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Step by Step: How Sols Fixes Our Feet and Closes Deals with the Pipedrive+Yesware Combo

Meet SOLS, the young tech company that is about to change the way we walk. SOLS solves foot pain and uncomfortable shoes with custom 3D-printed insoles which promise a perfect fit and better performance. As Wired puts it:

Sols creates kinetic orthotics using a stack of technology similar to what Tony Stark might have invented if he were a foot fetishist.

We were thrilled when we caught the company co-founder Joel Wishkovsky tweeting:

The @yesware / @pipedrive combo is a Sales team's best friend
— Joel Wish (@JoelWish) January 2, 2014

So we reached out to find out more on what Sols is doing, and how they go about closing deals.

What is the story of SOLS?

Kegan and I started SOLS because we’re excited about using 3D technology to improve the quality of people’s lives. Most of us have dealt with foot pain at some point in our lives; while traditional orthotics seek to alleviate that pain, they’re not only costly and cumbersome, they’re often ineffective. 3D scanning and printing address all of those issues: the technology is incredibly accurate, and 3D printing lets you customize the orthotic by building in prescription adjustments instead of addressing them after production with imprecise techniques. The technology can be used by anyone with a smart device and an internet connection.

The orthotics industry is long overdue for improvement and upheaval; people deserve to be able to walk longer, run faster, and live their lives without pain. That’s where SOLS comes in.

Before talking shop, is there anything our blog readers should know about our feet and shoe soles? Any tips or tricks that make a big difference to well-being?

Your foot health is intimately tied to your overall health. Athletes have known this for a long time, which is why they spend so much money on their footwear and take care of their feet so religiously.

The biggest tip we could give readers is to get their foot alignment analyzed by a professional (either with a podiatrist or at a specialty retail store). A significant portion of back, leg, and hip pain is directly related to a biomechanical misalignment in their feet. Getting custom orthotics or wearing different footwear could quickly relieve their issues. Also, these types of problems compound over time -- letting small pains go unattended will make the problem worse and worse over time.

What is your sales process like and what sales stages are you working with?

Our sales process starts with podiatrists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. The vast majority of our leads come to us through word-of-mouth introductions and from conference connections. Any potential provider with whom we’ve connected goes into the “Contact” bucket; if they show any interest -- like emailing us for more information -- they move into the “Interested” bucket. After we’ve spoken with them and they have specifically said they are interested in our products and in being a provider, they get moved to the “Very interested” bucket.

We’re pre-launch right now, so we consider a win to be a medical provider joining our Launch Partner program. We don’t accept all podiatrists, physical therapists, and chiropractors as Launch Partners -- only the ones with the best reputation in their local markets.

What has worked well for you in growing sales?

We’ve targeted our designs and approach to giving the end-user what they want: an orthotic that is extremely accurate, lightweight, beautiful, durable, and feels like part of their foot! Many potential patients have reached out and referred their medical professionals to us -- when we contact them about SOLS based on their patient’s recommendation, we’ve noticed a higher conversion rate since customer interest in the product has already been confirmed. Both patients and providers are very enthusiastic about the cutting-edge aspect of technology.

In what way are you using Pipedrive and Yesware together, and how do the different tools enhance each other?

Yesware and Pipedrive together are great! On average, a sale usually involves 2.8 interactions with providers (most of which occur over email). Yesware allows us to auto-tag these emails to go right into our pipeline.

We look at the weekly total volume of activity and compare it to previous weeks’ performance; we use those metrics in combination with our close rates to measure productivity.

Favorite thing about this setup?

Our favorite thing about Pipedrive is its simplicity. We’re a lean startup, so we like to implement tools that work straight out of the box. In the future, when our sales process becomes more advanced, we’ll be able to tie in the more features of the software. Pipedrive does a good job of providing both basic and advanced features -- and I assume over time they’ll get even better and more advanced, especially around data analysis and reporting.

And Yesware enables us to quickly add email activity (which is a big part of our communication to potential providers) right into Pipedrive which saves us lots of time.

What’s next for you and SOLS - any news to share?

We’re launching publicly in April!

We wish Joel and the SOLS team good luck with the launch! I personally can't wait to try SOLS on my feet, and - for the record- I never expected to say this about shoe soles.

If you'd like to use Yesware to send your email into Pipedrive automatically, you can sign up for a 28-day free trial.

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