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GDPR summary for your sales team

Everything you need to manage GDPR with confidence.

Pipedrive is the GDPR-compliant CRM

  • Our European secure data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany
  • We provide useful, actionable resources to empower and education your sales team
  • We offer a speedy and reliable data deletion service
  • We work with only the most reputable and accountable global privacy shield partners
Over 80,000 global brands trust Pipedrive

Keep your data safe before and after GDPR

At Pipedrive, preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation is about much more than just checking boxes off a list.

We are committed to compliance and privacy for all your company and customer data because managing your data is one our most significant responsibilities.

We understand it is possible to have security without privacy, but you cannot have privacy without security. This belief means we never rest in keeping your data safe.

Be secure with Pipedrive

Want GDPR assurance for your business? Choose Pipedrive to keep your customer data safe.

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GDPR trusted partners

Pipedrive only works with privacy shield certified third parties

Prepare your sales team for GDPR

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How Pipedrive Makes GDPR Preparation so Much Easier

Is your CRM GDPR-ready?

Pipedrive have taken these measures to safeguard our customers – has your CRM?

  • We've appointed a GDPR specialist Data Protection Officer
  • We prioritize staff training and governance to safeguard assets
  • We’ve given customers tools to roll out GDPR-compliant sales processes
  • We have three offices in Europe and a secure data center in Frankfurt, Germany
  • We rigorously monitor our product, its features and data centers for compliance
  • We only work with privacy shield certified third parties like Google, Rackspace, and Amazon
  • We give you access to your data to temporarily and permanently delete it as you wish

Be sure your CRM keeps your data safe

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GDPR Summary For Your Sales Team: Are You Ready? | Pipedrive
GDPR Summary For Your Sales Team: Are You Ready? | Pipedrive