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Sales conferences and events can have a positive impact on your sales reps and sales team as a whole. Sales managers recognize them as an important part of their team’s development, helping to get everyone on the same page and up to date on the latest strategies. Salespeople also get to learn from industry experts in an interactive and fun environment that sparks insight and inspiration.

2020 hasn’t been the best year for events. Countless conferences have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while travel restrictions and social-distancing requirements have made in-person events practically impossible. But don’t throw out your sales calendar just yet, there are still plenty of opportunities for your sales team to attend events virtually, with in-person events scheduled to ramp up again shortly thereafter.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of attending sales conferences and list the upcoming events to potentially include in your sales calendar. You can also download a sample sales calendar PDF to print and share.

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The benefits of attending sales conferences 

Sales conferences are far more than just another business expense. On the contrary, they are a great way for your sales team to boost morale, work smarter and become more effective, both individually and as a team.

Attending a sales event together with your team gives you an opportunity to build trust and rapport outside of the office. Your team will be able to learn new skills and get fresh perspectives from some of the top minds in the industry. If you’re managing a remote sales team, this might be a rare chance to bring everyone together, either in-person or virtually, for a structured event. 

According to our State of Sales Report 2019-2020, 41% of sales professionals get sales training from the conferences they attend

Conferences give your team a chance to step away from their daily duties and focus on developing their sales abilities in a more informal and relaxed environment. 

Sales events also present networking opportunities. With thousands of like-minded people coming together, you might meet your next hire, lead, or strategic partner at an event. This will take some effort, though. As a sales manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure your team is in a position to get the most from the event, which includes adding comprehensive event options to your sales calendar for your team to choose from. 

David Dulany, CEO of Tenbound and organizer of the Sales Development Conference, notes on the Predictable Revenue podcast that sales events are a “golden opportunity” to build relationships. 

“You have to take advantage of every single moment there […] It is the manager’s responsibility to set the goal(s) for the team at the event [...] It is so easy to drift off and have conversations about nothing. But a clear set of goals will help the team focus, avoid pointless banter, and engage in effective follow-ups if needed.” 

In regards to the pandemic, there are still plenty of events you can put in your marketing and sales calendar. Event organizers have switched to virtual online events that your team can attend without leaving home. They’ve worked hard to replicate all the best parts of traditional events in an online setting. Others are hoping to bring back in-person events, scheduling them for later in the year or into 2021.

With that in mind, here are the top events and date to schedule in your sales calendar. 

Note: While all event information is correct at the time of publishing, events are subject to change. As the situation develops, sales calendar events may be modified or postponed. Always check for the latest travel and conference information before making any bookings.

November 2020

Sales Innovation Expo (18th, 19th)
Where: London
Cost: Free

After having been rescheduled due to international travel restrictions and with increased safety measures in place, the Sales Innovation Expo is now set to go ahead this November. The event is billed as Europe’s leading sales event and will be a mixture of exhibitors, masterclasses and talks from industry experts. These include speakers from DocuSign, Outreach and the UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer. 

National Sales Conference (24th - 26th)
Where: Online
Cost: Prices start at £95 (free sponsored guest passes available)

Following on from September’s event, this second part will provide even more insights for sales leadership and other sales professionals looking to increase sales effectiveness and revenue—the perfect way to get ready for the online sales rush!

December 2020

Sales Enablement Summit
Where: Toronto (1st), London (2nd - 3rd)
Cost: Toronto starts at C$595, London starts at £995 (group discounts available)

The Sales Enablement Summit kicks off the first of their many events with Toronto and London, with the aim of bringing together sales enablement leaders to share their challenges and successes. Whichever location you attend, you’ll hear talks on alignment, continuous learning and building sales enablement teams, with speakers from experts at Sage, IBM, Paypal, Google and more.

Web Summit (2nd - 4th)
Where: Online
Cost: Prices start at €119

While it might not be a dedicated sales event, Web Summit earns a mention as one of the top tech conferences around, described by the Wall Street Journal as the place where “the giants of the web assemble.” The event includes over a hundred hours of live-streamed content covering 30 different topics, along with plenty of opportunities to network and learn new skills. 

Download our sample sales calendar below:

January 2021

Sales Enablement Summit (14th, 15th) 
Where: Las Vegas
Cost: Prices start at $795

The first event in the 2021 calendar (sales, specifically), the Sales Enablement Summit comes to Las Vegas, bringing sales enablement leaders together (see above).

February 2021

Sales Enablement Summit (4th, 5th)
Where: Austin
Cost: Prices start at $795

The Sales Enablement Summit comes to Austin, bringing sales enablement leaders together (see above).

The Tenbound Sales Development Conference (8th) 
Where: San Francisco
Cost: Prices start at $265

As a company, Tenbound focuses exclusively on sales development. Whatever your experience level, whatever your role, if you work with sales development then this is the conference for you. Speakers include Jay Tuel from Demandbase, Lauren Wadsworth of Segment and Ernest Owusu of 6sense.

Sales Enablement Summit (16th, 17th)
Where: San Francisco 
Cost: Prices start at $795

The Sales Enablement Summit comes to San Francisco, bringing sales enablement leaders together (see above). 

B2B Marketing Exchange (22nd - 24th)
Where: Arizona
Cost: Not published

Despite the name, B2B Marketing Exchange isn’t just an event for the marketing calendar. The event is also for B2B sales practitioners who are looking to implement the latest tactics and technologies. With hundreds of sessions and dedicated tracks for demand generation, ABM and sales enablement, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to level up your B2B sales.

March 2021

Sales Enablement Summit (4th, 5th) 
Where: Singapore 
Cost: Prices start at $795

The Sales Enablement Summit comes to Singapore, bringing sales enablement leaders together (see above). 

Sales Enablement Summit (11th, 12th)
Where: Sydney
Cost: Prices start at $795

The Sales Enablement Summit comes to Australia, bringing sales enablement leaders together (see above). 

Sales Enablement Summit (23rd, 24th)
Where: New York
Cost: Prices start at $795

The Sales Enablement Summit comes back to the United States, bringing sales enablement leaders together (see above).

April 2021

Sales Leadership Summit (6th - 8th)
Where: Chicago
Cost: $995

The Global Inside Sales Organization has announced the dates for their Leadership, describing it as the learning and development event of the year for inside/virtual sales leaders. They promise to bring sales leaders together from a variety of industries and roles while providing plenty of opportunities for learning and networking. 

TOPO Summit (14th, 15th)
Where: San Francisco
Cost: TBD (2020 price $1,395)

TOPO Summit had to be postponed this year, but they’ve rescheduled and plan to bring the same quality experience to 2021. While more details are yet to be announced, 2020 was set to have over 60 sessions and 65 different speakers, all created to bring actionable insights and help teams achieve scalable revenue growth.

May 2021

Outbound (11th - 14th)
Where: Atlanta
Cost: Prices start at $549

Billed as the ‘biggest, baddest conference in the sales profession,’ Outbound is all about helping your sales team improve and gain a competitive advantage when it comes to their prospecting, pipeline and productivity. There’ll be keynotes and workshops, while VIP tickets grant you access to mastermind sessions and an exclusive reception on the first day.

Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (13th)
Where: New York
Cost: Prices start at $1,995 (or included with membership)

Sales Team Accelerator aims to help you build a top-performing sales organization, by focusing on the people, processes and technology that you use. With content that covers sales leadership, management, operations and sales stars, there’s something for everyone on your team. The agenda includes ‘PowerPoint Free’ collaboration zones, covering topics such as AI and Analytics or nailing the sale.

June 2021

Digital Elite Camp (10th, 12th)
Where: Estonia
Cost: TBD (2020 prices started at €1,194 or €996 when sharing a twin)

While 2020’s event had to be canceled due to COVID-19, dates have been penciled in for 2021. Put together by CXL and Dreamgrow, the conference is focused on all things related to conversion optimization and growth. Alongside talks from top speakers, the 2020 price included two nights at a hotel, with free access to spa and saunas. 

US Father’s Day (20th)

The Tenbound Sales Development Conference (24th)
Where: New York
Cost: Prices start at $365

Tenbound’s sales development conference is coming to New York City in 2021. The event is perfect for anyone who deals with sales development, whether they’re a sales rep or sales manager. Speakers announced so far include Bryan Elsesser of Aircall and Natasha Shifrin of CreatorIQ.

Final Thoughts

While 2020 has been a tough year for in-person sales conferences, there are still plenty of events in the sales calendar coming up for your sales team to enjoy. Whether it’s a virtual online event or an in-person conference later in the year, organizers are working hard to put together events that will allow your sales team to learn and network in a safe environment. 

By making time for your team to attend these events, you can help your team feel more motivated, pick up more skills and maybe even have a little fun too.

In our downloadable sample calendar, sales and marketing event information is easy to find.

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