Customizable CRM

Customize everything

There’s more than one road to close a sale – the ball is in your court. You decide what customizations should be tailored to fit your company’s style, and make selling an even better experience for your whole team.

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Add custom fields and pipeline stages

Sales cycles differ from company to company, so we made Pipedrive easy and intuitive to customize. You can modify your sales pipeline stages and add as many custom fields as you’d like. Your business is unique, so the way you use Pipedrive should reflect that.

Use our open API

By integrating Pipedrive with other software, you’ll open up a multitude of customization opportunities for innovation.

Switch off features for efficiency

You can turn whole modules on and off with just one click. For example, if you aren’t selling pre-specified products or services at the time, there’s no need for you to see the “Products” button every day. This helps improve pipeline visibility and optimize your sales process.

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