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How Social Burro Inc. is on Track to Triple its Annual Revenue with the Help of Pipedrive

  • Social media and consulting company Social Burro Inc. began operations early last year, launching their business with an Essentials tier subscription to Pipedrive
  • Thanks to Pipedrive’s ease of use, customization, time-saving features and integrations, Social Burro Inc. has yet to find an area where Pipedrive doesn’t meet its needs
  • With the help of Pipedrive, Social Burro Inc. has been able to double the size of its team and the company is on track to triple its year-on-year revenue

Having used Pipedrive since its inception, Social Burro Inc. is currently on track to make three times the revenue the company made last year.

Frank Kecseti founded western North Carolina-based social media and consulting company Social Burro Inc. in March 2020. The company works with small-to-medium-sized businesses with social media guidance.

Having lived in Atlanta and gained experience in advertising with companies like Chick-Fil-A, Home Depot and Verizon, Frank Kecseti and his wife, Alyson Kate Long, decided to move to western North Carolina. While there, Frank realized the issues of social media kept cropping up in conversations with small business owners, so he decided to launch Social Burro Inc. to provide a solution.

“We wanted to focus on not only a pain point for small to medium businesses, but also not spread ourselves out too thinly, so I think that’s our unique aspect: we hone in on one specific service and we also hone in on one type of client—so if Coke calls us tomorrow we’ll say thanks, but no thanks.”

Starting out as a one-man operation, Frank knew he would be taking on several positions, and so looked for the tools that would help him keep things organized and save him time, and found Pipedrive.

“Pipedrive just makes it very easy for someone like me. I don’t necessarily consider myself a sales guy, but I have to be from the aspect of business development and running a business.”

Saving time and keeping things organized

Frank explains that there are three main ways he uses Pipedrive.

1. As a hub for organizing contact information

Frank was used to using Google’s contacts tool to store information about his leads and clients, but found the process cumbersome and restricting:

“It was complicated: You click here and fill that out and then do this, then you attach it and then assign it. I want a nice easy hub for all my contacts and thanks to Pipedrive’s tagging ability and the integration aspect, it’s always made that very easy.”

Thanks to Pipedrive’s integration with the Google platform, Frank was easily able to migrate his contact information and then use Pipedrive to store and sort his contacts into the lists and criteria he needed.

2. Using the Smart Email BCC function to update contact information and deal progress

Making use of Pipedrive’s Smart Email BCC feature has let Social Burro Inc. stay on top of its evolving relationships with potential customers and clients.

“Once I found Smart Email BCC, I was addicted to it. Whenever I reach out to a prospect or anything that could lead to a business engagement I always blind copy that email address. I can tie it to a deal or a contact and it helps me keep track of everything.”

3. Using customized fields to create a sales funnel that works

By utilizing the easy customization options within the pipeline view, Frank was able to create a sales pipeline that would let him know at a glance the state of his deals.

“I created an onboarding column which is assigned to 100% value, and then I move all landed deals into that column so I can see live what our sales are. That makes it easy for me to see, so I can take people all the way from first interaction—handshake zero—all the way through.”

Thanks to the custom percentage-based probability he set up to determine how likely deals were to progress from one stage of the pipeline to the next, Frank was able to make a comprehensive forecast of future sales.

“From that first handshake column I set it to 5%, there’s a chance, it might lead to something, it might not, but I made a human connection. And then as I move down the line it goes from a 50:50 to a 75%, like a proposal phase, and then onboard is 100%. I feel like I’m almost cheating at a coin toss. That’s really helped, because sometimes—whether it’s in a meeting or internally and it’s like, “where are we?”—I can say, “look: Click, boom, this is where we’re at”.”

Discovery through word of mouth

When it came to choosing a CRM, Frank notes that it was a straightforward process.

“I found out about it through a LinkedIn connection who had shared a Pipedrive link. He was someone I trust and someone who has a sales background, and so it came not just with “oh, this is someone on LinkedIn that I’m connected with” validation, but also “this is someone I’m connected to who is also a sales guy”, so I trust his opinion and I was like, you know what? If he’s using it then there’s got to be a reason.”

At first, adopting a CRM seemed daunting, but Frank soon realized how easy Pipedrive was to implement.

“To a potential smaller guy like me—I don’t want to say intimidating is the right word—but it’s like, are they too big for me, am I too small for them?”

“But once you get past that, once I was like, this guy uses Pipedrive, he works at a big company but he’s a sales guy, I trust him, once I got past that slight intimidation factor, it was like, this is awesome!”

And after a year of use, how does Frank feel about it?

“I’ve never researched any other tool because I’ve never needed to. Pipedrive came pre-vetted from someone that I trust and I’ve never looked for anything else because I trust that and it’s always served me very well.”

And his experience goes beyond just using Pipedrive as a tool.

“I follow you guys on every social outlet that you’re on, and it helps me to know that there are human beings behind the Pipedrive brand.”

“Like the Instagram account, I love following that and seeing y’all, because there’s always that concern that this is a big company, they don’t care about me, it’s run by robots, and it’s not, there are human beings behind it and I just really appreciate the care and consideration that you have shown me.”

Features that lead to measurable results

Despite only being a year old, Social Burro Inc. has seen some impressive growth.

“My wife officially joined the Social Burro Inc. team and it’s been great—my wife’s background is in brand strategy and copywriting, so translating that into social strategy and social content has been really great, it’s freed me up to handle a lot more of the administrative business development aspect and awareness.”

With Alyson’s addition to the team freeing Frank up to focus streamlining the workflow with Pipedrive, the results have been clear:

“I’m happy to report we’re on target to triple our revenue this year from last year, and I know that it’s not a full year-on-year, but as far as where we were last year to where we are this year, we’re set to triple our revenue, and truthfully I could not manage that without Pipedrive.”

So, having seen the results Pipedrive has brought to Social Burro Inc., how does Frank feel about his investment in CRM?

“I have a spreadsheet of our monthly subscriptions and expenses like most business owners do, and I’ve plugged you in for the whole year because I never hesitate on that one, it’s worth every dollar—it provides a great value for that investment.”

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