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Best CRM for manufacturing industry

Obtain a 360-degree view of your customers and improve operational efficiency across the board. Pipedrive’s manufacturing CRM helps you construct a bulletproof supply chain, boost sales and improve the customer experience.

What is a manufacturing CRM?

Manufacturing CRM (customer relationship management) software allows you to enhance and streamline your operations. Analyze customer data and produce critical reports to track inventory, forecast and manage demand and stimulate growth.

Stimulate growth with data

Monitor new and existing customers and capitalize on helpful insights. Upsell your products and increase customer retention rates with a powerful marketing analytics hub.

Streamline your workflows

Create custom workflows designed to streamline your operations. Assign tasks to the right teams, designate and coordinate product shipments and manage customer inquiries.

Simplify your order management

Import your order data into your manufacturing CRM to stay organized. Gain an aerial overview of order activity and identify trends to boost efficiency.

Generate profitable referrals

Capture customer feedback and optimize your manufacturing activities where necessary. Share gleaming customer testimonials to bolster your lead generation efforts.

Automate your busywork

CRM manufacturing software makes it easy to delegate time-consuming tasks, like email follow-ups and invoice reminders. Save your sales team from tedious admin and increase your manufacturing output.

Digitize your documents

Create document templates and auto-fill them with data stored in your CRM. Send trackable documents to clients, speed up deals with e-signatures and provide company-wide access to team-shared content.

How manufacturing CRM software can help you manage your supply chain

Managing distributors, retailers and sales cycles while balancing production, lead generation and customer retention is no easy task.

Without a centralized client and data management system, you may struggle to supervise order fulfillment and neglect to nurture your customers.

A CRM for manufacturing companies can help you provide a stellar customer experience while serving as the ultimate forecasting tool.

Enhance efficiency with cloud storage

Tracking different systems and workflows across multiple departments inhibits your output potential. Keeping on top of deadlines and delighting engaged customers is difficult when your data is scattered.

A good manufacturing CRM system will provide cloud storage functionality for all of your distributor and customer information. Access detailed records of order history and client communication from anywhere.

Learn how Pipedrive stores your data

Increase efficiency with full transparency

In order to satisfy your customers and reach your goals, your employees need to be aligned.

CRM manufacturing software eliminates internal communication friction through powerful integrations. Make collaboration a breeze with automated emails and Slack notifications containing important updates. Your reps will spend less time chasing down colleagues and more time retaining valuable customers.

Find out how Pipedrive coordinates your teams

Streamline your team’s workflows

Does your team spend hours of valuable time updating sales records, manually sending follow-up emails and keeping track of order statuses?

A CRM for global manufacturing automates administrative tasks, matches incoming payments to invoices and moves orders through your custom workflows in real-time.

Automate your workflow with Pipedrive today

What to look for in a manufacturing CRM solution

Manufacturing companies require specific features to supplement forecasting, improve marketing automation and boost customer retention efforts. Here’s what to look for in a manufacturing CRM solution:

Dynamic sales pipelines

Your orders are often subject to change, both in volume and frequency. The best CRM will adjust to turbulent sales cycles and ensure you’re constantly informed on delivery and payment statuses.

Campaign management functionality

Marketing and fundraising activities must be simple to manage. Find a CRM that tracks the efficacy of your online and offline campaigns.

Accurate reporting

How much revenue did you earn last quarter? What is your expected income for the rest of the year? Implement a CRM that is capable of analyzing earnings history and providing accurate forecasting reports.

How does a CRM for manufacturing work?

With the right manufacturing CRM system, you’re able to:

  • Build custom workflow, communication and sales pipelines
  • Create, launch and track lead generation campaigns
  • Supervise marketing automation efficacy and monitor social media engagement
  • Segment stakeholders according to behavior and significance
  • Integrate with your accounting platforms and automate your finances
  • Send product updates to existing customers and distributors
  • Meet and engage clients on every platform while storing communication history
  • Monitor inventory and adjust manufacturing processes accordingly

How Pipedrive helped this manufacturing company streamline conversions from their website

Asset reliability experts Reliability Maintenance Solutions (RMS) were struggling to effectively manage their customer data. This led to lackluster lead generation and missed opportunities.

RMS deployed Pipedrive’s Live Chat, Chatbot and Web Form functions and is engaging website visitors like never before. Their shiny new customer data hub has opened up lead generation opportunities they never imagined possible.

Read the case study

How to set up your manufacturing CRM software

Make your manufacturing operations more efficient with integrations

Pipedrive’s integrations offer powerful optimization opportunities. Streamline your workflows and enhance your communications with an array of automation and lead management software.

Here are some essential integrations for manufacturing companies.


Manage your stock, streamline your supply chain and production line and store your information safely in the cloud. Sell with Pipedrive and fulfill your orders with MRPeasy.

Connect your Pipedrive workflows to MRPeasy.


You must have a clear overview of your production goals in order to measure success. Visualize your roadmap and keep every stakeholder informed of your operational strategies.

Share a glimpse of your future with Pipedrive’s Shipit integration.


The manufacturing process is complex and multilayered. Zapier connects you with more than 3,000 apps and platforms, providing an abundance of functionality designed to enhance your production.

Accelerate your manufacturing with Zapier and Pipedrive.


Coordinate your entire organization from production to shipping. Slack enables instant communication so your teams are aligned and informed at all times.

Discover Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack integration.


Insights and data allow you to survey your manufacturing efficacy and identify areas of improvement. Domo combines all of your data to create an analytical overview of your productivity.

Enhance your operations with Pipedrive and Domo.


Target website visitors and close deals. Spend more time on important business processes with automated sales tasks and weekly reports sent directly to your sales team.

Explore Pipedrive’s Triggerbee integration.

Spend less time on admin and more time manufacturing!