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The Consultancy Sales Stack

Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re a consultant, or working for a consultancy business, you’re going to face unique challenges and tight deadlines. The last thing you want is to be struggling through painful admin in the eleventh hour when a client is waiting on a deliverable.

Focus on what’s important by automating many of the tasks that drain the time out of your working day, thanks to the tools in the consultancy sales stack we’ve curated.

Our sales stack features technology that will help you streamline your deal, client and task management, automate your marketing and lead generation and make sure you’re getting paid on time.


Outfunnel is a sales-centric marketing automation tool that integrates with Pipedrive.

Here are two of the key benefits of using Outfunnel:

  • It gives the sales team information about a lead’s activity on the business’s site, as well as which emails they’ve opened and clicked, helping them to prioritize who to talk to.
  • With the tool, consultants can start and end email campaigns based on information being updated in Pipedrive, for example, a Deal moving to a particular stage or the contents of a custom field being changed.

BBMG Consulting creates tailor-made brand solutions from its offices in New York and San Francisco. They use the Pipedrive and Outfunnel integration for their marketing.

“It happens in the background and gives me more intelligence,” says BBMG’s Business Development Manager, Liz Courtney. “I don’t have to manually add people to our newsletter, plus Pipedrive and Outfunnel are super affordable, and as a small company our marketing budget is pretty slim so I appreciate that!”

You can read more about how BBMG use Pipedrive and Outfunnel in our case study.


With prospecting tool Prospect.io, you can find the email addresses, phone numbers and job titles of potential clients.

Once you have the email addresses of these prospects, you can start sending them emails through the platform. You can even create and customize your own drip campaigns on the following providers:

  • Google (Gmail or GSuite)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Your own SMTP server

Measure the effectiveness of your drip campaigns by tracking the following using Prospect.io:

  • Email opens
  • Clicks on your links
  • Replies
  • Conversions using the pixel tracker on your website

Around 67% of the most impactful marketing strategies for consultants are related to the web, and email marketing is one of the best to start on.

You can read how Nirmal Web Studio boosted its sales 50% in a year using Pipedrive and Prospect.io in our case study.


Automate your marketing with ActiveDEMAND, whatever industry you’re in. However, if you’re a marketing consultancy, ActiveDEMAND could even provide you with a suite of specific marketing automation tools.

ActiveDEMAND integrates with Pipedrive and enables you to create:

  • Drip campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Webforms

ActiveDEMAND also has a number of specialized platforms for different industries. With ActiveDEMAND’s Marketing Agency Portal, for example, you can create a single marketing portal to manage all of your clients.

From the portal, you can execute your email marketing campaigns, deliver your results to clients and customize communication so that it has your brand’s look and feel.

White label ActiveDEMAND so that you can give your clients access to a professional, powerful marketing automation platform that has your branding on it.

Read how consulting agency Flowbird uses ActiveDEMAND and Pipedrive in our case study.


Motivate your team with Pointagram, the gamification tool that enables you to create fun sales target competitions and visualize them on a screen in your office.

Perfect for big sales departments with different teams or large numbers of reps, Pointagram uses your sales pipeline data to track your sales team’s progress in a competition dashboard.

You can award top performers with badges and achievements and survey your team to find out how you can improve their working environment.

Pointagram also lets you create educational quizzes around whatever you want. Use them to make consultancy sales training more fun and engaging.

Of course, Pointagram isn’t all about competition, as there is also a chat function where team members can send congratulations and encouragement to colleagues.

Read our case study to find out how React & Share used Pointagram and Pipedrive to hit their sales goals.


If you’re a consulting business, you have to be flexible. That means different plans, different prices and many different invoices. Xero makes your invoicing far easier, giving you a real-time view of your cashflow.

Accounting software like Xero enables you to:

  • Track the value of each of your projects
  • Work out which of your clients are bringing in the most revenue
  • Spot any gaps in your cash flow caused by late invoices

According to the Payment Practices Barometer, 50% of invoices received by businesses in North and South America from B2B customers were overdue in 2018.

In the US, 91% of businesses reported that they frequently experienced late payment from B2B customers.

Xero gives you the insight to track at what stage your invoices are, enabling you to chase up clients who are approaching their payment deadline so that you are less likely to experience low cashflow.


With project management tool Asana, you can visualize your ‘to do’ list for any client in a way that makes it far easier to track, whether you’re working as an individual or as a team.

You can structure your projects on Asana and assign each to a team or team member.

Each task has a section where you can share notes and details with your team, without leaving Asana.

Schedule your calendar with the Gantt chart view, so you can work out which projects will land when and who has time to work on new ones that come in.


The Asana and Pipedrive integration becomes even more powerful when you introduce Slack.

Consultants will often work in a team, managing separate tasks in the same project. Chat service Slack enables them to stay in touch 24/7 with colleagues, whether they’re at their desk or on the move.

When Slack is combined with Asana and Pipedrive, you can improve your communication with your team about deals moving through your pipeline and projects you’re working on.

Slack is ideal if you need to send quick messages that you want an immediate response to.


With phone solution CircleLoop, you can make your calling strategy far simpler.

Consultants are often working for or on behalf of multiple clients, which requires multiple phone numbers or destinations, multiple integrations (depending on the CRM the customer is using) and often multi-layered menu structures.

CircleLoop simplifies communication management for consultants and is designed specifically with integrations in mind.

Here are just a few of the features that could prove useful to consultants:

  1. Click-to-call: Using CircleLoop, you can call prospects and leads over VoIP with the click of a button, no need to manually dial.
  2. No-hardware phone systems: Access your phone service from any device, wherever you are—perfect for consultants who are installed in a client’s office.
  3. Record your calls: Listening back to sales calls with reps can help improve training and training materials. Use CircleLoop to make it seamless across your entire sales function.

The phone can still be a useful sales tool if you use it the right way. Coupled with the right technology, and an understanding of your target market, you’ll connect with new prospects and generate leads in no time.

Here are some cold calling scripts to get you started on your new calling strategy.


Pipedrive is a top-reviewed sales CRM software that gives you a clear but in-depth view of your sales pipeline. The simple-to-use Kanban pipeline enables you to track the progress of deals and potential clients from first contact to first contract and beyond.

Assess the effectiveness of your lead generation and engagement strategies with the Reporting dashboard, which you can customize to get an encompassing or in-depth view of your sales process.

Organize by creating new pipelines for different clients, industries, products and team members. If you’re in charge of the sales team at a consulting firm, Pipedrive has great features for managers as well, including Goals and Team Goals, which allow you to create specific targets for different colleagues.

With the Forecasting feature, use the data you add to Pipedrive to work out how much revenue you will bring in in the next quarter or year, and how many new clients you could attract to the company.

Pipedrive also integrates with over 150 different tools and apps through the Pipedrive Marketplace. The tools below all integrate with Pipedrive and have great capabilities for consultants.

Read our article to find out exactly how a CRM tool can help any consultancy business.

You can try Pipedrive for free for 14 days now.

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