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How Pipedrive helped Truescope triple its team size and grow internationally

Real-time media monitoring and social listening platform provider Truescope has offices in Australia, Singapore, the USA and New Zealand. With such a multinational team, transparency and visibility are key to sales confidence. Along with his business partners and Pipedrive’s support, Truescope CEO and Co-founder John Croll has accelerated Truescope’s launch in international markets.

Following the guidance of Pipedrive partner Motii, the company adopted Pipedrive’s CRM to manage its operations efficiently. Since onboarding Pipedrive, Truescope has more than tripled its team size and added offices in the US and New Zealand.

  • Industry: Media and Communications
  • Location: Australia, New Zealand, USA and Singapore
  • Partner: Motii
Pipedrive Truescope Motii Case Study


Increase in team size


Countries: AUS, SGN, US, NZ


Increase in visibility

Truescope Screenshot

The visibility problem Truescope’s leadership faced

Truescope scaled rapidly, but this caused the company new challenges, especially when it came to visibility:

  • Offices in 4 time zones

  • Onboarding new hires across the globe

  • Merging data from newly acquired businesses

  • Opening a North American division

  • Measuring sales success across different markets

Truescope screenshot 2

How Pipedrive provides Truescope with a solution

Pipedrive combines its easy-to-use interface, which was the secret to onboarding the Singapore team, with accessible but rich reporting and a full suite of automation tools to deliver an all-in-one package. This end-to-end solution, put together by Motii, gives Truescope the data it needs to make the big decisions.

The company has shortened sales cycles by providing salespeople with the tools they need to focus on the best opportunities and eliminate repetitive work, ensuring quicker turnarounds and preventing data loss. The team has increased retention by adding a renewal pipeline and automating the creation of deals based on renewal dates. Upsells and cross-sells have increased due the regular communication with clients and timely follow-up reminders to staff.

I have used a range of CRMs in the past, for Truescope I was looking for a CRM that would focus on sales efficiency, support our client success teams, have a clean UI and could scale with Truescope. After reviewing the market, Pipedrive was the best fit for Truescope.

John CrollCEO and Co-founder, Truescope

Truescope screenshot 3

How Pipedrive saves the team a week’s worth of time

Internal meetings and sales WIPs are a breeze with pre-configured Insights dashboards that provide the data needed to speed up meetings. Decisions are based on actual real-time data and the company can move quickly, confident that they have the full picture.

Truescope continues to grow rapidly. Working with Motii, we have been able to automate and customize many sales and client success tasks. We have also been able to provide real-time reporting through dashboards, so all Truescope markets can measure success.

John CrollCEO and Co-Founder, Truescope

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!