How Workflow Automation can Instantly Eliminate Hours of Sales-Crippling Admin

Automated workflow

When you work in sales, your focus should be on exactly that - selling!

But so many people responsible for growing the revenue of their business spend the majority of their time on tasks that don’t directly increase sales.

A survey of almost 1,000 sales reps by Forbes found that salespeople spend just 35% of their time selling. The rest of their time is sucked away into data entry and other repeatable, menial tasks.

Let’s translate this into dollars...

If a sales rep is paid $49,086 (the average annual salary of a US sales rep), then the typical company spends $31,906 per rep, per year for this sales professional to work on administrative tasks. 

You can’t afford to keep spending precious sales time managing mind-numbing data entry.

Pipedrive is designed to minimize your admin and spare you some of that $17,180. We know exactly how annoying it can be to keep chipping away at repetitive manual admin instead of finding, nurturing and closing more deals.

We’ve been working really hard for over a year to develop a feature that will supercharge your efficiency and provide a genuine step-change for anyone handling repeatable administrative tasks in their sales process. 

The entire team at Pipedrive is thrilled to announce the release of Workflow Automation. 

This brand new feature is now live and available for all of our Advanced, Professional and Enterprise customers! 🚀 (If you don’t have a Pipedrive account, you can trial our CRM for 14 days and start using Workflow Automation right now).

We want to slash as much of your admin as we possibly can so you can avoid the kind of human errors that can cost you a critical deal. After implementing this new feature you can reinvest a whole bunch of time savings into more important sales conversations and activities.

Introducing our brand new admin-crushing Workflow Automation feature

Workflow Automation will eliminate hours of admin from your week - instantly :) 

This new Pipedrive feature automatically handles monotonous tasks. You just need to configure the right actions based on the right triggers, and your annoying admin tasks will be instantly, automatically handled for you. You won’t even need to lift a finger!

Workflow automation will help you say goodbye to those irritating human errors that plague your data entry, stuff up your forecasts and reports, and sometimes even lose you deals because of missed follow-ups or lost info.

Your Pipedrive dashboard allows you to manage everything from your pipeline, to your email, to your activities and your deal progress:

The Pipedrive Pipeline View

But a lot of these daily tasks, like emailing contacts after setting up a deal or creating follow-up activities, are repetitive and time-consuming - especially if you’re doing these things several times a day.

Workflow Automation eliminates these mundane tasks by completing them for you.

All you need to do is set your actions, then you can sit back and watch the magic happen ;)

How to use Workflow Automation in 5 steps 

  • Click on your profile photo and find the ‘automation’ tab
  • Click ‘New Workflow’, give it recognizable name, and add the trigger you want as the start of your automated workflow
  • You can also specify the deal’s conditions, to make sure your action is only triggered when a deal meets those specific conditions
  • Click ‘Create Action’ to decide what you want to automatically happen after you log a new deal
  • After setting your action, you can activate your workflow where it will appear under the ‘Yours’ tab on the Workflow Automation settings page

You’re free to make your workflows as large or as small as possible. You can add multiple activities to a flow to help you streamline your sales process.

If you'd like some more help creating your own automated workflows, make sure you bookmark our Workflow Automation Support Center guide for a detailed walk through of the setup process.

Some of the best ways to save time with Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation gives you enormous scope. Don't just restrict yourself to one or two flows.

You should analyze your entire sales process to try and find any instance that could be automated. The options are almost endless.

But we want to give you a kick-start to help you find new ways that Workflow Automation can eliminate admin from your sales process. 

Here are two more really useful and popular admin-slashing workflows you can automate right now:

1. Automatically send a personalized email whenever you win a deal in your pipeline

2. Automatically assign ownership and follow-up activities to your team whenever you move a deal in your pipeline 

Why you need to take advantage of Workflow Automation right now

Now that you know how it works and why you need automation, let’s take a look at some of the ways it can benefit your business...

1. No more repetition (and no more admin-caused meltdowns)

Okay, we’re starting to repeat ourselves here! But Workflow Automation is an almost instant eliminator of those mundane, repetitive tasks that are impacting your motivation, your accuracy, your efficiency, and eventually - your revenue growth.

This feature doesn’t just save you time. It will stop you from pulling your hair out. When you strip all of this admin out of your workload, you’ll also strip out a thick layer of boredom and frustration from your day.

2. Eliminate human error and make sure critical info never slips through the cracks

From time to time, humans make mistakes. Even the most diligent and detail-oriented managers and sales reps can forget to add critical data - or add data incorrectly. These tiny little mistakes can snowball into a blizzard of lost revenue if a critical deal falls through because of some microscopic administrative oversight.

It’s easy to forget to send an email or call the wrong person when you have a lot of tasks to juggle.

Workflow Automation helps you prevent errors by organizing your tasks automatically and presenting you with a list of activities you need to complete.

3. Hours (or even days) of time saved each and every month

Automated tasks, like sending emails or creating follow-up calls may seem small, but the time saved soon adds up to an impressive amount.

According to recent research completed by GrooveHQ, a three-person customer support team can save 600 hours per year by taking advantage of simple automation.

Even for a small team like this, 600 hours saved equals 25 days of extra productivity every year!

4. Streamlined management makes hiring, handovers and teamwork so much easier

Workflow Automation enables administrators and managers to set standardized sales processes for everyone in the business to follow. So if a sales rep is ever out of the office, someone else can easily pick up their tasks for the day - much easier than trying to decode those hackishly scribbled post-it notes.

Workflow automation also makes it easy to split tasks among your team. If you have SDRs (sales development reps) and LDRs (lead development reps) working together to close deals - Workflow Automation allows them to seamlessly and consistently pass leads down the line.

Even better - the simplicity of workflow automation makes training and induction so much easier.

Think about the time you spend documenting administrative processes and teaching new hires how to manage these admin workflows.

Now you can plug a new salesperson straight into your sales process with the confidence that admin will be handled consistently and accurately with the workflow automation triggers you have set up for your team.

Help your team scale faster with Workflow Automation

You need to start taking advantage of sales automation tech to streamline your sales processes. If you want to grow your team and scale your business - you need to continually optimize your sales process and minimize your administrative work as much as possible.

Workflow Automation is a gamechanger. This new Pipedrive feature gives you the ability to exponentially decrease the time your team spends handling repetitive, manual tasks.

Apart from finding so much more time to focus on managing relationships and closing more deals - Workflow Automation will also allow you to eliminate human error from your data entry, making your tracking, forecasting, and reporting so much more accurate.

Time to let Pipedrive handle the monotonous so you can increase your productivity and efficiency

Start automating your sales tasks and eliminate the mundane with Workflow Automation. This admin-slashing feature is available now with Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans.