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Automate and improve your email workflows with Campaigns

Automated Campaigns

Nurture your leads and delight customers with always-on campaigns. Automate your email workflows in Pipedrive Campaigns, then analyze their performance with Campaigns Insights.

Make sure contacts receive campaigns at the right time with automated campaigns, the new marketing automation tool in the Campaigns add-on.

Based on the same functionality that enables automation in the CRM, this feature allows you to set up triggers and events based on changes to your Pipedrive data.

Add time delays to create drip campaigns that increase opens and clicks with perfectly timed messages.

We’ve also added Campaigns to Insights, so you can see a visual overview of campaign performance to improve your email marketing strategies, warm up leads and keep contacts sales ready.

Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns

What automated campaigns can I create?

Here are some examples of automated campaigns you can build using the new feature:

  • A welcome email every time a new contact subscribes to your email list

  • A product introduction every time a new person enters your deal pipeline

  • A feedback request email after a cold call

  • A “thank you” message following any phone call with a lead

  • A follow-up email after each sales demo demo

  • An upsell drip campaign a set time after a new deal is closed

How do I create automated campaigns?

Watch the video below for an explanation of how to set up an automated campaign:

Setting up an automated campaign starts off in the same way as the creation of an email campaign, except you don’t have to define your audience at this stage.

Choose whether you want to create a new automation or add one to an existing campaign.

We’ve given you a few templates (more are coming soon), but you can also choose to create an automation from scratch. The templates are:

  • Every time a person is created and their marketing status is “subscribed”, they’ll receive an email campaign

  • Every time a person’s marketing status changes to “subscribed”, they’ll receive an email campaign

Use our easy WYSIWYG editor to craft the perfect campaign automation.

How do I know if my automated campaigns are successful?

To make sure your automated journeys and drip emails consistently drive customer engagement, you can look into each campaign report.

Although Automations and Campaigns automation use connected functionality, they are separate features. Make sure you have the right permissions in the Campaigns add-on to use it.

Automated Campaigns

Campaigns Insights

Where can I find reports about my campaigns?

Campaigns Insights sits in Pipedrive’s Insights tab. There, you can create reports that monitor your email campaigns.

Set up dashboards and reports of marketing effectiveness to share with stakeholders. Boost cross-team collaboration with easy-to-share data and insights.

What insights will I be able to see about my campaigns?

When you create a Campaigns Insights report, you can choose from dozens of filters to create the exact report you need.

As well as creating reports that focus on one specific campaign, you can filter by…

  • Send date: Check campaign performance over the last week, month or a custom date range

  • Sender: See which team member has the highest email success rates

  • Key engagement metrics: View open rate, click rate and more

  • Recipient: Understand which demographics are engaging with your emails

There are plenty more fields and filters to choose from. Mix and match filters to tailor reports to your business needs.

Display data in a column chart, bar chart, pie chart, scorecard or table to create a visual overview of campaign performance.

Automated campaigns are available to all Campaigns users with a Pipedrive plan that includes the Automations feature. The Campaigns Insights feature is available to all Campaigns users. If you’re new to Pipedrive and would like to try Campaigns, you can add it to your 14-day free trial. If you already have a Pipedrive account, you can purchase the Campaigns add-on in the app.

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