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Call center CRM integrations

With one of Pipedrive’s call center CRM integrations, you can automatically record and log calls, store contact information and update lead positions in your sales funnel while your team focuses on the art of conversation.

What is a call center CRM?

A call center customer relationship management system, or call center CRM, boosts productivity and empowers your team to provide a next-level customer experience. Give your team the tools to master sales calls with easy-access contact history and detailed insights.

Make and receive calls within your CRM

Use the built-in call tracking and insights tool and powerful integrations to conduct calls, set outcomes and schedule follow-up activity at the push of a button

Automatically record conversations

Capture every call with automatic recording so your team can review conversation details or study and improve their sales technique

Route calls to the right person effortlessly

Improve customer wait time and auto-assign every inbound call to the relevant department or team member

Get a 360-degree view of every customer

Access every contact’s communication history so you can prioritize follow-up actions and get context before the next call

Gain pipeline visibility

Get reports on activities to learn which deals are approaching close, where you’re losing opportunities and the conversion rates of each funnel stage

Develop your people and improve retention

Share your best call recordings in onboarding and training to strengthen the team’s performance and improve retention

Why your call center CRM is the nerve center of your support operations

Juggling inbound calls, logging customer information, managing follow-ups – running a successful call center is complex. To deliver a world-class customer experience in a high-pressure environment, you need to equip your team of expert call handlers with intuitive tools.

Pipedrive’s call center CRM integrations can centralize workflows, empower your entire organization and streamline cooperation.

Improve your service and productivity with workflow automation

Set up workflow automation to connect your team and streamline call management. Make your call center experience second to none with automatic call routing to the right team member or department.

Instantly make and receive calls in one click directly from your call center solution. Sync with calendar tools to automate appointment booking and internal meeting scheduling.

Find out how to automate tasks with Pipedrive

Efficiently store every piece of contact information

Collect details like phone numbers and company names for every caller. Easily access customer data, call history and account activity to get up to speed and deliver personalized support.

Automatically log phone calls coming in and out of your contact center so your reps don’t have to worry about updating records while talking to customers. Call recordings can even be stored against a contact file for context and training.

Learn about communications tracking with Pipedrive

Refine your call center performance through insights

Keep improving your service with detailed analytics about your call center performance.

Dive into common call center benchmarks like average call durations, number of calls per client, dials to closure ratios and percentage of contacted leads.

Build interactive and customizable report dashboards that are easy to understand and shareable. Managers can even view real-time performance reports so they know where to step in with support.

Discover the power of insight reports with Pipedrive

How does a call center CRM empower support teams?

Choosing the right CRM for your call center will help your business provide exceptional client communications and operate more productively. A great call center CRM helps you and your team:

  • Record information about every contact, such as previous call history and help desk inquiries
  • Automate call routing and labeling to improve first response rates
  • Create data-enriched caller profiles to help you better solve inquiries and respond to requests
  • Operate more efficiently by integrating your call center tools into a single platform
  • Set up workflow automation to streamline your call center processes and increase productivity
  • Develop end-to-end customer management from lead generation to first call, deal closure and ongoing customer support
  • Optimize your call center with detailed analytics

How to start using your call center CRM to track customer queries

Integrate with telephony, live chat platforms and more

Expand your call center CRM software with hundreds of popular CRM integrations. Choose the features that help you streamline your business and operate them efficiently from one platform.

Here are some integrations that can benefit any call center:


Set up advanced call center functions in minutes. Click to dial directly from your CRM, monitor and record calls in real-time, route them to another team member, keep customers on the line in your call queue and even record personalized greetings.

Connect with Pipedrive’s Aircall integration.

Live Chat

Supercharge your call center by adding online live chat functionality to offer more ways to get in touch. Use the chat feature to instantly respond to website inquiries and automatically import the conversation details into Pipedrive.

Explore Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.

Microsoft Teams

Improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration with automated workflow opportunities. Receive notifications from your contact center software about updated deals, video meetings and shared files.

Collaborate with Pipedrive’s Microsoft Teams integration.


Be as informed as possible before your next call. Collate all your email, SMS and chat messages in one place to keep your CRM pipeline current and offer more relevant interactions.

Discover Pipedrive’s Front integration.


Find more contacts and automatically import their information to Pipedrive directly from the LinkedIn platform. Populate your call center CRM with new leads from this powerful social media tool without switching screens.

Get social with Pipedrive’s LinkedIn integration.


Avoid long holds and empower callers to arrange convenient callback times. With online appointment scheduling, you can get automatic notifications and assign existing contact notes to new appointments.

Organize with Pipedrive’s EasyCalendar integration.

Improve your customer support and strategically manage sales calls