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Recruitment CRM software

Attract quality applicants, strengthen candidate relationships and enhance your recruitment process. Pipedrive’s recruitment CRM optimizes your recruiter’s productivity and supercharges your entire talent management process.

What is a recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) software allows you to efficiently manage candidate groups. Easily track applicant status and collaborate in the hiring decision-making process with personalized workflows and automation.

Reduce time to hire

Follow up with top talent and save time on manual admin. Spot the right candidate at the right time and automate data entry with transparent workflows.

Keep clients in the know

Group by interview stage, send personalized reminders and easily reply to queries. Nurture your candidates with timely and relevant communication.

Create a collaborative recruitment process

Boost productivity by sharing the load. Use a CRM for recruiting teams to centralize hiring data, make it accessible to your colleagues from anywhere and ensure your stakeholders have a say in decisions.

Streamline applicant tracking

Monitor applicants with ease. Create an end-to-end hiring pipeline that drives staffing KPIs and helps everyone involved in recruitment (sales managers, HR and CEOs alike) make informed decisions.

Manage resumes and applications

No more digging through emails for applications. Create a powerful applicant tracking system with your CRM, automatically arrange interviews and add custom notes for colleagues.

Build a pool of promising candidates

Assemble a searchable talent acquisition network. Source and engage with applicants seamlessly using a database catered to your recruiters’ workflow.

How a recruitment CRM system can help you improve recruiter productivity

33% of candidates wait two months or longer to hear back from employers after they apply. This means that companies are struggling or neglecting to handle applications and respond to interested parties in a timely fashion.

With inbound CVs coming from multiple sources, it’s far too easy for applications to get lost in the ether.

A CRM recruitment system can help you build an organized and centralized database for applications across all job boards, so your recruiters never have to worry about a missed hiring opportunity.

Streamline your hiring workflows

Without recruitment CRM software, your recruiters are likely wasting time on manual, spreadsheet-based CV data entry, candidate status updating and interview scheduling.

Pipedrive automates these processes for staffing agencies by moving candidates through your recruitment sales pipeline and arranging interviews that fit your work schedule. Create an optimal recruitment process with our powerful workflow automation.

Automate your workflow with Pipedrive today

Manage applicants with ease

Managing hundreds of applicants across multiple candidate sourcing platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, social media and career site job boards can be overwhelming.

Recruitment CRM systems create a true north for all applicant information and hiring stages. Maintain an organized record of candidate status and communications to ensure you never miss a detail.

Discover how you can supervise applicants with Pipedrive

Communicate efficiently with future hires

Leaving applicants in the dark with delayed responses doesn’t look good for your employer brand and makes candidates feel undervalued.

A dedicated CRM for recruiting easily groups talent together, provides insight into candidate progression and enables you to send customizable messages at each screening stage. Keep applicants informed, establish trust with successful hires and increase the likelihood of employee referrals in the future.

Learn how Pipedrive keeps you connected with keen applicants

What to look for in a recruitment CRM

Recruiters have particular requirements for talent acquisition, so identifying the best CRM recruitment software is crucial to their efforts. Here’s what you should look for while sourcing a CRM for recruiting professionals:

Applicant tracking software

Posting job board openings and tracking career site applicants is critical to your entire recruiting process. The right CRM will collect data from all your recruitment channels, sort applicant stages into your workflows and allow you to schedule everything from interviews to onboarding webinars.

Candidate engagement

You should treat hopeful applicants like customers and engage with them at every touchpoint. A CRM that fuels recruitment marketing will empower you to reach out to both active and passive candidates with ease, and ensure they feel considered and respected.

Reporting and analytics functionality

Without a goal to measure against, you won’t determine the success of your recruiting efforts. The best CRM for recruitment agencies will provide an aerial overview of important metrics such as application volume and time to hire.

How Reintech used Pipedrive to interview 1,500 candidates

Reintech is a UK-based tech recruitment company. Before Pipedrive, the small team of four spent the majority of their time manually entering candidate information and sending notifications.

They knew there must be a solution to help manage their clients’ requests more efficiently. With the help of Pipedrive, Reintech built a hiring workflow that automatically moves candidate cards through the pipeline.

Pipedrive creates and assigns tasks and sends emails based on client stages, keeping team members and candidates up to date.

Reintech has leveraged Pipedrive’s powerful workflow automation, API and integrations to process hundreds of applications a month. Now, the team is empowered to track and monitor multiple projects with ease, while freeing up time to take care of important operations.

Read the case study

How does recruitment agency CRM software work?

When you deploy the right recruitment CRM software, you allow your business to post and track job openings across multiple platforms, nurture hopeful job seekers and communicate with applicants in a timely and effective manner.

  • Attract top talent on the platforms they frequent most
  • Provide a seamless application process that leverages form templates and custom questionnaires
  • Track hiring KPIs like sourcing channel efficiency, time to hire and candidate experience
  • Construct and integrate a searchable talent pool to manage through your hiring pipeline
  • Create structures to oversee candidate progress and create personalized emails designed to delight applicants
  • Automate real-time updates and notifications to all stakeholders during critical screening and background check stages
  • Integrate with communication tools such as Slack and Gmail so your recruiting team is kept in the loop with new job developments

How to set up your recruitment CRM platform

Build stronger candidate and client relationships with integrations and automation

The best recruiting CRM integrations, automation and add-ons make for an even more powerful Pipedrive experience. Here are some essential integrations for hiring managers and recruitment agencies.


Getting in contact with your dream candidates is crucial for your hiring processes. Design automated and personalized email campaigns with Campaigns by Pipedrive so you never miss a good hire.

Explore Campaigns by Pipedrive.


Implementing a CRM that communicates with all of your tools can accelerate the hiring process. Pipedrive integrates with Zapier, connecting you with more than 3,000 other apps and platforms.

Enhance your operations with Zapier and Pipedrive.


Manual data entry can take up large chunks of your day. Eliminate busywork with IF/THEN rules to automate deal creation, schedule meetings and update client progress.

Discover Pipedrive and Mixmax’s automation functionality.


Record phone inquiries directly to your recruiting CRM. Use SMS business text messaging to schedule over-the-phone interviews with ease inside Pipedrive’s CRM system.

Integrate Pipedrive and Aircall.


Align your entire organization. Send updates and important information from within Pipedrive and keep your stakeholders in the loop during the hiring process.

Learn more about Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack integration.


Make job posting and onboarding contract creation seamless. Go paperless with digital contracts and eSignatures using PandaDoc.

Dive into Pipedrive’s PandaDoc integration.

Recruitment CRM software FAQs

Waste less time on clunky databases and more time increasing placements!