Sales Docs

The sales industry has evolved. Have your docs?

Send trackable quotes, proposals, and contracts from your CRM. See when files are opened and make updates in real-time. Follow up at the right moment and close deals faster.

Easy setup. No credit card required.

Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data

Send quotes faster with less manual copy-pasting and fewer errors. Create document templates that automatically pull products from your catalog or information from any Pipedrive field.

Strike while the deal is hot

Ever wish you could read your prospects’ minds? By sending trackable documents, you get notified whenever they’re opened. Follow up at the right time to lock in sales quickly.

Find docs easily

Store quotes, proposals and contracts where you can quickly locate them. Track them against deals in Pipedrive or your chosen storage drive* to evaluate their effectiveness and make improvements.

*Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive (coming soon).

More features

Google Drive integration
*Coming soon* Microsoft OneDrive integration

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