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Pipedrive eSignatures: Save time and don’t compromise security with our new feature

We’ve added eSignatures to our Smart Docs feature so you can get documents signed using Pipedrive, without needing extra software or having to print and scan copies. eSignatures is currently in Beta.

We know that any document signing process can be challenging. It needs to be as smooth as possible for Pipedrive users, as well as their prospects, customers and other contacts. If it’s not, you waste valuable time and could even lose deals.

That’s why we’ve launched eSignatures, so our users and their contacts don’t need to download a separate plugin, log in to an app or print and scan pages to sign documents, saving them time and money—especially if they’re away from their regular office environment and don’t have easy access to a printer or a scanner.

With eSignatures, Pipedrive users who have permission to view the related deal can:

  • Send a signature request to anyone using their email address, even if they’re not a Pipedrive contact
  • Request up to 10 people’s signatures on a document
  • Check who has signed the document and receive email notifications every time someone adds their signature
  • Send reminders to people who are yet to sign the document
  • Cancel the signing process if necessary
  • Be sure that the signed document is sent to all participants and is stored and accessible on Pipedrive

The eSignatures feature is secure

As the feature is a digital signature solution that uses encryption/decryption technology, you can be certain that it will remain secure.

When a person signs a document, eSignatures logs the time and collects their identifiable data, including their IP address and the browser and device they are using, so that you can be certain that the right people have signed the document.

When all the signatures have been collected, the signed document is encrypted through a certified Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) and a certificate and timestamp are added. The signed and certified document and its audit trail are sent to all the participants in the process, with a page containing all the signatures included at the end.

You can read all about the security and legal features of eSignatures in our Knowledge Base article.

A smooth process for Pipedrive users and signers

You can invite people to add their signature to a document using just their email address, and they don’t need to have access to Pipedrive or any signature software to sign. They can then record their signature by typing their name.

Your contacts can add their signature on either a desktop or a mobile device, meaning that they are able to review and sign documents on the go.

Thanks to eSignatures, you don’t have to print and scan documents to record signatures, meaning less time wasted and fewer copies to keep track of. The signed document is automatically stored in the relevant Pipedrive deal, making it easy to find. You can resend documents to participants to avoid hearing, “I can’t remember where I stored the document” or “I never signed anything”.

eSignatures is in Beta and available to Pipedrive Smart Docs users on the Professional and Enterprise plans. You can integrate Sales Docs with leading cloud storage service platforms on the market, including Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint.

If you’re new to Pipedrive, you can try it free for 14 days. However, eSignatures in Beta is only currently available to paying customers.

This article was published on November 17, 2020. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

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