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Sales rep software

Sales representative software helps salespeople manage all sales-related tasks from a single platform.

With a powerful sales CRM, reps can automate tasks and work on activities that drive sales and revenue. Sales managers can monitor team performance, create sales forecasts and focus on strategy.

Learn how Pipedrive’s sales rep software can empower your salespeople to convert more leads.

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Sales rep software
What to look for in a CRM for a sales rep.

What to look for in software for a sales rep

Your sales rep software should give your salespeople the tools they need to sell more efficiently, like:

  • Fully customizable features: The best sales software reflects your business needs. Tailor Pipedrive to your needs with customizable pipelines, fields, stages and much more.

  • Sales force automation: Sales reps spend hours on mundane tasks like data entry. Automate repetitive activities and focus on closing more deals faster.

  • Reporting and insights: Find opportunities and eliminate obstacles with sales and customer tracking software. Understand how your sales team is performing and where they can improve with Pipedrive Insights.

  • Quick setup and ease of use: Onboard your team and migrate sales data from other platforms on the fly. Easily add deals, activities and contacts with Pipedrive’s interactive dashboard.

Manage your customer relationships from one intuitive dashboard

Switching between multiple sales tools slows down your team and reduces productivity.

Sales rep software allows you to focus on your most important activities in one place. Generate leads, communicate with potential customers and nurture long-term relationships with powerful reporting features.

Pipedrive’s easy-to-use sales dashboard simplifies sales cycles and helps your reps close deals.

Sales Dashboard

Keep track of your sales representatives

To identify areas for improvement, sales leaders need a real-time overview of their reps’ sales performance.

Software for sales reps helps managers measure crucial KPIs and offer feedback and coaching where it’s needed.

Pipedrive helps you track how your team is moving toward sales quotas and quickly spot areas where training would empower your reps.

Find out more about Pipedrive’s sales management software features.

Use Pipedrive on the move from anywhere

Field sales reps are constantly on the move. Without an effective mobile solution, collaboration and outreach will drop.

Pipedrive lets you prioritize your outside sales processes, tackle overdue activities and update deal information while you’re out of the office. Save time and eliminate end-of-day admin tasks by managing your sales pipeline directly from your phone.

See how Pipedrive’s mobile CRM software solution can help your sales team function more effectively.

Mobile CRM
Onboard and manage sales team

Onboard and train your sales team with ease

Migrating customer data and onboarding your sales team with new software can be challenging.

Sales rep software solutions should be easy to set up, with 24/7 customer support and an in-depth knowledge base to provide help when you need it.

That’s why we’ve set up the Pipedrive Academy. Here, you’ll find video lessons and virtual training programs to get your sales team up to speed as quickly as possible.

Over 400 integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

Generate leads and qualify your prospects

Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on includes powerful lead generation tools that help you find and secure new leads.

Add LeadBooster to any Pipedrive CRM plan to create compelling forms, engage with website visitors and find new prospects.

This powerful lead generation add-on includes:

  • Live Chat: Enable sales reps to message prospects, leads and customers from anywhere.

  • Chatbot: Engage your website visitors at any time with a conversational AI Chatbot.

  • Prospector: Discover new leads from over 400 million profiles.

  • Web Forms: Help your visitors leave their contact details with shareable templates so you can follow up later.

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How Scratchpay reduced onboarding time and increased client ratings

Scratchpay’s sales reps were struggling to meet sales targets. Time-consuming tasks like logging phone calls were setting them back, taking up valuable time that could be spent selling.

That’s why Scratchpay switched to Pipedrive’s customer relationship management solution. With Pipedrive’s Kixie and Zapier integrations, Scratchpay could perform all sales and call-related tasks from a single dashboard, leading to reduced onboarding time and an 8% increase in client ratings.

“The visual nature of Pipedrive’s deal pipelines has allowed our reps and managers to see, at a glance, how many deals a rep is working at any given time and what stages those different deals are in.” Angela Morrisette, Scratchpay’s Partnerships Director.

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