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Sales analytics

Power up your process with sales analytics

Helping your sales team perform at their best can be challenging, especially when you’re managing long and complex sales funnels.

Sales analytics software gives you immediate insight into what’s working and what isn’t so you can make smarter business decisions.

Collect and analyze sales data in a powerful CRM and easily access the information you need to improve every step of your process.

Discover how Pipedrive’s powerful sales analytics can boost your sales today.

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What to look for in a sales analytics solution?

When assessing any sales analytics solution, ask these three key questions:

  • Is it easy to use? A sales analytics tool should make collecting and understanding your sales data a breeze. A user-friendly solution means you’ll spend less time on setup and more time getting actionable insights that help streamline your sales flow.

  • Is it easy to understand? You don’t need to be a data scientist to benefit from sales analytics. Look for tools that offer customizable visual reports so you can see and understand all the details at a glance.

  • Does it work with the rest of your sales stack? Sales analytics requires accurate information. Make sure your CRM software can connect with and pull data from your other sales management tools.

Get a 360-degree view of your sales performance

Customized sales dashboards can offer insights from multiple data sources in one centralized location.

Analyze accurate sales metrics and KPIs at every stage of the sales funnel to pinpoint room for improvement. Keep your sales strategy centered on what’s important.

Understand team performance to tailor training

Quickly identify problem areas at the individual and team levels, so you can act on performance issues before they surface.

Use sales analytics to discover inefficient sales habits that might hamper your progress. Then, give your sales reps the coaching and support they need to address them.

Get actionable sales data with predictive analytics

There are always sources of friction throughout the sales process. Tracking real-time data will help you identify them, so you can adjust your sales operations to get better results.

Use predictive sales analytics to prioritize leads, see which customers might churn and pinpoint resolutions and additional sales opportunities.

Take your sales forecasting to the next level

Historical data can accurately predict sales growth over the next month, quarter or year and take the uncertainty out of sales.

Use sales forecasting to see which deals are ready to close and which need more nurturing so you can distribute your resources accordingly.

Marketplace integrations

Gather more data and analyze it in new ways by connecting your CRM software with other tools. Pipedrive’s Marketplace has hundreds of apps you can use to enhance your CRM functionality, including the below popular analytics integrations.


Integrate, transfer and manage your sales data analysis with all the major cloud apps, databases and data warehouses using the Skyvia integration.


Analyze your sales calls throughout the pipeline, measure performance and plan future calling activities. Record calls and add them to Pipedrive deals with the Ringostat integration.

Ruler Analytics

See where your leads are coming from and add multi-touch marketing attribution to your Pipedrive deals. Record marketing sources with leads using the Ruler Analytics integration.


Capture, transcribe and analyze your customer conversations. Build a library of your best sales moments and share feedback with your team using the Wingman integration.


Share your real-time sales data with customizable dashboards and reports. Motivate your sales team with achievements, contests and gamification features by integrating Plecto.


Automate data flow between Pipedrive and other sales apps, saving time and reducing potential errors. Connect thousands of apps with the Zapier integration.

Campaigns by Pipedrive

Campaigns by Pipedrive brings marketing and sales under one roof, so you can grow and nurture your target audience into sales-ready prospects.

Unify sales and marketing data in one place

Craft beautiful campaigns in minutes

Segment your audience to win prospects

Improve engagement with real-time reporting

Starting from


per company per month, billed annually
or $39 per company per month, billed monthly

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How AGT Engineering & Operations grew its revenue by 161%

The AGT team previously relied on spreadsheets to manage their deals, making it impossible to get immediate insights or make realistic sales forecasts.

Since switching to Pipedrive, AGT has a complete picture of its sales process. By analyzing past performance, their reps can see which sales activities are paying off and use that information to forecast future sales. This has resulted in fewer lost deals, more time spent selling and a 161% increase in revenue.

“Pipedrive helps us keep properly structured and complete records of our clients and deals. We can access this information easily, anywhere and anytime using the web and mobile applications.”

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McKeon Group Case Study

Used by over 100,000 companies in 179 countries

In the forecast view, we look at what deals are due to close this month, next month just to make sure everyone is really honest about what they should be working on.

Carolyn PearsonFounder, Maiden Voyage

One of the favorite features within Pipedrive is the email integration. It pulls all of the clients details in, so that we don’t have to think about it.

Erin and DrewFounders, Pro Arts

As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.

Lisa CoyleCEO, 360 Payments

Sales analytics FAQs

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