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How Evolve helped Container Team revolutionize its sales process with Pipedrive

Container Team consists of two brands: Team Refrigeration and the Space Program.

Team Refrigeration offers mobile commercial refrigeration solutions in the UK, including an emergency response service where it delivers anywhere in mainland UK within four hours.

The Space Program is a containerized self-storage brand aimed at business customers who have outgrown their home-based workspaces. The company focuses on providing excellent service, 24-hour access, insurance coverage for customers’ goods and a “Sign and Store” service for added convenience.

  • Industry: Storage and Logistics
  • Location: UK
  • Partner: Evolve
Container Team Evolve Case Study


Improvement in conversion rate


Year-on-year revenue growth


Time saved managing inquiries


Net profit increase in the last financial year

The problem the company faced

Before adopting Pipedrive, Container Team was using a different CRM system that wasn’t meeting its needs.

This system offered more features than the company needed but, due to poorly maintained data, made managing the CRM difficult.

In the presales stage, the team found it was spending far too long entering data into the CRM, without the added benefit of lead tracking. With this poor oversight of its sales pipeline and no linear customer tracking, Container Team found leads falling through the cracks, resulting in missed opportunities.

The company struggled with reporting, as its CRM only provided a limited distinction between unit and product types. This meant it had to spend time creating manual reports from non-live data.

Container Team also began to find operational inefficiencies throughout the sales workflow. The company decided it was time to find a new CRM that could provide it with the level of customization and oversight it needed to operate at peak efficiency.

It was bigger than we needed, could do way more than we used it for, and I think it had just been in place for so long, the data within it hadn’t been nurtured correctly. It had just become this unwieldy beast that wasn’t performing as it should.

Ricky WilliamsManaging Director, Container Team

Container Team
Hazel and I worked with Elliot through the process of moving across. Everything we threw at him, he handled really well. So that was a good process.
Evolve helped us to make it really simple. We’ve got all the custom fields we need and the majority of our traffic comes through web forms. We do get a fair number of telephone inquiries, so there are manually uploaded leads. But overall, it’s nice to have everything in one place. I can see things in real time, which is a real bonus. I now have visibility across both brands without clicking between multiple spreadsheets. It’s just logistically much tidier for me.

Ricky WilliamsManaging Director, Container Team

How Evolve helped Container Team find a solution with Pipedrive

During the migration from their previous CRM to Pipedrive, Ricky Williams and his colleague Hazel worked with Elliot from Pipedrive Elite Partners, Evolve, who expertly guided them through the process.

Elliot’s deep knowledge of the system helped them overcome any challenges during the transition. The team collaborated closely, with regular catch-ups to ensure a smooth migration. Elliot also uploaded the data into Pipedrive and set up automations and campaigns for Container Team.

Once the new CRM was in place, Container Team quickly found that Pipedrive was more user-friendly and facilitated better communication throughout the company than its old one. One of the key features the team appreciated was Pipedrive’s email integration, which streamlined the company’s processes significantly.

Since the company started using Pipedrive, the sales team’s conversion rate has improved from one in 2.7 to one in 2.3. Ricky attributes this to the team’s marketing efforts and using Pipedrive. In six months, Container Team’s revenue has grown by 18% year on year, and its net profit increased by 34% in the last financial year.

The sales team no longer needs to maintain manual spreadsheets to track leads since Pipedrive has significantly improved the efficiency of inquiry management. Ricky estimates that this has cut the time spent by 20%, translating to roughly half an hour per day for each team member.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s automation features, Ricky and his team now have a lead routing system that automatically adds leads to the relevant pipeline regardless of whether the leads are captured from web forms on the website, or through the team’s outreach efforts.

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