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Introducing pipeline visibility: Set which pipelines are accessible to each visibility group in your company

Pipeline Visibility

We’ve added a new access option to the visibility groups feature, enabling you to restrict pipeline access to specific Pipedrive user groups in your company. This update is available to Pipedrive users on all plans.

Users with account settings access can edit pipeline visibility settings for users in the visibility groups page by de-selecting the pipelines that each group should not be able to see. By default, all visibility groups will have access to all pipelines.

User groups that don’t have access to a pipeline will not be able to see any trace of it in Pipedrive, as the pipeline will be completely removed from their accounts.

A new and improved visibility groups page

The visibility groups page also has a new look and feel. We’ve made it easier to see parent and sub-group relationships when you set up visibility groups for your account.

You get a clear overview of all the visibility groups you’ve created when you land on the page and can quickly make edits to any group you select.

We’ve also increased the Professional plan visibility groups caps to 4, making it simpler to set up parent and sub-group relationships.

You can find the new pipeline visibility feature in the “Manage users” section of the “Company settings” section of your Pipedrive account. The feature is enabled for users who already have the new deals detail view enabled.

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