Top 10 Pipedrive integrations to boost productivity

Top 10 Pipedrive Integrations 2023
Google Meet

Our ever-growing Marketplace now offers over 400 powerful integrations to Pipedrive users. However, with all these options, it can be challenging to find the right one for your business. Here are the top 10 Pipedrive integrations on the Marketplace that can help you automate tasks and drive revenue.


Zapier is the go-to platform for automating workflows between your apps. With 5,000+ app integrations and a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create powerful workflows to save time and focus on the bigger picture. From setting up email campaigns and customer outreach to managing your entire funnel, Zapier is the perfect tool for busy professionals and small business owners alike.

Useful features

  • Create automated workflows with up to 100 steps and add custom if-then logic

  • Zapier can transform data into the right format before it is passed from one app to another

  • Hire a certified Zapier Expert to help you create automated workflows between the apps in your tool suite

Zapier’s integration with Pipedrive

Use the Zapier integration to turn Pipedrive into a sales workflow hub. Automatically create a new lead from a lead generation app, update a deal based on their actions in another tool, attach a file to an account and much more – with no manual work required.


JustCall is a cloud phone system for sales and support teams that offers a comprehensive communication stack built to help customer-facing teams engineer better conversations with customers.

JustCall is well-regarded for its ease of use and can help to increase sales call productivity significantly. JustCall provides a distributed strong infrastructure for the best call quality and its platform is HIPAA compliant, ensuring data security and privacy protection.

Useful features

  • Over 100 integrations with business tools, including Pipedrive

  • SMS workflows and automation features

  • 3 sales dialers to choose from

  • Call queuing and forwarding, sales call tracking, conversation intelligence and call analytics

JustCall’s integration with Pipedrive

Start calls with one click from the deal or contact view thanks to Pipedrive’s JustCall integration. JustCall is instantly available on Pipedrive’s Cloud CRM platform, so you can reach out to leads and prospects without delay.


With Outfunnel, you can make sure that all the marketing data your sales organization needs is easy to access. A dedicated tool for revenue teams, Outfunnel enables you to set up sales and marketing automation flows in a matter of minutes.

With Outfunnel, you can create a complete profile of each lead in your CRM, segment and score your leads, and get deeper insights into your customer behavior.

Useful features

  • Outfunnel can access and use data from all your sales and marketing apps

  • Analyze, score and segment marketing leads quickly and easily

  • Integrates with tools including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Facebook Lead Ads, Elementor Forms, Calendly and WordPress

Outfunnel’s integration with Pipedrive

Combine your sales and marketing data with the Pipedrive-Outfunnel integration. Ensure that all marketing engagements – including email opens, web visits, form fills and more – get recorded in Pipedrive so your sales reps can identify the hottest leads.

Google Meet

You’re probably already familiar with Google Meet, the video communication service developed by Google that allows you to easily launch secure video meetings from any modern web browser. As well as from your web browser, you can also download the app to set up or join video calls.

Useful features

  • Connect securely with up to 250 participants over video and audio

  • High-quality audio and video, real-time captions, screen sharing and more

  • End-to-end encryption for meetings on all platforms, including mobile, tablet and desktop

Google Meet’s integration with Pipedrive

With Pipedrive’s Google Meet integration, you can simply add a call to any activity in Pipedrive, creating a unique Google Meet link that will automatically go out to all invitees. You can also link Google Meet with your availability, so whenever a contact selects a time for a call you both get a calendar invite with a Google Meet link.


VoIP tool CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center and business phone system designed to help businesses connect with their customers. With CloudTalk, users can build better customer relationships, access phone call details in their CRM and track calls in real time.

The call center system enables users to make and receive calls from their browser or mobile device, enjoying crystal-clear reception with guaranteed latency and minimal jitter.

Useful features

  • CloudTalk has over 160 national phone numbers to help you expand internationally

  • Using CloudTalk’s advanced call center analytics, you can measure the performance of your agents and help them improve.

CloudTalk’s integration with Pipedrive

Make and take calls directly from Pipedrive thanks to the CloudTalk integration’s click-to-call feature. Access caller information and past interactions in Pipedrive as soon as your phone rings, so you can continue to develop relationships – even if you weren’t the first point of contact.


lead generation and website visitor-tracking tool Leadfeeder identifies the companies that are visiting your website, which would have otherwise been completely anonymous.

The B2B lead generation software helps you to identify, qualify and connect with high-potential leads. You can also easily filter out irrelevant leads and create insightful reports about your leads and prospects, helping you identify high-value leads as soon as they enter your funnel.

Useful features

  • Identify anonymous website visitors and get detailed insights into their behavior

  • Understand the behavior of companies across all stages of the buyer journey, from new visitors to customer advocates

Leadfeeder’s integration with Pipedrive

By integrating Leadfeeder with Pipedrive, you’ll fill your pipeline with higher-quality leads and simplify your sales process.


Create, manage and share documents in minutes with PandaDoc, a leading proposals, quotes and contract management tool.

The all-in-one document automation platform helps businesses create, approve, track and e-sign business documents faster. Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor and hundreds of ready-made templates, you can quickly build original documents or customize your own dynamic versions.

Useful features

  • Choose from over 750 document templates to get started

  • Get real-time access to approvals, comments and version tracking with smart features like conditional logic and variables

  • Keep your data secure and your agreements valid with legally-binding e-signatures

PandaDoc’s integration with Pipedrive

Build proposals and contracts from Pipedrive deals with the PandaDoc integration. Customize new documents in minutes and send documents for e-signature while you’re in Pipedrive. Create interactive quotes that include pre-populated data based on your Pipedrive deal and contact records, saving you and your team valuable time. You can also share documents internally you create or turn them into templates.


GetAccept provides users with a digital sales room platform that helps sales teams increase their win rate. GetAccept’s features help you engage and understand your buyers at every stage of the funnel, from opportunity to signed deal.

Create custom sales collateral and personalized videos or set up seamless integrations to create a unique buying experience for prospects. GetAccept also offers a product library to quickly add custom quotes to sales proposals and electronic signatures to sales documents.

Useful features

  • Add personalized videos to your communications to make an impact with leads

  • Automate reminders to contacts to keep them engaged

  • Analyze what sales collateral is having the greatest success with useful dashboards

GetAccept’s integration with Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s integration with GetAccept helps you take your sales communications to the next level. In one solution, GetAccept users gain access to e-signatures, personal video engagement, live chat, quotation, content management, document tracking, contract negotiation and mobile workforce management.


Business SMS and text messaging tool Textline helps you personalize your messaging and maintain contact with colleagues, leads, prospects, customers and more.

It features two-way texting capabilities and secure data storage, helping businesses build stronger relationships with customers and create better customer experiences. Textline also integrates with popular software solutions, allowing users to start texting with ease from any integrated tool, including Pipedrive.

Useful features

  • With SMS automations, teams can save time and streamline processes.

  • Textline is now HIPAA compliant, enabling healthcare providers and their business partners to text people in a fully secure environment

  • Enable customers to contact you via text from anywhere, with the option to send and receive photos, videos and attachments thanks to the sales tools MMS capabilities

Textline’s integration with Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s integration with Textline enables you to:

  • Create and store templates for frequently used message threads

  • Transfer a text message conversation to a colleague, just as you would transfer a phone call

  • Set up notifications to receive desktop, email and mobile alerts when something important happens

  • Utilize Textline’s automated greetings and away messages

  • Leave private notes in internal team discussions


Unito enables you to build powerful two-way syncs between apps, so you can create and optimize workflows. With Unito’s simple self-serve, point-and-click interface, you can get set up quickly and easily without any coding knowledge.

Unito offers deep, bidirectional syncing, with many supported fields available, including assignees, comments, fields, attachments and more.

Useful features

  • Unito offers more ways to customize flows between the apps and tools your teams use

  • Decentralize your source of truth, allowing your team to achieve more regardless of what tool they’re using

  • Unito syncs all the data in integrated tools in real time

Unito’s integration with Pipedrive

You can sync your CRM with industry-leading tools thanks to Pipedrive’s Unito integration. Possible Pipedrive integrations include Asana, Airtable, Azure DevOps, Basecamp, Bitbucket, ClickUp, GitHub, GitLab, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Intercom, Jira, Notion, Smartsheet, Trello, Wrike and many more.

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