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Pipedrive integration with DocuSign: Complete your document management process within Pipedrive

DocuSign Integration
I’m a salesperson, how can this integration help me?
How can I get the most out of the DocuSign integration?

Use the Pipedrive-DocuSign integration to create, send, sign and manage your documents without having to switch between different tools.

If you use DocuSign, the leading third-party digital signature tool, you’ll have visibility of envelope and recipient status within Pipedrive deals.

The DocuSign integration is the ideal complement to our Smart Docs tool as you can create envelopes in Smart Docs and send them out for signature using DocuSign.

Professional and Enterprise users have Smart Docs included in their subscription. Essential and Advanced users can add Smart Docs from $32.50 per month.

You’ll still be able to upload PDFs into Smart Docs and create DocuSign envelopes for these PDFs even if you don’t have a Smart Docs add-on subscription.

Download the DocuSign app from our Marketplace where you’ll also find nearly 300 other apps covering the whole revenue cycle.

I’m a salesperson, how can this integration help me?

If you or your team already use DocuSign, you can complete the electronic signature flow without leaving Pipedrive, saving you from having to re-upload documents to different tools.

If your team uses DocuSign but you don’t have an account, the integration will still be useful for you. That’s because you’ll have visibility of what’s happening with the document in Pipedrive (if you have the relevant permission) even if you don’t have a DocuSign account.

You’ll have the option to send electronic signature requests using either DocuSign or Smart Docs depending on your needs and situation.

How can I get the most out of the DocuSign integration?

The DocuSign integration with Smart Docs allows you to combine the features of both tools in one place.

With DocuSign, you have the option to add additional fields alongside the request for signature.

You can upload a PDF document from your device into Smart Docs, add custom fields to collect additional information with DocuSign and send the request all within Pipedrive, saving any back and forth to gather the info you need.

By integrating DocuSign into your Pipedrive workflow, you’ll also have advanced electronic signature features at your fingertips.

DocuSign allows you to customize the message the client receives, set the signing order to ensure that the document is signed by the right parties at the right time and lets the client customize their signature in a way that’s reflective of their physical signature.

To make sure you don’t lose track of your tasks, the embedded DocuSign window within Pipedrive deals means you’ll have all the additional DocuSign functionality and status updates without leaving Pipedrive.

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