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How Social Burro Inc. is on track to triple their revenue

Founded in March 2020, North Carolina based social media and consulting company Social Burro Inc. provides social media services to small-to-medium-sized businesses.

  • Industry: Agency/Consultancy
  • Location: US
  • Key feature: Core product

Having used Pipedrive since its inception, Social Burro Inc. is currently on track to make three times the revenue the company made last year.


Social Burro has been able to double the size of its team


Social Burro is on track to triple its year-on-year revenue


Social Burro started business a year ago with Pipedrive Essential tier subscription

The challenge

Starting out as a one-man operation, owner and founder Frank Kecseti knew he would be taking on several positions, including sales, and needed an easy solution that would help him stay organized, save time, and simplify the sales process.

I don’t necessarily consider myself a sales guy, but I have to be from the aspect of business development and running a business.

Frank KecsetiOwner and Founder, Social Burro

The solution

Frank explains that there are three main ways he uses Pipedrive to save time and keep things organized.

1. As a hub for organizing contact information

Frank was used to using Google’s contacts tool to store information about his leads and clients, but found the process cumbersome and restricting.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s integration with the Google platform, Frank was easily able to migrate his contact information and then use Pipedrive to store and sort his contacts into the lists and criteria he needed.

2. Using the Smart Email BCC function to update contact information and deal progress

Making use of Pipedrive’s Smart Email BCC feature has let Social Burro Inc. stay on top of its evolving relationships with potential customers and clients.

It was complicated: You click here and fill that out and then do this, then you attach it and then assign it. I want a nice easy hub for all my contacts and thanks to Pipedrive’s tagging ability and the integration aspect, it’s always made that very easy.

Frank KecsetiOwner and Founder, Social Burro

Once I found Smart Email BCC, I was addicted to it. Whenever I reach out to a prospect or anything that could lead to a business engagement, I always blind copy that email address. I can tie it to a deal, or a contact and it helps me keep track of everything.

Frank KecsetiOwner and Founder, Social Burro

3. Using customized fields to create a sales funnel that works

By utilizing the easy customization options within the pipeline view, Frank was able to create a sales pipeline that would let him know at a glance the state of his deals.

"I created an onboarding column which is assigned to 100% value, and then I move all landed deals into that column so I can see live what our sales are. That makes it easy for me to see, so I can take people all the way from first interaction (handshake zero) all the way through.”

In addition, thanks to the custom percentage-based probability, he was able to set up to determine how likely deals were to progress from one stage of the pipeline to the next. Frank was able to make a comprehensive forecast of future sales.

The results

Despite only being a year old, Social Burro Inc. has seen some impressive growth.

Frank’s wife officially joined the Social Burro Inc. team freeing Frank up to focus on streamlining the workflow with Pipedrive, the results have been clear. The two-person Social Burro Inc. team now look to continue growth into the new year.

I’m happy to report we’re on target to triple our revenue this year from last year, and I know that it’s not a full year-on-year, but as far as where we were last year to where we are this year, we’re set to triple our revenue, and truthfully I could not manage that without Pipedrive.

Frank KecsetiOwner and Founder, Social Burro

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