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Welcome to Tallinn, where Pipedrive was born. Come and join Pipedrive’s Tallinn team!

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About us

Pipedrive was born in Tallinn. What started as a tiny start-up operated from a shared office has become an international company that occupies an entire office building and is located in the upscale WoHo quarter. By now, Pipedrive is the 5th unicorn in Estonia with 400+ people from 40+ nationalities working in Tallinn, about half of whom are engineers.

Since 2016, Pipedrive has been named one of the top places to work in Estonia by various media outlets and as well as its own employees. Not only is Pipedrive an amazing career booster, but it also provides people an opportunity to shape a product used by more than 95,000 companies all over the world.

Our traditions

Here at Pipedrive, we like to celebrate all things worth celebrating, both personally and professionally, from birthdays to tenure anniversaries, to promotions, with a shared kringle in the kitchen.

Our largest celebration is the annual “Summer Garage” event, where we celebrate the summer by bringing teams together, getting to know one another and enjoying music played by our own Pipedrive band (and some famous musicians, too). Some also say we hold the best Halloween parties in town.

Knowing how to have fun after hours is one thing. But we also know how to make work more interesting: at least once a year we organize an internal hackathon where we remind ourselves of Pipedrive’s early days, pitch new ideas and features to solve customer or internal challenges.

Where you’ll find us

Our office is located in the modern WoHo quarter and has been designed in a way that genuinely makes you feel at home, with 8 themed floors: park, nature, sports, IT, music, art, movies and culture. We went all the way with our themes, too. For example, on our music floor you can find music instruments whereas on the art floor, an art gallery. Though our floors truly are remarkable, our all-hands area is many employees’ favorite spot. They like to gather there and chat over coffee or any other drink from our fully-equipped kitchen that’s packed with healthy snacks and beverages. Some of us are fans of our in-office gym, where you can find all the equipment you need for a proper workout.

Another way to unwind would be to walk into our in-office igloo sauna, take a power nap in a room we like to call the jet lag room, or just step into our bathroom to the sound of birds chirping. Yes, you read correctly! Alternatively, you could befriend one of our lovely office dogs to get your oxytocin fix. And, if you happen to run into a kid, rest assured he’s not one of our employees...yet. It’s just that employees’ children are always welcome at Pipedrive!

While it’s obvious we offer employees all the comforts and treats one could possibly imagine, we’ve put a special emphasis on creating the ultimate work environment. All of our rooms are covered with soft carpets to minimize the echo, and none is square-shaped. We also have dedicated team rooms where Pipedrivers can set their own light, air and temperature.

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Meet our team

It’s the environment and the people! Having a highly collaborative team around me makes my job fun - wouldn’t anyone say so? And I don’t only mean our amazing design department, I’m lucky and proud to have such design-centric engineers and product managers around me. They help me grow into a better product designer every day. And, whenever another identity crisis hits me, I can turn to my personal coach. Now, that’s a luxury! Of course, office gym, sauna and breakfast smoothies are my top 3 office perks, but it’s not nice to brag, so I’ll stop here.
GPGloria PaulSenior Product Designer
For me working in Pipedrive is all about the culture and values that surround you every day. It supports you in any challenge, makes your effort matter, your ideas important, and your voice heard. It’s a place where you can easily chat with the CTO, be informal and feel comfy about it.
KVKonstantin VanichkinSenior Front End Developer
Over the past decade, the company has grown immensely, becoming a Unicorn. Now we have started our next chapter of growth. Join Pipedrive to own the change, boost your creativity, push boundaries and accelerate your personal growth by making and unmaking mistakes through the journey.
AJAgur JõgiCTO


Attractive employer according to Estonian students, 2020

Best Global Company Culture, 2021

Top employer in IT and telecommunications sector, 2021

Working in Tallinn

Sitting directly at the Baltic Sea, Tallinn charms its visitors with a cobblestoned old town. The Estonian Capital is the home of many international high-tech companies and boasts a vibrant start-up scene. Free public WiFi and public transportation for residents are just two of the many perks that make up Tallinn’s famous quality of life. If you relocate to Tallinn to work at Pipedrive, we will ensure you enjoy a soft landing by providing you with a relocation bonus and guiding you through every step of the way.

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