Gray Matters Uses Pipedrive to Spot Trends and Create Innovative New Products

Gray Matters case study
  • Business development consultancy Gray Matters uses Pipedrive to analyze their customers and sales pipeline
  • With this information, Gray Matters have identified industry trends and created specialized products for creative agencies
  • Thanks to Pipedrive, Gray Matters has increased their conversion rate from 20% to 30% in the last 18 months

After spending more than a decade in the sales industry, Adam Graham set up Gray Matters, a business development consultancy that helps creative agencies to grow, attract new clients and win new customers.

The company helps creative and marketing agencies with their business development, their positioning, who they are, who their target audience should be and how to attract them. They also help agencies with their sales.

“A lot of business owners don’t come from a sales background so our job is to teach them, empower them and show them what it means to be good at sales so they can embrace it,” explains Adam.

Thanks to his experience, Adam had used a lot of CRM systems, but when he founded Gray Matters he relied on Google Sheets to store his sales data and save money.

However, when he realized he needed a more powerful, but still affordable tool to manage his prospects’ data and sales pipeline, he turned to Pipedrive.

Moving on from Spreadsheets

Adam used Google Sheets, ‘because it was customized around exactly what I needed’.

However, as Gray Matters grew, Adam quickly realized that they were missing opportunities by sticking with spreadsheets. 

So he looked for a CRM that had the customizability of spreadsheets.

“It was the fact that it was customizable. That is my favorite feature within the CRM system. It’s that ability to tag somebody, a prospect or a client in seconds.”

Discovering more with Pipedrive

Soon Adam discovered that, through Custom Fields and other Pipedrive features, he could do much more.

“Pipedrive’s made a big difference to how we report and again that’s come back to the customized fields, so the data we’re collecting,” says Adam.

“The ability to add different data inputs and sources has meant that we can now analyze our customers and prospects in different ways and that impacts the strategy that we use.

“We’ve now started adding fields such as when the business was founded, the size of the business, the turnover. Now, when we’re looking back on data, we can understand where we’ve won and where we’ve lost, and the reasons behind that.

“It’s enabled us to understand our conversion rates to a certain audience and where we might be more successful, so we can market differently to those people. And also it’s notified us to where we’re less strong and that’s actually enabled product development.

“We’ve developed new products based on a certain audience because we’ve seen that trend emerging from our sales data within Pipedrive.”

Adam Graham Gray Matters

Improvement across all metrics

“Since we’ve started using Pipedrive we’ve seen improvement across all metrics, whether that’s upselling existing clients or to new customers,” reveals Adam.

“For us, the best thing is the transparency,” he continues. “Having that ability to see where any client or prospect is in their relationship with us. Going in, being able to see the notes and share them with different employees and freelancers. We don’t waste unnecessary time updating them on information behind a prospect and it means there’s no overlap so we don’t damage the brand by someone jumping in without any knowledge of what’s gone on prior.

“Using Pipedrive we’ve improved our conversion rate from 20% to 30% in the last 18 months, and that’s about us focusing on the right deals and the right customers to close. Pipedrive has helped us see who we should be focusing on, who our audience is, so we’re able to qualify them better and nurture them along the pipeline.”

“Ultimately, Pipedrive is there to keep us on track, keep sales front and center and assure that we’re always moving prospects to the next step.”

Practicing what you preach

As a consultancy, Gray Matters also works with a lot of agencies that could benefit from a CRM tool. Adam and the team now recommend Pipedrive to many of their own customers.

“We were using Pipedrive for 18 months and really seeing the benefits from that. We liked it because it was very visual, very customizable, affordable and it did what we needed it to do,” explains Adam. “Being a business that helps others with their sales and business development it’s really important that we practice what we preach, and we like to put best practice in place.”

“Having a regimented, fixed sales process is vital not just for our success but for our customers. It’s about managing your day and setting activities, and focusing on what’s important right now. Having a very visual pipeline in front of you allows you to be very honest with yourself, aware of what’s in the pipeline and what’s not. And that will force you to take action.”

Adam often deals with small agency founders and CEOs, and many people who start a business like this don’t have a sales background. They have a tendency to focus on end-of-year figures, Adam tells us, which just adds pressure. Instead, he encourages them to focus on what’s in front of them right now.

“We use Pipedrive to mentor those people. It gives them clear actions, with the next activity set every time you complete something. I think that’s really important: to get them to focus on the here and now. If you focus on those things, the rest will take care of itself.”

“We describe Pipedrive as a business owner’s best friend. It can keep you on track, keep you honest and keep you committed to your business goal.”

Many of their customers are also giving up on their sales processes too quickly, something the team at Gray Matters is using Pipedrive to prevent.

“A lot of customers come to us and ask ‘how do we build a pipeline? How do we get in front of customers?’” says Adam. “The customers they are reaching out to are not necessarily in the market for what they want. So it’s not a case of they don’t want to buy your services, it’s they don’t want to buy your services now.

“That’s the whole point of a CRM, sometimes the deal process can take up to two years, but most business owners change their process within three to six months because it’s not working. That’s what’s letting them down: short-term thinking. A ‘no’ is a ‘no’ now, but how do I continue to nurture that relationship”

To find out how a CRM tool could help your business attract new customers and manage your sales process, why not try Pipedrive free for 14 days.

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