18 Sales Statistics to Help You Sell Better

sales statistics

Want to start closing more deals sooner? Learn from the following sales statistics — some of which are amazing, some alarming.

47% of high-performing sales organizations think they need to adopt a process to streamline proposals, contracts, ordering, quoting and sales collateral workflow

(Source: Aberdeen #2)

High-performing sales organizations are 38% more likely to use sales analytics to collect customer data that informs ongoing customer interactions

(Source: Aberdeen #3)

43% of companies think that sales representatives need to improve their ability to prioritize accounts to focus selling efforts

(Source: CSO #1)

51% of companies think that sales representatives need to improve their ability to identify trigger events that indicate a likeliness to buy

(Source: CSO #1)

  • Tip: Maintain your sales momentum by ensuring that your team agrees on what sales triggers relate to each stage in the sales process.

26% of sales organizations think that their CRM effectively enables them to collaborate across departments; for world-class sales organizations, it’s 85%

(Source: MHI)

36% of sales organizations think that their sales leadership is highly confident that their salespeople will adopt their CRM system; for world-class sales organizations, it’s 80%

(Source: MHI)

  • Tip: Adoption rates are just one factor to consider when choosing a CRM. Others include training, user reviews, customization and mobility.

Sales teams that follow a defined sales process average more than 33% in production and revenue than sales teams that don't

(Source: CSO #2)

  • Tip: Defining your sales cycle into stages — such as Target, Contacted, Meeting Agreed, Proposal Sent and Close — increases your ability to establish activity expectations and fix leaks in your pipeline.

The average cost of replacing a B2B sales representative is more than $29,000, with an average of seven months to hire and onboard them

(Source: Aberdeen #4)

  • Tip: When an employee accepts a job offer, consider implementing a pre-hiring plan that includes incentivizing onboarding activities such as building product knowledge and performing a sales collateral review.

47% of of total leads are self-generated by sales representatives (and aren't, for instance, generated by marketing, customer referrals or customer service)

(Source: CSO #1)

55% of companies think that sales representatives need to improve their ability to incubate promising leads for the future

(Source: CSO #1)

After a sales call, 57% of prospects thought that the caller had a clear understanding of their needs

(Source: New Voice)

Salespeople who contacted prospects within an hour of receiving a query were 60 times as likely to qualify the lead as those who waited 24 hours or longer to contact the prospect

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

80% of sales require five follow-up calls after a meeting; 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up

(Source: Scripted)

Only 46% of sales representatives feel their pipeline is accurate

(Source: TAS)

  • Tip: The accuracy of the deals in your pipeline directly relates to how steady and dependable your revenue will be.

The best sales representatives are 250% better at qualifying leads

(Source: TAS)

46% of all sales organizations know why their top salespeople are successful; for world-class sales organizations, it’s 96%

(Source: MHI)

57% of people said they would be encouraged to make a purchase from a salesperson who doesn’t try to apply pressure or hassle them when following up

(Source: New Voice)

  • Tip: See the sales process from the buyer’s perspective.

42% of people would be encouraged to make a purchase if the sales rep called back at an agreed-upon, specified time

(Source: New Voice)

  • Tip: Time management is just one quality of sales superstars. Others include trainability, goal-orientedness and a willingness to assume responsibility for engagement outcomes.

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