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Welcome to Tartu, a vibrant student city where everything is within walking distance. Come and join Pipedrive’s Tartu team!

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About us

Pipedrive’s Tartu office was born back in 2015. A lot has changed since. By now, Pipedrive is the 5th unicorn in Estonia with 400+ people, 50+ of whom work in Tartu under the motto “Tartu delivers.” The warm and friendly atmosphere this office brings, along with a great sense of humor, makes it stand out. If you visit the office, you’ll meet a group of passionate professionals who love what they do, and it shows. Speaking of which, people love working at Pipedrive. In fact Pipedrive has won multiple awards as the best Employer in Estonia since 2016!

Our traditions

Our Tartu office has its own unique character and resembles what Pipedrive used to feel like in the early days. This small, tight-knit group of employees is extremely helpful and funny. Sure, their jokes are hilarious, but don’t let it trick you: “Tartu delivers” is this office’s motto for a good reason. The winning teams of our yearly hackathon often come from Tartu.

When social distancing doesn’t apply, Tartu employees like to spend evenings in the sauna, throw game tournaments (from video games to board games) and have lunch together. While we wait for the office to fill with more incredible people, we make good use of the extra space and wrestle in our wrestling room. Yes, it’s a real thing. They also have fun monthly activities that include paintball, movies, airsoft, ice skating, board games and biking. It’s great to have professional and reliable people to work with. It’s even better when they become your friends outside of work.

Where you’ll find us

Our office is located near the city center, in Tartu’s first and most modern LEED Gold-standard office building that’s energy-efficient. Pipedrive occupies the three top floors of this 16-floors tower. Not only does this mean lots of daylight, but also a terrific view of the Emajõgi river.

Similar to Tallinn, our offices have been designed in a way that truly makes you feel at home. Our building offers employees all the comforts and treats one can possibly imagine, with a special emphasis on creating the ultimate work environment. This includes the ultimate stimulator: a kitchen with the best coffee in town as well as Reval cafe on the ground floor. Once you’ve had your coffee, you can concentrate on work in one of our rooms, all covered with soft carpets to minimize the echo. We’ve even invested in a special air conditioning system to ensure everyone’s air quality is exceptional. During breaks, we like to use our spacious all-hands area to chat over a drink, play ping pong or pet our furry friends that keep us company at the office, be it our talkative husky Äike, the fluff-master samoyed Roland or others. We also host board game nights and sauna events.

Our in-office sauna is inspired by Estonia’s most traditional smoke sauna and is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. That and stepping into our bathroom to the sound of birds chirping. Yes, you read correctly!

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Meet our team

I have never felt more essential in my life. Lean processes, awesome co-workers, different forms of caffeine and tranquil atmosphere – ⁠everything here is set up for you to make an impact.
MNMarko NõuHead of Engineering
Pipedrive is the land of opportunities. If you’re open to a challenge, you will definitely find one. And the people... they are out of this world! When you go on a coffee break, it’s easy to find yourself blabbering away with your teammates for two hours. Pls don’t tell my manager! Just kidding, he would be one of us, telling the best jokes.
ABAnna BilmaijerSenior Full Stack Developer
I’m excited to work in Pipedrive for different reasons. It’s not only the challenging and impactful work, opportunities to grow, occasional sarcastic jokes and game tournaments in parallel of work, but also the opportunity to work with fun, inspiring, caring and internally driven people from all around the world that help you to excel in what you are here to do.
MSMadis SulgProduct Director


Attractive employer according to Estonian students, 2020

Best Global Company Culture, 2021

Top employer in IT and telecommunications sector, 2021

Working in Tartu

Situated in the south of Estonia, Tartu is the country's oldest town and home to its most renowned university. With its many old buildings, the student town has a delightful atmosphere with lots of refreshing greenery. Affordable living costs, accessible transit and excellent healthcare only add to the attraction of Estonia's intellectual center. If you relocate to Tartu to work at Pipedrive, we will ensure you enjoy a soft landing by providing you with a relocation bonus and guiding you through every step of the way.

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