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How Kovai.co’s Document360 sales team achieved a 10x increase in leads with Pipedrive

Kovai.co is a multi-product SaaS company, dedicated to bringing great software solutions to the business world. Kovai.co has four products in its portfolio, namely BizTalk360, Severless360, Churn360 and Document360.

The Document360 team, who are long-time users of Pipedrive, provide a self-service knowledge base for employees and customers, where an enterprise’s entire knowledge documentation needs – including technical, product and API documentation – can be met. With enormous flexibility and state-of-the-art tools, businesses can create advanced content for employees to view or simplified content for customers and employees to find via search.

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Key feature: Pipeline management
Pipedrive Kovai.co Document 360 Case Study


Lead increase


Sales team growth

4-6 hours

Saved per week

Why Document360 chose Pipedrive

When Document360 first launched, the team used spreadsheets to track prospects and deals. However, once Document360’s prospects began filling the sales pipeline, the team knew that a dedicated customer relationship management solution was needed, so they set about researching the best tools on the market.

They searched for a CRM that had the following features and functionality:

  • Simple onboarding so the quality of the sales process and sales pipeline management could be replicated quickly by new Sales Development Representatives

  • Extensive customization within the sales processes and framework, especially in the sales pipeline

  • Tight integrations with the most-used software tools, including Outlook, Zapier, and Autopilot, to streamline processes and introduce automation

  • Access to rich analytics in order to understand their sales processes and the relationship between customer behavior, sales and KPIs

After doing market research, the team realized Pipedrive would be the perfect fit, with its easy-to-understand interface, customization options, third-party integrations and access to insights and reports.

We wanted the CRM tool to be customizable to our own processes and frameworks and Pipedrive stood out above the competition. If you look at the way you can actually design different sales pipelines, which is fantastic, you can customize different stages in your sales pipeline.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

Pipedrive has helped us to streamline and automate our sales process to serve a huge volume of prospects and respond to customers' queries for better customer service.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

How Pipedrive provides a solution

Depending on how leads interact with the Document360 website, there are two ways of entering the pipeline, either through a free 14-day trial or a scheduled demo. From there, leads enter the custom sales pipeline, after which they go through another seven stages until the deal has been closed.

Each interaction provides Document360 with different information about the lead, and thanks to Pipedrive’s integrations, the data can be easily recorded into contacts pages and deals to help guide reps through each buyer’s journey.

Once the deal is complete, Pipedrive’s open API has enabled Document360 to integrate it with Churn360 to provide a complete 360° view of each customer.

Now, with Document360’s sales information centralized in the CRM database, anyone on the sales team can have instant access to the data they need when they need it, eliminating silos and communication time.

Document360’s unique way of using Pipedrive

A range of other Pipedrive tools have become crucial to the sales team’s day-to-day functioning.

  • Email templates help the team save time, with Sales Development Representatives able to search contacts and information, pull out and fill in key data, and send bulk emails

  • By automatically assigning incoming leads to Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), and creating automated follow-up tasks, each SDR has a personalized task list when they start the day

  • Thanks to Pipedrive’s intuitive interface, the sales team saves a huge amount of time per week that used to be spent on admin and overhead work, as well as manual reporting – now, with Pipedrive, the team is saving four-to-six hours a week

Plus, with Pipedrive’s ability to log each prospect’s organization, team size, revenue, and industry, Document360 has been able to identify and understand the markets it wants to be a player in.

They’ve even created ideal customer profiles based on the characteristics of successful deals in the past, which in turn helps decision-making about future sales targeting activities to improve success.

Initially we started with a team of two, now there are about 13-plus team members actually using Pipedrive, logging into that every day. It’s the bread and butter of their everyday work.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

We started off very early with Pipedrive and then stuck with the platform. A lot of our processes are actually highly integrated with Pipedrive, so any process we have defined, it's all put into practice in Pipedrive. Pipedrive is providing fantastic service, so we’re happy with the platform. It’s a win-win for us.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

How has Document360 grown with Pipedrive?

Document360 has seen its sales team expand from 2 to 13 members, a 650% rise over five years.

Pipedrive has helped Document360 achieve 10x growth of lead volume, with the rate of new leads accelerating all the time.

As Pipedrive has grown and added features, Document360 has taken advantage of them in its sales processes to maximize efficiency and grow year-on-year.

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