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Smart Docs add-on: Close deals faster with Pipedrive’s document management tool

Smart Docs add on January 2022

Essential and Advanced plan users can now add Smart Docs to their Pipedrive subscription and streamline how they manage their documents.

We know that our customers want clear visibility of their document process and be able to boost productivity by not working between several third-party tools.

Smart Docs helps centralize the document process for your team, and as it’s part of the Pipedrive ecosystem, you can make the most of a host of time-saving auto-fill options.

You can quickly create quotes with Pipedrive data and build and share templates to maintain a consistent experience for your customers.

You can also send contracts to be signed electronically, track your open documents in real time and request eSignatures for your PDF docs.

With Smart Docs, you no longer have to worry that you may miss out on closing a deal because you, or your team, don’t have the visibility needed to follow up in time.

Add Smart Docs to your Essential or Advanced plan subscription from $32.50 per month. Choose from a company monthly limit of 30 or 100 esignature requests depending on your needs.

What features do I get with the Smart Docs add-on?

Smart Docs includes a number of features to make it easier to manage your entire document process:

  • Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive data. Create quotes in a flash. Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data, speeding up document creation and avoiding errors caused by copying and pasting customer info.

  • Share documents and templates with your team. Provide easy, immediate access to all team-shared documents and templates. Track docs against deals in Pipedrive or your storage drive (if applicable) to assess and evaluate their effectiveness and make improvements.

  • Track documents in real time. Send trackable documents and follow up at the right time to lock in sales.

  • Sign documents electronically. Esignatures let your customers sign documents electronically without printing files or downloading plugins. By removing the hurdle of getting that final physical signature from a customer, you can close deals faster.

  • PDF format support. Not using a supported storage drive? Not a problem. Request eSignatures for your PDF docs, generate PDF documents in other (specialized) tools, then upload the PDF document to Smart Docs from your device. Share the document with a tracking link so you can follow up and request eSignatures to seal the deal.

  • Google Sheets and Google Slides support. Users with the Google Drive integration now can also enjoy the smooth quote creation with Smart Docs for Google Sheets and Google Slides.

  • The DocuSign integration is coming soon. Set up the Pipedrive and DocuSign integration and keep fewer tabs open. Complete your document management process without leaving Pipedrive.

Check out our Smart Docs feature page for more information on how to get started.

How did Leyout halve their tools costs with Smart Docs?

Don’t just take our word on how Smart Docs can help you, here’s how Leyout founder Stefan Blendulf has benefitted from the tool.

Having tried a number of customer and document management options, Stefan has seen his customer and document management tool costs reduce by 58% after adopting Smart Docs and believes his process is “three times” more efficient.

Stefan explains: “Honestly, we’re so satisfied with this solution, it’s what I’ve been looking for. I can’t think of a better solution. What I’m saying is our efficiency is unmeasurable, you cannot even compare it.”

Swedish startup Leyout, who help e-commerce companies optimize their online stores, was relying on many of Pipedrive’s integrations (via Pipedrive Marketplace) to automate their process and manage steps outside the CRM, including document management.

Stefan added: “We were using too many applications to achieve one thing. It was just SaaS on SaaS on SaaS on SaaS. We ended up using ten different tools and I mean sure, you can integrate most of them with Pipedrive, but the pricing goes up pretty fast.”

Smart Docs lets you create and send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive and gives your team immediate access to the documents and templates they need. Find out how to add Smart Docs to your Essential or Advanced plan today.

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