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In case you missed it... Pipedrive updates July 2022

ICYMI July 2022

In July, we added new analysis functionality to Chatbot, lead management features to the Pipedrive mobile app and in-app engagement notifications to the Campaigns add-on.

Optimize your Chatbot playbooks with new analysis functions

We’ve added new analysis tools to Chatbot, part of the LeadBooster add-on, so you can track where your leads are coming from and at which stage they drop off. You can also store valuable data from unfinished conversations with potential leads.

Here are the three new powerful functions you can access:

  • Discover source URL. Find out which of your website’s pages a lead was on when they interacted with your chatbot, converted and shared their information.

  • View question drop-off data. Identify which questions cause prospects to drop off and use this information to remove questions that interfere with your lead flow.

  • Store data from unfinished leads. If a website visitor shares their email address and phone number with your chatbot, this information will be stored even if they end the chat early or go idle in the conversation for too long.

Find out more about these new options in our dedicated article. Or, if you want to try LeadBooster for yourself, discover more on our lead generation software feature page.

Access Pipedrive’s leads features on your mobile

Pipedrive mobile app users can now access the Leads inbox in the Pipedrive mobile app and manage their leads while their away from their desktop or laptop.

  • Lead filters and search bar. Find leads using all the filters available on desktop.

  • Archive leads. Archive leads that have gone cold or you want to remove from your inbox but still be able to access later. You can also unarchive leads in the Pipedrive mobile app.

  • Manage your leads. Add, edit and convert your leads into deals.

  • Analyze lead data. Measure the performance of your lead generation strategy with mobile insights.

Read our dedicated article for more information, or if you haven’t downloaded the app, see how you can on our mobile CRM page.

Set up in-app Campaigns engagement notifications with Sales Assistant

You can now set up Sales Assistant so that you’re notified about how recipients interact with the emails you send out using our Campaigns add-on.

You can turn on notifications either when you’re creating a new campaign, or when you’re editing an existing campaign draft.

You can choose to be notified when recipients open your email, click on your email or both. You can also set a threshold for how many opens or link clicks should occur before you are notified.

Once your selected threshold has been reached, the Sales Assistant bulb will light up yellow. You can then click on the Sales Assistant bulb to see when each individual recipient interacted with your email campaign.

Want to try Campaigns? Learn more on our page about email marketing software.

Interested in using these features and new to our CRM? Try Pipedrive free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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