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In case you missed it... Pipedrive updates May 2022

ICYMI May 2022

May was a bumper month at Pipedrive, with two big new messaging app integrations released, as well as updates to Smart Docs. We also made Campaigns widely available at the start of June.

Pipedrive integrations with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Chat with contacts and manage conversations from different messenger apps in Pipedrive’s Messaging Inbox, which is in the Leads section in Pipedrive.

Install our new Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Messenger integrations to contact prospective leads and track your conversations without leaving Pipedrive.

You can also intuitively create contacts, leads or deals from conversations and store your conversation history in the related contact, lead or deal.

To make sure your team is never missing out on context, you can share conversations with colleagues and even assign conversations to the ideal team member.

To add our Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integration apps, head over to our Marketplace. You can also add the apps directly within Pipedrive.

Access Smart Docs in more places and customize categories

If you are a Smart Docs user, you will now find a “Documents” option in the “People” and “Organization” views in Pipedrive, which will give you quick access to Smart Docs.

Internal and external signatures in your documents will also be autofilled differently, depending on where you access Smart Docs from:

Where you accessed Smart DocsWhose signature will be autofilled
DealsThe linked person's info if it exists
PeopleThe person's own information
OrganizationsThe first linked person if one exists

When a Smart Docs user is editing a document, they can use Pipedrive fields to access more information about the signatory quickly. However, not all fields are available depending on where you were in Pipedrive when you created the document.

  • If you created the document from Deals, you can use all Deal, Product, Person and Organisation specific fields

  • If you created the document from Person, you can only see organization- and person-specific fields

  • If you created the document from Organization, you can only use organization fields

All Smart Docs users can also now categorize their documents and templates to make them easy to filter and search in Pipedrive.

There are four default categories, but all users can also create, edit and delete shared categories and use them to specify any document or template’s category set. Here are the four default categories available to everyone.

  • Contracts

  • Proposals

  • Quotes

  • Others

You can manage categories in the templates gallery and while editing a template or document.

Campaigns by Pipedrive is now widely available

New Pipedrive users can now signup to use Campaigns when they start their Pipedrive trial, or become a paying customer.

Campaigns add-on is part of your Pipedrive CRM, making it simple to sync up your sales and marketing activities and data. Here’s what else you’ll be able to do with Campaigns:

  • Create customizable emails with pro templates built to get more clicks. Cut marketing efforts with professional templates and a simple drag-and-drop builder.

  • Nurture your target prospects into hot leads. Seamlessly send email marketing campaigns to sales contacts.

  • Segment your audiences and personalize your campaigns. Send the right message to the right audience at the right time with email segmentation.

  • Know which campaigns win the hearts of your audience with real-time reporting. Improve engagement with campaign reports and insights.

  • Keep all of your audience data on one platform. No more endless imports and exports for sales and marketing teams.

Email marketing automation is also coming later in 2022, enabling you to set up fully automated lead qualification flows and customer relationship nurturing sequences.

Find out more about Campaigns on our email marketing software feature page.

Interested in using these features and new to our CRM? You can try Pipedrive free for 14 days, no credit card required, and add Campaigns to your free trial.

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