment template:

Order confirmation from [your company name]

Dear [customer's name],

Thank you for placing an order with [your company name]. We are pleased to confirm the receipt of your order # [order number], dated [order date].

Order details:

[Bulleted list] Item(s): [brief description or list of Ordered items]

Total Amount: [total amount]

Delivery Address: [customer’s address]

Estimated Delivery Date: [date]

Your order is now being processed and we will ensure its prompt dispatch. You will receive a notification once your order has been shipped.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and aim to provide you with the highest quality of service. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at [customer service email address] or [customer service phone number].

Thank you for choosing [your company name]. We value your business and look forward to serving you again.

Warm regards,

[Your company’s name and signature]
[Company contact details]

Follow up with all the relevant data, like the price summary illustrated with pictures of the items purchased.

When available, you can add the shipping information and tracking to the parcel or even a call to action (CTA) button that will help people track their order.

Additionally, you can add the billing address and recipient so your customer can double check that their goods will be delivered to the right place.

Finish by adding a coupon for their next purchase (if it fits your business model) and a couple of links to related products that might interest them to capitalize on the opportunity for an upsell.

2. Booking confirmation emails

This type of confirmation email is vital whenever someone books a hotel, restaurant, event, car rental, etc.

By sending a booking confirmation, you will guarantee that your customer has all the necessary information about the timing and place of their reservation.

Booking confirmation email examples

Here are some nice email designs we picked for you that show how a good booking confirmation email should look.

Example 1: Hotel/Accommodation

Air BnB booking confirmation

In this email, Airbnb uses a clean design that impeccably aligns with their brand image. The email shows customers what their rental looks like, followed by all the information they’ll need: check-in and check-out dates, host contact details and itinerary.

Additionally, there’s a “Change Your Reservation” button that customers can use for cancellation or to adjust the details of their order.

Example 2: Car rental

Car rental confirmation email

Here, customers get a good look at the car they’ll be driving and information on the dates of their booking.

Under the pricing summary, there’s an option to contact the support team, in case they have a question or problem, which makes the email even more valuable and actionable.

Example 3: Event

Event confirmation email

This email presents all the pertinent information a customer will need at a glimpse, like the date, hours and address of the event. A small breakdown for the event day is also present as an introduction for the reader.

Furthermore, this email can be used as a schedule, since the whole agenda is displayed on the bottom.

Example 4: Barber appointment

Barber appointment confirmation email

This barber sends a two-part booking confirmation with a pending/confirmed status. The pleasant and stylish email has a colorful design and presents all the information one might need for this kind of appointment: time, date and type of service.

Booking confirmation email templates

Have a look at these two booking confirmation templates and feel free to adapt them for your needs:

Version 1: Hotel

Subject line: Your booking at [venue/hotel] is confirmed

Dear [customer name],

We are pleased to inform you that your booking [booking id] is confirmed.

Your check-in : [date-time]

Your checkout : [date-time]

Reservation details:

[Add room type]

[Add number of people]

[Add summary of pricing]

Sincerely awaiting your visit,

[Hotel manager name]

Version 2: Restaurant reservation

Subject line: Thank you for your reservation at [restaurant Name]

Hello [customer name],

Thank you for making a reservation.

We are expecting you on [date/time].

We look forward to your visit and hope we will be enjoying your meal experience at [restaurant name] as much as we will be enjoying your company.

See you very soon /[or day of reservation],

[Restaurant manager/owner name]

3. Registration confirmation emails

Registration confirmation emails are crucial for people that want to know whether their registration was successful or not.

It is also a great way to lead your customers through the next steps. These types of emails are mostly used for online registration of events, webinars, applications, etc.

Registration confirmation email examples

The emails below perfectly illustrate what a great registration confirmation email should look like.

Example 1: Airbnb

Airbnb registration confirmation email

Another great example from Airbnb, this email offers a great starting point to anyone who wants to become a host.

It lays out the steps you need to take in a clear and intuitive manner, offering an overview even to complete beginners.

Example 2: webinar

webinar registration confirmation email

Short and sweet, this clean design gets right to the point. You are presented with a countdown to the start of the webinar.

What’s more, you even get CTA buttons on the bottom to help you add the date and time to your personal calendar.

Example 3: Codeverse

codeverse registration email

When registering to Codeverse, you are welcomed with the email above and get instantly pointed in the direction of your first trial class. A clear and concise way to get started on your coding journey.

Registration confirmation email templates

Subject lines

  • Your registration for [company name] is confirmed

  • Registration confirmation

  • Welcome to [company name]

  • Let’s get you started


Hello [customer name],

We’re happy that you just joined our incredible community of [number of members] innovators and forward thinkers.

Start with the basics:

To get you started, try out these three simple tasks that will help you understand our platform:

Task 1 [for example login]

Task 2 [for example create an entry]

Task 3 [for example use a basic feature]

Beyond the basics:

Remember to check out our tutorials here [link] and sign up for your first 10 lessons on how to use the [company name] platform.

You can also visit our digital workshop and meet other marketers that want to change the way we view an advertisement.

Thank you for joining, let‘s make great things happen together!


[Name of support employee]

4. Subscription confirmation emails

These emails are automatically sent right after a new user signs up. They are used to confirm anything from newsletter subscriptions to forum signups.

Difference between single and double opt-in

Single opt-in: The user will start receiving emails without confirming their email address via a secondary email confirmation. Although single opt-ins may lead to you getting more subscribers, it can have a negative impact when you are trying to build an email list as it has a higher number of fake emails, invalid email addresses and spam. This may affect your future email campaigns as it could result in lower deliverability, open and click through rates and consequently, lower conversion rates.

Double opt-in: The user needs to confirm their email by clicking a link they receive on their email address after they sign up for an email list. Double opt-in is an excellent way to ensure that your new subscribers didn‘t enter a fake address or make a typo. It’s also the best way to ensure your email outreach is GDPR compliant.

Furthermore, a subscription confirmation email will probably be your first contact with your prospects, so make sure you pay close attention to the smallest of details.

Subscription confirmation email examples

Here are some great examples of subscription confirmation emails.

Example 1: Double opt-in Carpool

Carpool subscription confirmation email examples

This example of a subscription confirmation email not only looks good from a design perspective, but it also has an intuitive, helpful UX. They’ve added three links at the bottom where customers can learn more about their service, consult them for answers or visit their Facebook page.

Example 2: Sidecar

Sidecar subscription confirmation email

Aside from the minimalist design elements, which are pleasing to the eye and aids email navigation, this email introduces the company mission and values, as well as the features they are offering.

Example 3: Chipotle

Chipotle subscription confirmation email

With great copy and brand design, this Chipotle email sets you up with easy access to their shops and products from the start. Simple, versatile and complete.

Additionally, it gives you a link to set your email preferences, unsubscribe, review the privacy policy and reach the customer service center at the bottom of the email body. This information is important, especially when complying with data and privacy regulations in various jurisdictions, such as the GDPR in the EU.

Subscription confirmation email templates

Version 1

Subject line options:

  • Your subscription confirmation

  • Please confirm your subscription with [company name]

  • [Customer name], did you just contact us?

  • [Company name] needs you to verify your email address


Hi there!

Thank you for signing up.

To get you started, please click on the button below to confirm your email address. It will only take a couple of seconds.

If you didn‘t submit your email address to join our subscriber list, just ignore this email.


[company name] support team.

Version 2

Subject lines:

  • Thank you for signing up for [company name]

  • Welcome to [company name]


Hello [subscriber name],

Welcome to our family! In order to complete the sign-up process and make use of your [discount code or other offers], please click on the button below.

[Enter button]

If the button doesn‘t work, you can also click on the link below.

[Enter link]

Kind Regards,

[Company marketing executive name]

5. Feedback confirmation email

Feedback confirmation emails are sent to users when they contact a company for any given reason.

Their goal is to keep the customer reassured that their query or feedback was received while they are waiting for a response from your business.

Feedback confirmation email examples

Below are some feedback confirmation email examples that we’re impressed with.

Example 1: Thank you

Biodock feedback confirmation email

BioDock offers a very simple, yet ultra-stylish example to let the customer know that their email was received.

Example 2: Sun Industries

SUN feedback confirmation email

A bit more elaborate than the first one, this email still conveys the same message, but adds links to social media to provide additional engagement options to the reader.

Feedback confirmation email templates

Subject line options:

  • We received your message!

  • Thank you for contacting [company name]

  • We got your email!


Hello [username],

Thank you for contacting us. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

All emails are answered within [enter number of hours] by our support team. In the meantime, feel free to go through our FAQs [enter hyperlink] to see if your question can be answered there.

We appreciate your patience,

[Company name] Support Team

Final thoughts

Before we go, we would be remiss if we did not point out that confirmation emails are driven by automation. A great email marketing tool is invaluable to the process. It would be next to impossible to respond to each query, order or booking personally. Automated emails make this important customer interaction easy and seamless.

Have a good look at the examples we provided and try to use them as “brain fuel” for your ideas. Likewise, feel free to use any of the confirmation email templates included in this post, adapting them to your needs as you see fit.

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