Create Predictable Revenue with Pipedrive & the 2016 Sales Stack

This is a guest post written by Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue and Matt Smith of Full Stack Sales.

We couldn’t agree more with TechCrunch’s report 2016 Will Be The Year Of the Sales Stack. The combination of the right tools — think your sales stack — and the right training are a game changer for global sales professionals.


To help you with the training piece of the sales puzzle, we recommend beginning with the Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Mastery Course.

The course is the brainchild of Pipedrive, Predictable Revenue and Full Stack Sales. It’s designed to help current and future Pipedrive users learn to use the Predictable Revenue methodology within the Pipedrive app. As part of the free course, you also get Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler’s best-selling Predictable Revenue e-book.

The goal of the course: Accelerate learning about Pipedrive, Predictable Revenue and the sales hacker mindset. With this knowledge, you will be able to build your own high-velocity sales machine.

Full Stack Sales – Tools & Training for the Sales Professional

Now with some training in hand, let’s move to the tools in your sales stack.

We break down our sales stack into six stages:

1. Prospect Data

  • How are you finding prospects?
  • What prospect info are you looking to secure?
  • Can you use free technologies, such as scrapers, to leverage your competitor’s data?
  • How are you organizing, segmenting and tagging the data BEFORE it goes into Pipedrive?
  • Are you leveraging virtual assistants to help explode your list-building efforts?
  • How many inbound leads are you receiving in a given time period?
  • How many outbound leads are you generating in a given time period?

2. Contacted

  • What custom fields are you adding to Pipedrive to improve your prospect data set?
  • Are your sales funnel stages well-defined and understood by everyone on the sales team?
  • Do you have two different funnels set up in Pipedrive for leads and opportunities?
  • Are you leveraging Pipedrive’s analytics to help better understand the dynamics of your sales funnel?
  • Are you tracking your outbound email campaigns in terms of open rates and number of unique prospects contacted?

3. Qualified

  • How are you documenting your sales activities in Pipedrive? Are you logging everything?
  • Are you using Pipedrive’s Google Docs integration to take meticulous notes about the deal?

4. Demo

  • Are you leveraging demo tech, such as Skype or Uberconference, to engage the prospect’s visual senses?
  • Are you sending trackable sales collateral using apps, such as DocSend?
  • Do you know if the prospect opened your deck attachment?

5. Proposal

  • Are you using an e-sign app to reduce the complexity of paperwork execution?
  • Are you able to quickly update paperwork based on prospect feedback?

6. Closed

  • What is your win rate on qualified opportunities?
  • What is your average sales cycle?
  • What is your average deal size?

Now let’s dive into the specific apps in your stack:

Prospect Data

List Building: Clearbit Sheets

Clearbit is one of the most robust startups we have seen in the sales space in terms of technology prowess. The sheer amount of data available to you as a Clearbit customer is pretty ridiculous. Clearbit Sheets allows you to integrate the Clearbit list building tech right into your friendly Google Sheets interface.

List Building with LinkedIn: LeadFuze

Since LinkedIn is basically the default business prospect database, it makes sense to have an app specifically designed for LinkedIn list building. LeadFuze is a Chrome app that lives over top of LinkedIn. A lot of the sales tech now leverage Chrome plug-ins, extensions and apps to add additional functionality to your Chrome desktop web browsing experience. Therefore, you can leverage LinkedIn’s advanced search functionality in combination with LeadFuze to blow out your lead generation efforts. For the record, LeadFuze offers Pipedrive integration for easy data passing between apps.

Scraping: Kimono

Scraping is one of the most valuable sales stack activities when it comes to list building. In industries such as e-commerce, where your competitors are essentially openly advertising their book of business on their site, scraping is a no-brainer. Kimono is a Chrome app that’s easy to use. A number of Kimono examples are available in the Full Stack Sales courseEditor's Note: Kimono was acquired by Palantir in February of 2016. 

Segmenting: Google Sheets

Beyond the standard Google Sheets functionality, you can install “add-ons” or apps into Google Sheets to leverage additional functionality right in your Sheet. Matt talks more about this in the Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Mastery Course under the “Lead Generation” section.

Data Cleanup, Connection & Enhancement: Virtual Assistant

In today’s global economy, if you are not using virtual assistants you are not leveraging geographic arbitrage. You can get the same qualified remote worker at 50% of the standard rate simply because they live in a different country. Lead generation and Pipedrive data work are the perfect kinds of tasks for a virtual assistant on your sales team.


CRM: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is the foundation of your sales stack. It’s where the rubber meets the road — hence the need to master this piece of the sales stack. If a sales representative hates using Pipedrive, you may need to consider replacing that person. Your representatives need to LOVE tech. Sales professionals need to be passionate and curious about sales tech. You can’t teach curiosity. Pipedrive is a beautiful app. If sales representatives don’t like Pipedrive, they are going to hate the other less elegant apps in your sales stack.

Email Automation and Tracking: ToutApp

ToutApp has been Matt’s go-to email automation app for years. The ability to execute drip campaigns and get all the data from a campaign makes the salesperson’s job exponentially easier.


Note-Taking: Pipedrive’s Google Docs Integration

The Pipedrive + Google Docs integration is ridiculously clean. Native Google Docs all within Pipedrive is EPIC for Google Drive power users. These docs are attached to the People/Organization/Deal and can be accessed with one click. Learn more about it here and in the Predictable Revenue + Pipedrive course.


Conference Calls: Uberconference

Sales Collateral Analytics: DocSend

Demoing is the standard for B2B SaaS companies. But there are a ton of small businesses and non-SaaS companies that benefit from incorporating this type of tech into their sales process. Buying is an emotional experience. In order to stimulate emotions in your prospect, you need to engage as many of their senses as possible. Demoing is a wonderful way to engage their visual senses.

Sales collateral has been a black box forever. You are never really sure if the prospect even opened your attached deck or one-pager. Now with apps, such as DocSend, you have transparency and analytics around your collateral.


E-sign: PandaDoc

Sending PDF contracts for execution makes you look like a rookie. Streamlining the entire paperwork signing process from creation to execution is key to push that deal over the goal line. You can now integrate PandaDoc with Pipedrive.


Advanced referral and paperwork management apps can be used at this point of your stack. But for the purposes of the “2016 Predictable Revenue + Pipedrive Sales Stack,” we are going to keep it simple and leave those kinds of apps out.

Tying it all together

So how do all these apps work together in coordination through the sales process? An example workflow:

  1. Scrape a competitor’s site using Kimono
  2. That data goes into a Google Sheet
  3. Add prospect contact info to the dataset via Clearbit Sheets
  4. Import that dataset into Pipedrive and ToutApp
  5. Begin email outreach campaign using ToutApp
  6. Track leads and opportunities in Pipedrive
  7. Demo your product using Uberconference
  8. Send trackable PDF proposals post-demo using DocSend
  9. Track opportunities in the sales funnel with Pipedrive
  10. Send contracts and paperwork using PandaDoc
  11. Mark opportunities as WON with Pipedrive

Organizing your stack so the workflow is linear and simple is a crucial component in the design of your sales stack. You must also make sure the apps and the associated data connect as much as possible to avoid duplicate manual data entry.

Below is a sample from the Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Mastery Course:

As we highlight, mindset is key. You need to embrace the disruptive nature of this sales technology. You are in the right place at the right time. You are a true sales hacker who can lead this new era of sales professionals.

The teams at Pipedrive, Predictable Revenue and Full Stack Sales are here to support you in this journey and cosmic shift. Sales professionals who do not embrace these new tools, teachings and mindsets will be replaced by the new breed of sales hackers.

When you work in tech or live in Silicon Valley, it’s easy to forget that we live in the future. Where many of us have been using this sales tech for years, most of the world has not even begun.

We are at the start of a five- to 10-year sales tech adoption cycle. Learn the tech. Love the tech. Learn the best practices. Love the best practices. Close. Make mad money. Repeat.

Please let us know if you have any questions by commenting below.