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How Kovai.co grew their Document360 sales team by 50% with Pipedrive

Indian software company Kovai.co creates a range of SaaS products that help B2B businesses across the world solve the problems they face.

One of its major products, Document360, is a standalone SaaS self-service tool that allows organizations to create sophisticated and well-organized online knowledge base solutions.

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Location: India
  • Key feature: Sales forecasting
Kovai.co and Pipedrive


The Document360 Sales Team has grown by 50%


Different sales processes: inbound, outbound and nurture

The problem Kovai.co faced

Before choosing Pipedrive, the sales team at Kovai.co was using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their Document360 leads.

And while the tool helped the team compile sales data, it didn’t help provide sales forecasts and pipelines, while the complexity of the tool made it difficult to use.

Kovai.co realized there wasn’t enough clarity from its CRM, and with management wanting more insight into sales and the sales team wanting a more precise tool to monitor and manage its growing pipeline, the team began looking for a new CRM system.

We were spending a lot of time on visualizing or getting clarity on the state of sales from the existing CRM; this is the point we decided to invest in a CRM that was suitable for our needs.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

How Pipedrive provides a solution

After adopting Pipedrive, Kovai.co soon found that it had the clarity over its sales process that had been missing from its previous tool.

Pipedrive has also helped the Document360 sales team determine the health of its pipelines. With a single view of the customer on both the deal page and the contact page, the entire customer journey can be recorded – including customer behavior with trial products thanks to Pipedrive’s API. This means salespeople know exactly how each customer has been using the product.

Pipedrive has also enabled the sales team to engage with new leads more quickly and accurately, which has proved critical in a competitive space where prospect attention spans are limited.

However, the most important thing for the Document360 team has been the clean, simple, visualized pipeline. With different pipelines for inbound, outbound and nurturing, the sales team has clarity over its leads.

All industries need to know if their sales pipelines are healthy and all salespeople have to build a structure to help them reach their targets. Pipedrive is ideal for that. We have a single view of the customer both on the deal page as well as on the contact page. The entire customer journey is recorded on these pages via Pipedrive’s APIs.
For example, the prospect signs up via the website, he/she performs a series of activities inside the application, a bunch of automation emails are sent, the prospect (trial user) performs some key events inside the application; all of these events are captured on Pipedrive so the salespeople know the exact state of the prospect.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

Kovai.co's unique way of using Pipedrive

The Document360 sales team has integrated a number of other tools with Pipedrive through the Pipedrive Marketplace, including Autopilot.

The sales and marketing teams needed their tools to work in sync, and the integration between the two systems has helped achieve this.

Thanks to the Pipedrive integrations, Kovai.co has been able to modify its sales process to improve on several fronts.

The recording of prospects, our outreach to those prospects and the timing, and the manner in which we build a prospect profile have become a lot more professional and organized.
Pipedrive has given the whole process a clarity we did not enjoy with other CRMs, so much so that Management can now see what is likely to be achieved in a sales quarter and plan accordingly.

Saravana KumarCEO, Kovai.co

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