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Ahoj! Welcome to Pipedrive Prague, a development center in the beautiful heart of Europe.

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About us

One of our newest development offices came to be in Prague by happenstance when our CTO Sergei talked to our future site lead Tomáš Řehoř at the right moment. It took Pipedrive only a week to decide to open a development office in Prague, and Tomáš became its first employee.

Following the successful model of our other offices, we made it our mission to recruit an awesome team and create a great place to work.

What we do

We focus on developing new product features for a part of the sales process that is called prospecting. In practice, this means we're helping companies find more potential customers and work with them efficiently. Businesses need to map the market, classify potential customers, and decide who to reach before they contact someone – nowadays more than ever before. Our team works on features like our LeadBooster chatbot that help companies find new leads, analyze data, and prioritize their leads, and we proudly call our creations our babies.

Where you’ll find us

Our journey began in a co-working space, but in March 2020, we moved into a new office designed specifically for us. It’s located in a thriving Prague neighborhood – Karlín – and we’re sure that we’re the first office in Prague with a sauna! We really enjoy the enchanting atmosphere here, which combines history and the pulse of modern business.

Our new home, Praga Studios, was recognized as one of the greenest buildings in the world. While drinking your coffee on the rooftop terrace with an amazing view of the city, you can admire our beehives. You can even garden right next to the building!

Our culture and traditions

Pipedrive is an international company with a much-talked-about and award-winning culture and work environment. The working language is English, which allows all our skilled team members to collaborate across our offices, including Prague.

In Prague, we are a small, agile team that cherishes our team spirit. We organize many official and unofficial events. The knowledge and energy of our team members fuel us with enthusiasm and move forward. We believe that great people can achieve great things together, which is why we work and hire based on our company values.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an early-bird or enjoy a lazy morning and working late – we have flexible working hours. So as long as you’re there for your team members, you can work from home. But we do love to spend time together in our office, too. We also respect your personal life, so don’t worry about tight deadlines or night shifts!

Our local flavor of Pipedrive culture is also very geeky. We love to spend time playing foosball or Nintendo games, and we're very picky about our coffee beans and tea selection. We're also working on importing pieces of culture from Estonia (where Pipedrive was founded) to Prague; not only do we wear slippers in the office, but most importantly, we have our own sauna, which is one of the best features of the office and is in very frequent use.

And because we love rituals, new-joiners have to create a poem after passing their probation period. This began as a simple joke at the very beginning of Pipedrive Prague but has grown into a strong tradition.

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Meet our team

More than a year ago, before I joined Pipedrive, I made my priorities straight. I wanted to join a company that works on a global scale, yet it won’t be a huge corporate. I wanted to work with smart and skilled people, yet none of them would be one of these ultra clever douchebags. Guess what – here I am, and since the first days of working here, I knew I made a great decision.
RKRostislav KleinFull Stack Developer
Before joining Pipedrive, I jotted down a “checklist” of items that I expected from a great organization. For me, as a product manager, there are two absolute must-haves: 1. A team working on a product that solves problems and is loved by customers, so they naturally become product ambassadors and create a community based on their love for that product. 2. Company culture and people. To work in an environment that unlocks people’s full potential so they can grow. All while working with colleagues who are wired similar to me: Positive, supportive, excited, open-minded and eager to create something incredible. I found both in Pipedrive.
VDVeronika DanielováProduct Manager
Pipedrive is a company where we build a great customer-oriented product using a cool technological-stack. The core of the company is the people. You are always working with colleagues who are enthusiastic, passionate, very good at what they do, but most importantly, fun to work with and even fun to spend some time with after work. I have been working at Pipedrive for more than a year, and I still can't imagine there would be a better place to work out there.
LPLukas PastuszekBack End Developer

Working in Prague

The Czech capital’s historic charm and rich culture have won it fans for centuries. Live among the enchanting scenes that inspired Mozart, Dvořák and Smetana, but benefit from 21st century conveniences like an extensive transportation network, low cost of living and quality healthcare.

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