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How Pipedrive helps Wilderness International raise new funds to rescue the rainforest

Nonprofit Wilderness International consists of three sister organizations in Peru, Canada and Germany, which are dedicated to preserving endangered wilderness reserves.

With the help of donations, the organization buys primary rainforest areas to preserve their intact ecosystems in the long term. Not only does this protect the biodiversity of the rainforest, but it also preserves its function as an enormous CO2 reservoir.

Thanks to Pipedrive, Wilderness International can onboard new donors and partners faster and provide them with more efficient and qualitative support.

  • Industry: Nonprofit
  • Location: Germany
  • Key feature: Automation
Wilderness International Case Study


More donations have been generated since the introduction of Pipedrive


More partners can be looked after in the same amount of time


Pipelines are used by the company to map the entire customer journey

The challenge

Wilderness International are in a race against time to preserve the rainforests, but the company was being slowed down by confusing Excel spreadsheets and a lack of structure in donor management.

It quickly became clear that a comprehensive CRM was needed. The organization tested several systems and finally found the perfect solution in Pipedrive.

Within a very short time, processes were streamlined, workflows were automated and the sales process was on the road to success.

Always by Wilderness International’s side was PD Experts, a Pipedrive partner company that supported the nonprofit on its journey.

At some point, we couldn’t see the wood for the trees. The customer journey was tracked across multiple platforms, making it difficult to work across teams. There was a lack of transparency: Which lead was where in the customer journey? Who had made the first contact?
With Pipedrive, we were finally able to bundle our data and track exactly who was where in the pipeline. Now we can concentrate again on what really matters: getting many people excited about protecting functioning ecosystems together with our partners.

Johann-Georg CyffkaCooperation Lead, Wilderness International

Wilderness International Team
Thanks to Pipedrive, we no longer waste time trying to bring order to the chaos, but can seamlessly pick up where we left off with negotiations or the evolution of a partnership. This allows us to manage twice as many partnerships as before we started using Pipedrive. With the program, one team member can do the work of two – in the same amount of time!
This brings us closer to our partners and generates more donations than ever before. The CRM also enables us to target larger collaborations so we can save large forest areas from deforestation more quickly.
Over time, the desire to achieve even more with the software grew. That’s why we turned to PD Experts. Bernd Auer and his team helped us with a lot of expertise and best practices from other NGOs to put everything on a healthy footing, showing us many practical features we still needed to learn. We continue working closely with PD Experts to ensure we are always a frontrunner.
Bernd even came with us to the forest in Peru to get a look behind the scenes and get to know us. We very much welcomed this because transparency is very important to us. That’s why, if possible, we try to take donors and partners with us into the forest.

Johann-Georg CyffkaCooperation Lead, Wilderness International

Solution and results

After the introduction of Pipedrive, the foundation’s team was able to perform at its best. Not only did collaboration with each other suddenly become much easier, but routine tasks and entire workflows could be automated.

The employees invested the time they gained into the pipeline and actively forged more deals – the foundation has recorded 30% more donations since the Pipedrive implementation. In addition, the team has no shortage of leads because, with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster they have a powerful tool on hand to keep the funnel filled at all times.

Wilderness International Duo

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!