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Hallo Berlin! Welcome to Pipedrive Germany, Austria and Switzerland located in the European capital for innovation and digitization.

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About us

Pipedrive Germany is the newest addition to the global Pipedrive family and is located in the heart of Berlin. The Berlin office first opened its doors on the 23rd of November 2021 and, by now, already consists of over 25 enthusiastic marketing professionals, each with their unique focus and lively personality.

Our traditions

Is it the shared affection for polaroid pictures? Similar marketing background? The fact that most of our Berlin team members joined Pipedrive at around the same time? We can’t tell. Either way, one thing is for certain: our bunch has bonded in no time! We get things done and are passionate about our work. It doesn't mean we don’t like to have fun together, at work, during lunch and after hours. With our diverse roots and cultural backgrounds, we like to bring edible souvenirs to the office every time we come back from a family visit.

Where you’ll find us

The Berlin office is located in a new office building in Mitte, the heart of Berlin–a stone’s throw from both Nordbahnhof and Naturkundemuseum stations.

The Mitte area is teeming with life, our bright office space and meeting rooms, in particular–all happen to be named after our favorite foods, by the way–are cozy and inviting, allowing our teammates to focus, have one-on-ones, or hold brainstorming sessions. The kitchen is packed with all the snacks and beverages Berlin has to offer, including Club-Mate, one of Berlin’s more iconic totems.

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Meet our team

Working in Berlin

Home to one of the most vibrant and alluring business scenes in the world, Berlin has been an international hub for decades–and it’s only improving. Sitting among the most inclusive and diverse startup ecosystems, Berlin is a melting pot of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and international talent. With its fantastic public transport system, reasonable cost of living, and hugely diverse population, working in our Berlin office will put you right at the cultural epicenter of Europe.

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