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B2B CRM software

Streamline your workflows, organize data inputs and track communications to improve lead and deal management with B2B CRM software from Pipedrive. From initial inquiry to deal-close, ensure you stay on top of prospect communication at every touchpoint.

What is a B2B CRM?

B2B customer relationship management systems are about more than just sales. Pipedrive helps you overhaul your sales team workflow, deliver targeted marketing campaigns and streamline customer services from one platform.

Foster team collaboration

Put everyone on the same page with a visual representation of your pipelines. Add internal chat functionality to keep your sales team up to date on deal progression.

Tailor your communications

Automate emails and personalize your messages with merge tags and segmentation. Ensure you always provide relevant information that aligns with your prospect’s needs.

Make data-driven decisions

Automate analytics reporting to keep on top of important insights that help you make meaningful decisions. Filter reports to suit relevant teams and stakeholders.

Close more deals

Create unlimited customized pipelines to visualize each deal. Add values, win probability and estimated closure dates to stay on top of progress and know when to reach out.

Improve your forecasting

Project your revenue and strategize effectively based on expected project close dates. Fully customize your forecasting view with simple to use filters.

Automate your marketing

Bring in more leads with automated B2B marketing activities. Use built-in tools to set up rules that trigger email and text campaigns based on how people interact with your business.

Why is a CRM important for B2B businesses?

The importance of a CRM in B2B markets is down to the complexity of customer relationships. A longer sales cycle and higher-value products mean spending more time on each lead than in a typical B2C market (so a B2C CRM may not be suitable).

Improve your deal management by keeping up-to-date with every touchpoint and easily tracking your contact activity, all within your CRM for B2B sales.

Understand your customers’ needs

Understanding how people interact with your business is key to improving your user journey and making more sales.

Use customized reports to deep dive into valuable insights. Activity reports help you track custom sales tasks like emails, demos, calls or events, so you can focus on what works.

Find out how to use insights and reports from Pipedrive

Stay on top of all your leads

Managing a long B2B sales cycle across many leads can be tough, especially if you’re using multiple tools.

Pipedrive consolidates your sales activity in one place, helping you keep track of every deal’s progress.

Learn how to manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Enhance communications tracking

Knowing how your contacts interact with your emails gives you an edge to deliver the right pitch at the right time.

Send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within your CRM. You’ll get notified whenever they’re opened so you can follow up while the deal is hot.

Discover how to track communications with Pipedrive

How does a CRM for B2B work?

Choosing the right B2B CRM system empowers you to create an improved customer experience, organize your client data and gain visibility over your whole funnel.

With a good business to business CRM, your team can:

  • Build a pipeline to fit your sales process and streamline deal management
  • Record information such as current quote and order history for every contact
  • Get an overview of your prospects, leads and customers’ communication history
  • Integrate with popular tools that you use across your B2B business
  • Build workflow automation with Zapier to increase productivity
  • Automate email marketing activity and track engagement

How Pipedrive helped this business development consultancy increase their conversion rate by 10% in 18 months

Business development consultancy Gray Matters was struggling to manage their prospects’ data and sales pipeline in Google Sheets. This led to missed opportunities and insufficient reporting.

With Pipedrive’s powerful CRM and customizability, Gray Matters is leveraging data to uncover valuable insights that help them make smarter decisions. They’ve seen improvement across all metrics and are smashing their business goals.

Read the case study

How to set up your B2B CRM software

Make your B2B company more efficient with integrations

Supercharge your B2B CRM with Pipedrive’s powerful integrations. Keep everything in one place by connecting popular tools that help you manage day-to-day tasks, process finances and set up time-saving automation.

Here are some integrations that every B2B business can benefit from.


Do away with back-and-forth emails and unnecessary meetings. Inform your colleagues about closed sales in real time. Use the workflow automation feature to customize notifications based on filters.

Explore Pipedrive’s Slack integration.


Get more replies to your emails with lemlist’s automatically generated, personalized images and videos. Send customized emails at scale and track open rates, clicks and replies.

Communicate with Pipedrive’s lemlist integration.


Connect your marketing tools in one place and run your campaigns from Pipedrive. Sync sales and marketing data for a deeper understanding of your performance.

Learn about Pipedrive’s Outfunnel integration.


Create invoices straight from the deal detail view without having to leave Pipedrive. Receive updates on your invoice statuses to see when they’re approved, paid or overdue.

Get paid with Pipedrive’s QuickBooks integration.


Set up workflow automations to help your team work more efficiently. Connect your B2B CRM with 3000+ popular apps and platforms through Zapier, so you never have to switch tools.

Automate with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.


Make quote generation easy with flexible quoting and proposal templates. See when your customer views your quote and allow them to accept and pay instantly online.

Discover Pipedrive’s QuoteWerks integration.

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!