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How Kovai.co grew their Document360 sales team by 50%

Standalone SaaS self-service Knowledge Base software Document360 is a product built by Kovai.co.

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Location: India
  • Key feature: Insights and reports

By integrating Pipedrive, Kovai.co was able to grow their Document360 sales team by 50%


Percentage Kovai.co was able to grow their sales team


Powerful integration between Pipedrive and Autopilot

The challenge

The sales reps at Kovai.co were using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their Document360 leads, which they found to be a satisfactory tool for compiling sales data. However, it didn’t help with forecasts and pipelines and was too complex a product for the medium-sized team.

Management required more insight into sales and the sales team wanted a more precise tooling to monitor and manage the ever-increasing pipelines.

It reached the point where we realized it was becoming overwhelming because we were not seeing any clarity in our sales pipelines and forecasts. We were spending a lot of time on visualizing or getting clarity on the state of sales from the existing CRM. At this point we decided to invest in a CRM that was suitable for our needs.

Saravana KumarKovai.co CEO

All industries need to know if their sales pipelines are healthy and all salespeople have to build a structure to help them reach their targets. Pipedrive is ideal for that. Being a SaaS product in a competitive space, it is crucial to follow each lead very carefully. The attention span of the prospects is very limited so if you miss the opportunity, there is no second chance. We maintain different pipelines for inbound, outbound and nurture on Pipedrive, which gives us great clarity. We wanted both sales and marketing tools to work in sync, almost like a single product. The first party integration between these products helps to achieve this.

Saravana KumarKovai.co CEO

The solution

Pipedrive has given the whole process a clarity they didn’t have with other CRMs. Management can see what is likely to be achieved in a sales quarter and plan accordingly. (You can read more about Pipedrive’s forecasting feature on our website.)

In addition, Pipedrive delivers a clean, simple, visualized pipeline management, providing a single view of the customer both on the deal page as well as on the contact page.

As well as pipeline clarity and revenue forecasting, Pipedrive is also enabling the team to engage with new leads quickly and accurately.

The Document360 sales team has also integrated several other tools with Pipedrive through the Pipedrive Marketplace, including Autopilot.

The results

So, how has Kovai.co’s approach to Sales changed since they began using Pipedrive?

Thanks to Pipedrive’s clarity and its features, the Document360 sales team, whose members are adding new customers every month, has grown by 50%.

The recording of prospects, our outreach to those prospects and the timing, and the manner in which we build a prospect profile have become a lot more professional and organized.

Saravana KumarKovai.co CEO

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