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In case you missed it... Pipedrive updates September 2022

ICYMI September 2022

September was a big month for Campaigns, as we launched automated campaigns and advanced email campaign Insights. We’ve also improved Smart Docs with new eSignature options.

Discover new eSignature options in Smart Docs

We’ve improved eSignatures in Smart Docs! This means you now have more signature-capturing options and can better align with your business’s requirements.

Here are the key changes we’ve made to the functionality of eSignatures:

  • You can now order a document’s signatories based on importance, relevance or other criteria

  • You can add signature fields anywhere within your document rather than at the end of the document

  • Signatories can enter their signature in the signature field as either text or a drawing

  • There are four new signature fields: signature, initials, checkbox and text input

You can also configure your Signature fields by setting them as “required”. Signatures is a mandatory field, meaning you can’t change it to “not required”. You can, however, change any of the other three fields. Note that Initials is set as “required” by default, whereas the other two as “not required”.

You can also configure the below text inputs:

  • Hint value

  • Font size

  • Bold style

  • Italic style

  • Underline style

To configure your inputs, refer to our intuitive edit interface, which allows you to adjust and configure different fields for any of your signatories and documents.

Read the full article for more information. Learn more about the Smart Docs feature or add-on in our feature page.

Automate and improve your email workflows with Campaigns

Make sure contacts receive campaigns at the right time with automated campaigns, the new marketing automation tool in the Campaigns add-on.

Based on the same functionality that enables workflow automation in the CRM, this feature allows you to set up triggers and events based on changes to your Pipedrive data.

Add time delays to create drip campaigns that increase opens and clicks with perfectly timed messages.

We’ve also added Campaigns to Insights, so you can see a visual overview of campaign performance to improve your email marketing strategies, warm up leads and keep contacts sales-ready.

Read the full article for more information.

Interested in using these add-ons and new to our CRM? Try Pipedrive free for 14 days, no credit card required. You can add Campaigns and Smart Docs, which is available as a feature on Professional and Enterprise plans, to your trial.

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