Pipedrive Sales Quiz: April 2020


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Which of the following tasks should you not automate?

  1. Scheduling meetings
  2. Managing pipelines
  3. Taking notes during a call
  4. Giving product demos

When you are reviewing a potential CRM for your company, which of the following is a red flag?

  1. The software requires manual updates
  2. The user interface is available in a number of languages
  3. The features are regularly changed and improved
  4. The annual cost is cheaper than the monthly cost

What management style does this sentence describe: “Employees are kept in the dark about the company goals and financial situation”?

  1. Night management
  2. Mushroom management
  3. Iceberg management
  4. Secret society management

According to the National Association of Realtors, what percentage of home purchases in the USA were conducted through a realtor in 2018?

  1. 51%
  2. 68%
  3. 74%
  4. 89%
  5. 98%

Which of the following is not a good reason to integrate a chatbot into your website?

  1. It can qualify leads and send them to reps
  2. It can engage website visitors and direct them to the page they want
  3. It can support your sales team
  4. It can replace a sales rep

What does SNAP Selling stand for?

  1. Show off your product, iNvest in tools, Ask the right questions, Park emotion at the door
  2. Keep It Simple, be iNvaluable, always Align, raise Priorities
  3. Sell based on Need, Authority and Priority
  4. Be Subtle, kNow your product, Add value, Push the sale

What is a “true north metric”?

  1. A metric that shows business-critical results, which can be improved through your activities
  2. A metric that reveals the true direction your company is going in
  3. The metric sales professionals use to explain their results to executives
  4. The only metric that matters: revenue
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