United Kingdom

Be a part of Pipedrive London’s growth story. Join our dynamic team in this iconic city.

About us

Pipedrive London began life in September 2017 as a revenue team.

Since then, we have grown to a team of 20. Just like London, our team is reflective of the diversity of the capital and our customers, representing 13 different nationalities.

We mainly focus on global sales, marketing and communications together with teammates in the other Pipedrive offices.

Our traditions

We are a fun and outgoing bunch. Being in the heart of the city often means we can enjoy London life on team nights, while taking out Pipedrivers from other offices and during team lunches.

During our very first Summer Garage event in Jersey, the team showed off their adventurous side and took part in cliff-diving and a RIB boat excursion at speed. Naturally, lots of beach and down-time was also enjoyed, followed by the standard throwing shapes as we found our inner-dancers on the team night out.

We are a sporty group! Aside from our gym fanatics, the team also gets involved in touch-rugby, football, marathon running and wrestling. It’s probably needed as we love cake and Krispy Kremes in equal measure.

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Meet our team

I love it. Smart people, an open culture and entrepreneurial spirit fuel Pipedrive. If you care about your work, the impact you have on customers and want to feel happy to come back to work after a holiday – yes, you heard me! – Pipedrive is for you. Did I mention the parties?!

Liberty HutchinsonProduct Marketing Manager
Liberty Hutchinson

There's one exciting trait shared by all of us here at Pipedrive that inspires me above all else – everyone is passionate about having a genuine impact on the growth of our business. If you're prepared to strap your career to a rocket ship, you'll enjoy the ride at Pipedrive. We're going places fast, and while the twists and turns are many and varied – we're all having a blast together along the way.

James DillonContent Manager
James Dillon

Everyday is a different day working at Pipedrive. I never worked in a place like that where people encourage you to take initiatives and explore new avenues all the time. This is made easy by the open minded culture that we get here at Pipedrive. There is still a lot to do, but we are moving so fast as a team. I really feel like I'm making an impact and I have fun!

Jeremy ZerbibDigital Marketing Manager
Jeremy Zerbib

Working in the UK

While being distinctly British, London is also remarkably international. Besides the Queen's English, over 300 languages can be heard in this city – more than anywhere in the world! With bustling centers, scenic suburbs and everything in between only a Tube ride away, you can find your own community in this sprawling city. As the saying goes, when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.

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