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Find out how our hiring process works and what you can expect when joining our forces.

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Let's talk about the hiring process

  • What is the application process like?

    You can apply for a position at Pipedrive through our jobs page or a job portal if that's where you found our posting. We first ask you to send us your CV and a cover letter. In most cases, we ask some additional questions that take a couple minutes to answer. You can also expect to be invited to take a two-part candidate assessment that includes a cognitive assessment and a personality assessment.

  • How long will it take to get feedback about my application?

    We always do our best to give feedback as quickly as possible. Once your application is sent, one of our recruiters will carefully examine your resume and cover letter to give you some proper input and information about next stages.

  • The webpage is sending me errors when trying to apply. What do I do?

    If you're having trouble with the online application, try checking the following points before getting in touch with us:

    • Check if you have filled in all the obligatory fields in the application form.
    • If you are applying on your phone, try on a computer just to be sure.
    • If your internet connection isn't the best, the application might take a little longer to load.
    • Note that the size of your resume and cover letter might be too large to upload.
    • If you've checked the points mentioned above and the application still won't go through, please try again later.
  • Who should I contact with additional questions about Pipedrive's hiring process?

    The easiest way would be to go ahead and apply for the position. Once you do, the recruiter working on the role can directly get in touch to give you a better overview of the process.

  • There aren't any suitable roles open for me on the webpage. What can I do if I still want to join?

    If you don't find anything suitable at the moment, then we recommend that you to check back a bit later. Keep an eye on our jobs page (https://www.pipedrive.com/en/jobs) for the most up to date offers, we're growing fast and updating it quite frequently!

  • Do you have any internship programs?

    We do have intern roles available every now and then, and offer paid internships that usually last for four months. These internships are available throughout the year, not just in the summer. Please check our jobs page for most up to date internship positions. https://www.pipedrive.com/en/jobs.

  • Who should I address my cover letter to?

    You can address your cover letter to our recruitment team.

  • What language should my cover letter and CV be in?

    The Pipedrive team is comprised of over 50 nationalities, therefore our working language is English. You should therefore complete the application and relevant documents in English.

  • How can I prepare for an interview at Pipedrive?

    Having an interview at Pipedrive or in any other company always requires preparation. For us it is particularly important to see that you know some facts about our company, and why you're interested in working with us.

    Please do your homework and go through our company information, and there's plenty available to browse through on our website, LinkedIn, Youtube Channel, and mainstream media.

  • What do I wear to an interview at Pipedrive?

    We are not expecting you to dress up for any interviews with us. We just want you to be comfortable. Our only office dress code is to wear what makes us feel comfortable, which can vary from wearing a T-shirt to a nice dress. Just be yourself!

  • Why do some job ads exclude application deadlines? When am I expected to apply for these positions?

    We tend to have a job ad up until we find the right person. Sometimes this takes very little time, but it can also take a lot longer. We recommend you to send your CV as soon as possible regardless of whether a deadline is mentioned. We always move on with suitable candidates as soon as we receive the applications, so the earlier the better!

  • Some roles have been up for a while, why is that?

    The most important thing for us is to find the right person for a role. This means that the search for this perfect unicorn might be lengthy. Another possibility is that aim to hire several people for a role.

Now, let's talk about Pipedrive

  • What is the working language at Pipedrive?


  • What is it like to work at Pipedrive?

    Check out this video to see what life at Pipedrive is all about: https://pipedrive.hubs.vidyard...

  • What are Pipedrive's values?

    We believe that our values unite us, which is why we base our day to day interactions on the following principles:
    1. Internal Drive
    You really love the work you do. You don’t just say it, you get real fuel from doing it. You don't need coworkers or leaders to motivate you, and your motivation comes from a deep emotional connection to your work. You spend, but you also gain, energy while working. You refuel yourself by working on a task and seeing things come together.
    2. Reach For Greatness
    You exceed your own limits to explore what is possible, and venture into unknown territories. You’re not afraid to do things for the first time or things that others haven’t done before. Instead, knowing you could fail, you still dare to reach for greatness, and end up setting new standards for everyone. It's okay to fail, but it's not okay not to try.
    3. No Excuses
    When you hit an obstacle, you ask first what you can do to overcome it, instead of blaming others or the situation. You can’t stand being a victim to circumstances, instead you come up with options and execute the ones you believe will solve the problem.
    4. Team First
    Great things are achieved by teams and you accept that your team is collectively smarter than you. You know that you’re good but personal glory without team success leaves you dissatisfied. In fact, you actively reject personal recognition in favor of team recognition. You make sure that your teammates have what they need to contribute to team success.
    5. Teachability
    You are humble, and readily admit that you're not good at everything all the time. You don't bluntly apply approaches simply because they've worked for you before. You're thirsty for knowledge and seek advice without any concern for how people will perceive you. You look at feedback from others as input you can use to get better.
    6. Not Ruining Other People's Days
    In spite of your needs or frustrations at any given moment, there are no excuses for ruining someone's day. You love good days, and you want others to feel the same. That's why you don't let yourself or anybody else drag a teammate down. You'd rather uplift people around you by being authentic, weird and all.

  • What company events do you host?

    We organize plenty of cool events starting with an extensive onboarding program when you join. For newcomers there's also a two-day workshop we call Bootcamp, which takes place a few times a year and brings all new employees that have joined in between together.

    Every summer, all Pipedrivers come together for what we call a Summer Garage. This event is a chance for all our employees to get to know eachother a bit better through loads of team building activities. Last but not least, the final event of the year tends to be in December: our annual Christmas party.

    On top of these great workshops and parties, there are often other miscellaneous company-wide events organised to celebrate important milestones such as moving to a new office or other special occasions.

  • What benefits Pipedrive offers to its employees?

    Employee benefits will vary depending on the location. Our aim is to make sure that everybody, regardless of where they are, has the possibility to be in a great work environment, stay healthy, and get a fair pay for their work. You can ask your recruiter for more specific information during the interview.

  • If I want to go on a conference abroad, will Pipedrive finance it?

    Every team has a budget that can be used for educational purposes. Pipedrivers often go to international conferences regardless of location to promote learning and growth in their specialization.

  • How does career management work at Pipedrive?

    As we continue to grow, we offer quite a lot of internal opportunities to Pipedrivers only. It is possible to grow within your department as well as change departments. The main thing for us is that person is working in a role that they're really passionate about and enjoy doing. We invest a lot of time into educating our people, even offering a lengthy onboarding training just to introduce you to our product.

What about relocation?

  • Can I apply if I'm living in another country and need visa support? Do you sponsor visas or help with the paperwork?

    We are a global company and accept applications from all over the world. Visa support depends on the role and its location. Please mention it in your application should you require visa sponsoring so that we could handle your situation in the best possible way.

  • Can I work remotely?

    We believe that a team thrives when its people work together and next to each-other in order to achieve that unique synergy. Therefore, we prefer Pipedrivers to work from the office as much as possible, but at the same time, we are very flexible towards occasional remote work. We do not, however, offer 100% remote jobs.

Other questions?

  • Are you open to working with agencies?

    All our Talent Hunters work very hard to find the best candidates for our open positions. In fact, we have an internal global HR team consistently working on all our recruitment needs.

    Sometimes we might need some help, but only in extremely rare situations. In such cases we prefer to get in touch with you, rather than vice versa.

  • Are there any work shadowing opportunities?

    We do offer work shadowing from time to time. Usually work shadowers find us through specific projects or via school recommendations.

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