Close the Feedback Loop with daPulse

daPulse is a collaboration tool that gets everyone in sync by showing them the big picture. Instead of separating people by giving each a separate to-do list, daPulse shows a unified view, groups people together and helps them move fast in the same direction. If this sounds interesting, you’ll be pleased to learn daPulse recently added a Pipedrive integration.

The integration takes deals that have been moved to the next stage and notes sales people write in Pipedrive and turns them into updates pushed into the daPulse Sales feed. And you can comment and give “thumbs-up” to each activity.

Pipedrive daPulse integration updates inbound

The way “won” deals are displayed is especially nice:

Pipedrive daPulse integration success we won another deal

When notes in Pipedrive are visible to everyone, salespeople have an easy way to share customer insights. Iden Hershko of daPulse’s Customer Success team said: “The loop is closed when Product, R&D and Marketing act on these insights, and then watch improved results coming back from Sales. It also helps a lot to keep our Sales team happy and motivated. Anyone in our company who follows the Sales news feed, whether from Management, Product or Marketing, sees each successful sale. This gives the people in Sales companywide recognition for their efforts and a celebration of their success.”